21 Funny Deer Pictures You Need to See

Updated: Feb. 02, 2024

They're a staple of many backyards and parks—but deer can be pretty funny, too. These funny deer pictures are sure to brighten your day.

22 01 Trudywheeler01 Coudj18
Courtesy Trudy Wheeler

Holly, Jolly Deer

“I feed the deer around my home and continually take photos and videos of them. On this day, I was lucky to capture their festive winter frolicking,” says Trudy Wheeler. Like funny deer pictures? You’ll love these funny pictures of squirrels.

Lorraine Carroll
Courtesy Lorraine Carroll

Deer Makes a Feathered Friend

“My husband and I took the back way to an appointment to enjoy the scenery at a swamp in Cornish, New Hampshire, that we frequently visit. On this particular day, we were rewarded with lots of wildlife. As we drove by, I said to my husband, “I think I just saw a deer with a flower on its head.” My husband turned the car around and, sure enough, the deer was still there, munching on nearby branches. As I zoomed in with my camera, I was amazed to see that sitting on the deer’s head was not a brilliant red flower but a red-winged blackbird. The bright red patch with a yellow bar on the wing sure stood out. I snapped a few photos to capture the moment,” says Lorraine Carroll.

265164963 1 Russ Hayes Oc Sycc 2020
Courtesy Russ Hayes

Peek-a-Boo Deer

“I love this photo of a young white-tailed deer peeking out from the bushes. We were on a walk with our dog in the woods in our neighborhood. We happened to notice a bit of a movement and quickly took a photo of the deer looking at us,” says Russ Hayes.

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Bnbbyc18 Pamela Norris1
Courtesy Pamela Norris

Fawn Makes a Friend

“I took this picture of a fawn standing near Queen Anne’s lace with a bird sitting on a limb. I was standing on my backyard deck scanning the field when I spotted it. The picture reminds me of Bambi playing in the fields—I love the outdoors, and the beauty around me,” says Pamela Norris. These funny bird pictures will make you squawk with laughter.

03 01 Ronalddraper01 Cxam18
Courtesy Ronald Draper

Still as a Statue

A fawn rests in the shade next to a whimsical deer statue in Ronald Draper’s backyard. Enjoy these funny things kids say about nature.

Frlbbc17 Rachelle Humble
Courtesy Rachelle Humble

A Spotted Calf

“My husband and I own a white-tailed deer ranch. Summertime is when the baby fawns are born. My kids also have two red brahman heifers, which they show at livestock shows. We had a baby buck fawn that was the runt of quadruplets, and we took him in our home. Since he was so tiny we carried him everywhere. The kids were cleaning the heifers’ stalls when I put him in the pen with them to see how they would react together,” says Rachelle Humble. If you love these cute critters, check out even more funny animal pictures.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Toni Christian

Go Your Own Way

“I was driving down our road when I spotted all these deer out on a field. I was lucky enough to have my camera with me so I stopped and starting taking pictures,” says Toni Christian. Learn about 5 types of squirrels and how to tell them apart.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Mike Lane

Stop and Smell the Flowers

“Urban wildlife is a common occurrence in the leafy suburbs of Victoria, British Columbia. Here, a fawn sniffs a geranium in a public park while mother looks on,” says Mike Lane. Check out expert tips for deer-resistant flowers.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Karen Allin

That’s the Spot

“I took this photo in Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, in south Mississauga. Throughout the summer I have seen at least two deer families in the marsh, each with two fawns. One day, this fawn didn’t seem to notice me. Maybe it was more concerned with scratching its itchy leg,” says Karen Allin. Funny deer pictures are great—but so are funny raccoon pictures.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Raymond Gobernatz

Swimming Deer

“This young deer jumped into the river just across from me and began swimming directly at me. The refection in this frame is absolutely stunning,” says Raymond Gobernatz. When you’re done looking at funny deer pictures, check out funny butterfly pictures to make you laugh.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Renee Lund

Pumpkin Eaters

“During the Thanksgiving holiday season, I noticed that folks were leaving their leftover pumpkins out for deer to eat. It was interesting to watch the doe break open the pumpkin rind for the fawns to eat not taking any for herself. The entertainment started when the doe would step away it would then lead to the fawns pushing each other to get at the delicious treat. At times the doe would step in and separate the fawns almost to say stop fighting at the dinner table there is plenty to go around,” says Renee Lund.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Larry Landolfi

Santa’s Helpers

Larry Landolfi shared this festive photo of deer gathering around the Christmas tree. Check out 20 birds to look for in the snowy season.

Couclc19 Beth Meyer
Courtesy Beth Meyer

Adorable Mama Deer and Fawn

“I kayak nearly every morning in the summer. Sometimes I’ll see a sunrise, a flower, an eagle. Always, it’s pure peace and and tranquility, and a chance to appreciate what a beautiful world this really is. I was heading in one morning when I stumbled on this scene,” says Beth Meyer.

Couwpc18 Joan Trometter
Courtesy Joan Trometter

Double Trouble

“For many years, we vacationed in the summer in Upstate New York, in the Adirondacks. We loved it so much that we decided to build a home and retire there. In 2005, we moved into the new log home that my husband and I built. We enjoy the summers very much, but we also love the snow in winter. Every winter we feed the deer off of our deck. Many of them come every day, and twice a day to be fed. We have had as many as 11 deer at one time,” says Joan Trometter.

Couwpc18 Teri Conrad 10
Courtesy Teri Conrad

Feeling Frisky

“On a snowy afternoon in the Arkansas Ozarks, white-tailed deer search for apple-flavored corn left for them by a neighbor. They are a joy to watch. Oftentimes, they play a version of musical chairs vying for position among their ranks for whatever treats are left behind,” says Teri Conrad. Don’t miss these amazing wildlife photos in Yellowstone National Park.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Kim Sease

Hide and Seek

“This mule deer was hiding as we walked by in Zion National Park,” says Kim Sease. These are the 15 best national park road trips to take all year long.

Couypc20 Lisa Douglass 010
Courtesy Lisa Douglass

Funny Face Deer Pictures

“I was on a hike in Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, Arizona, when I came across this deer on the trail. I liked the deer’s expression when she turned around to look at me. She had been drinking some water that was on the trail,” says Lisa Douglass. Don’t miss 20 stunning and inspiring bald eagle pictures.

Couccc19 Mark Clodfelter 1
Courtesy Mark Clodfelter

Deer Frolicking in the Snow

“After a fresh snowfall, I decided to go to one of my favorite local recreation areas: Allerton Park, outside of Monticello, Illinois. We visit often regardless of the weather, but we particularly love it in the snow. After spending some time checking out the prettiest spots in the park, I decided to head home. On my way out, near the side of the road, I saw these deer in the Fu Dog sculpture garden. What perfect timing!” says Mark Clodfelter.

Ocsycc16 Lyle Eberle 005
Courtesy Lyle Eberle

Mule Deer Takes Flight

“The mule deer are getting ready for fall rut to start. When you drive in the late afternoon, now you can see many deer feeding on the crops,” says Lyle Eberle.

Couclc19 Jennifer Gomolka 2
Courtesy Jennifer Gomolka

A Grape Snack

“Being new to our area at one time, we couldn’t figure out where all our grapes were going. One evening, we looked out the window and discovered four bucks nibbling on the leaves. Who knew there were deer in the desert!” says Jennifer Gomolka. We found amazing nature photos you won’t want to miss.

funny deer pictures
Courtesy Susan Zaba

Deer Cracks a Smile

“I saw about three or four bucks laying in the yard. All the mule deer that come to my property know my dog, Chandler, cannot get to them. So, they hang out in front and in back of the house.”

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