Growing Trees, Shrubs & Grasses

Whether you’re growing grass, trees or shrubs, the right mix can make or break your backyard landscaping. We’re sharing expert grass, shrub and tree growing tips and advice you can use!

Invincibelle Spirit II Smooth Hydrangea Is Pretty in Pink

Enjoy continuous blooms from summer to fall with this smooth hydrangea. Invincibelle Spirit II will add months of beauty to your yard.

Top 10 Small Flowering Trees for Your Yard

Even if you have a tiny yard, you can still grow one of these small flowering trees. These bloom-tastic trees...

Favorite Fall Flowering Plant: Autumn Sage

Autumn sage produces tube-shaped flowers that last from fall to spring. The colorful blooms are irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Why Are My Lilac Leaves Turning Brown?

If you're having trouble with your lilac leaves curling or looking brown, our garden expert can diagnose the problem. Plus,...

Ask the Experts: Deutzia Shrub Care

If you're thinking pink when adding a shrub to your yard, look no further than deutzia! Here's why this long-lived...

Native Shrubs for Birds: American Beautyberry Bush

American beautyberry bush is a versatile, easy-to-grow native shrub that birds love. Plant it in zones 6 to 10 and...

Hydrangea Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

A hydrangea not blooming can be a frustrating issue for gardeners who adore its beautiful flowers. Here's how to solve...

Butterfly Bush Care: When Do Butterfly Bushes Bloom?

Learn when butterfly bush blooms and how to prune and care for the flowering shrubs. Plus learn if you can...

Lilac Bush Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

Gardeners love fragrant lilac flowers. But it can be frustrating if a lilac bush is not blooming. Get expert advice...

Grow a Crimson Bottlebrush Shrub for Pollinators

If you need a plant for pollinators and birds, crimson bottlebrush is a perfect pick! Learn how to grow this...

Oakleaf Hydrangea Care and 11 Varieties to Grow

Looking for tough shrubs that deliver year-round beauty? Discover the benefits of growing gorgeous oakleaf hydrangeas!

Grow a Dwarf Hydrangea in Pots and Small Spaces

Even a small patio or porch can have big, bold blooms in the summer with dwarf hydrangea.

Does a Hydrangea Need Full Sun or Shade to Grow Best?

Many gardeners wonder, "Do hydrangeas need full sun, or do they flower better in shade?" Get answers, plus the best...

Top 10 Bushes With Pretty Purple Flowers

Make your yard truly regal by adding a bush with purple flowers. Browse lovely options like lilacs, roses, rhododendrons and...

This Easy-Care Coral Shrub Rose Is Ravishing

This new low-maintenance shrub rose with a delicious scent is a worthy addition to any yard.

The Best Types of Roses for Every Garden

There are many types of roses to grow, from classic tea roses to sprawling climbing roses. Learn which one is...

6 Breathtaking Blue Hydrangea Bushes to Grow

Blue is a favorite hue for flowers in the garden. Try these blue hydrangea bushes for big blooms and eye-catching...

A Tuff Stuff Mountain Hydrangea Is Tougher Than It Looks

If your reblooming hydrangea is not blooming, you might need a tougher plant. A Tuff Stuff mountain hydrangea is hardier...

6 Stunning White Hydrangea Bushes to Grow

Brighten up your yard with the beauty of a white hydrangea bush! These cultivars feature pure white blooms that are...

8 Prettiest Pink Hydrangea Varieties for Your Yard

Make your garden blush with pink hydrangeas! Discover delightful pink hydrangea cultivars to add to containers, borders and more.

Grow an Endless Summer Hydrangea for Weeks of Blooms

Add more beautiful blooms to your garden! Learn to care for an Endless Summer hydrangea, and what sets this shrub...

When to Prune Hydrangeas for Big, Showy Blooms

When it comes to hydrangea pruning, timing is everything. Learn when to prune hydrangeas for spectacular flowers next summer.

Grow Green With Limelight and Little Lime Hydrangeas

Love hydrangeas and the color green? Add a Limelight hydrangea to your yard for vibrant color. Or try a Little...

6 Hydrangea Types You Need in Your Garden

Discover the different hydrangea types you should plant in your backyard, including panicle hydrangeas, smooth hydrangeas and more.

New Age White Lilac Is a Fresh Update on a Classic Shrub

Fill tiny spots in your yard with New Age White Lilac. Pollinators will love this fragrant, beautiful flowering shrub!

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10 Little-Known Peony Plant Facts

Timeless and lovely, a peony plant is beloved for a reason. Discover what makes peonies such popular flowers for gardeners.

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Does firebush attract hummingbirds? The answer is a resounding yes!

Hibiscus Flower Care 101: Outdoors and Indoors

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Are Brugmansia Flowers Right for Your Yard?

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Hummingbirds Will Fall in Love With Rose of Sharon

A rose of Sharon shrub has large, gorgeous flowers that attract pollinators in droves, including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.