Why Are Squirrel Photos So Funny?

In the magazine we have this popular feature called You Don’t Say. It’s been around for as long as I can remember, and readers love it! It’s a simple concept. We just show a funny reader photo and ask others to send in captions. Thousands of sidesplitting entries later, we select a few to print. (Yes, we really get thousands. It’s tough being the person to select those!)

For whatever reason, squirrel photos are always the funniest. I don’t know why these furry critters end up in such odd poses, but they do. To show you what I mean, I went to our online Photo Challenge and pulled out a few. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can’t say squirrels aren’t funny! If you have any great captions for these, I’d love to hear them.

I bet this squirrel has been working out. Taken by user SusanLouise.

Caught Red-Mouthed? Taken by user bhowdy.

Evil squirrel bunny? Taken by user Osnd1968.

I guess squirrels shiver, too. Thanks user Neet24.

A tongue shot. I challenge user Magoo147 to get that twice!

Why are squirrels almost always stealing something? Thanks user KelleyKay.

Everyone needs a little caffeine boost. Taken by user jeanraines1.

I love that user Gardenworm added the caption on there already.

  1. Josey says

    I love squirrels! I sit out by our oak tree in the morning and the late afternoon and watch the antics of the tree’s squirrel population. They are so funny and so busy. How could anyone dislike such little cuties!!

  2. magoo147 says

    i accept that challenge – another tongue shot in 2011!! all the photos are great !! squirrels are a great source of amusement …

  3. Arlene hart says

    It’s dfficult to find anything amusing about squirrels anymore. They’ve caused too much damage to our property (and my plants).

  4. sandy says

    those pictures were to cute they can be very crafty sometimes thanks for sharing the pictures they made me smile

  5. SonniLynn says

    Pic #1- We saw a squirrel doing this on our shephard’s hook last week. When he was finished he grabbed the shepherd’s hook with his other paw then slid down the hook like a fireman on a fire pole! It was hilarious!

  6. Hannah Begley says

    We have a ton of squirrels in our area and my siblings gave them all names: There’s Oliver, Lancelot, Sir Munchie, Guinevere, Arrow… My siblings are eight, five, and four, so you get the idea.

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