Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

15 Common Backyard Birds You Should Know

New to birding? Learn to recognize 15 common backyard birds, and discover ways to attract them to your yard.

Cheap Ways to Attract More Birds on a Budget

Save money on your favorite hobby with these cheap ways to attract more birds Get creative to make budget feeders...

14 Mind-Blowing Woodpecker Facts You Should Know

From their tree-climbing abilities to extraordinary hearing, there are plenty of interesting facts to learn about the woodpecker family.

12 Owl Shirts Every Bird Fan Should Own

Who doesn't love owls? You're sure to find the right fit for you in this unique selection of owl shirts.

Hummingbird Sounds: Do Hummingbirds Sing?

Listen carefully for a call or a song the next time you see a hummingbird. Learn all about the variety...

The Blue Jay Range Is Expanding Westward

Blue jays are backyard fixtures in the East, but find out why these adaptive birds are on the move.

Tips to Prevent Bird Strikes on Windows at Home

We know sometimes birds hit windows, and it's much worse during migration. Here are a few simple things you can...

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Leucistic Bird vs Albino Bird: Learn the Difference

White-feathered birds are special. Discover facts about albino birds and leucistic birds and how their unique appearance affects them.

Can You Move a Bird Nest?

Birds have a habit of building nests in inconvenient places. Find out when and how you can move a bird...

Swallows Nest Types and Nesting Habits

Swallows spend much of their time flying. Learn the birding basics of where to find a swallows nest. Plus learn...

Black Birders Week is Back in 2022

Black Birders Week is a weeklong event that celebrates the diversity of bird-watchers and nature lovers. Here's how to participate.

Do Wren Sightings Have Special Meaning?

Wrens aren't flashy, but they're definitely beloved by birders. We chatted with our field editors about the meaning their wren...

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by Going Birding

World Migratory Bird Day takes place the second Saturday in May. Take a look at special programs happening all over...

How Do American Robins Find Worms?

American robins wake up early to eat breakfast — but how do robins find worms in the ground? We chatted...

Wren vs Sparrow: What Bird Are You Seeing?

Some small brown birds are hard to identify in the backyard. Learn how to tell the difference between a wren...

House Wren vs Carolina Wren: ID Challenge

It's easy to get confused when identifying a house wren vs a Carolina wren. Learn what the birds look like,...

Do American Robins Mate For Life?

Lifelong love, or just soulmates for a season? Here's all you need to know about whether American robins mate for...

Bird Flu: Should You Take Down Your Feeders?

Will avian influenza affect backyard birds? Find out if you need to take down feeders, plus learn bird flu symptoms...

If You See a Robin Bird, Here’s What It Means

What is the significance of seeing a robin in your yard? We discuss the robin bird meaning and how robins...

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Do Robins Migrate and Fly South in Winter?

Do robins migrate south and come back in spring? Find out where robins go in winter and why you're not...

Why Is a Bird Pecking at My Window and Car Mirror?

Birding experts Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman explain why a bird is pecking at a window or a car mirror and...

Bird-watching 101: How to Identify Birds

Knowing a few simple tricks can make it much easier for you to identify birds. Get helpful birding ID tips...

The Ultimate Bird Watcher Guide for Every Season

Watching birds brings new excitement every day throughout the year. Get our bird watcher checklists for season by season.

Why Do Crows Chase Hawks?

If you've ever seen a group of crows swooping after a hawk, you might wonder — why do crows chase...

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17 Types of Sparrow Birds That You Should Know

Think telling sparrows apart is just not worth the effort? Our tips might change your mind. Identify sparrows by habitat,...

Meet the Towhee Birds Scratching up a Storm

Look down! That noise under your shrubs is a shy, ground-feeding towhee in search of its next meal.

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Sky Hunters: What Foods Do Hawks Eat?

Learn about all of the different foods that are on the menu for the hawks of North America.

ID Challenge: Cooper’s Hawk vs Sharp Shinned Hawk

A common backyard birding challenge is learning how to ID a Cooper's hawk vs a sharp-shinned hawk. Look closely at...

Amazing Bird Migration Secrets Revealed

There’s more to bird migration patterns than meets the eye. Learn when and how birds migrate and discover which species...

What Does It Mean When You See a Bluebird?

Are bluebirds really symbols of happiness? Discover the many meanings behind bluebird sightings in your backyard.