Birding Basics

Thinking of taking up birding as a hobby? These birding basics and tips on birding for beginners will get you started.

15 Common Backyard Birds You Should Know

New to birding? Learn to recognize 15 common backyard birds, and discover ways to attract them to your yard.

Why Do Some Birds Migrate While Others Don’t?

During the spring and fall migration seasons, you may wonder why do some birds migrate while other birds like cardinals...

Do Northern Cardinals Mate for Life?

We asked our birding experts: Do northern cardinals mate for life? Find out how long cardinals live and stay with...

Interesting Cardinal Bird Facts You Should Know

Cardinals are one of the most popular backyard birds. Learn interesting cardinal bird facts, including why male cardinals are red,...

Birdwatching Equipment and Gear You Never Knew You Needed

Go beyond binoculars and field guides and ramp up your game with the coolest new birdwatching equipment and birding gear.

Sky Hunters: What Foods Do Hawks Eat?

Learn about all of the different foods that are on the menu for the hawks of North America.

What’s a White Winged Dove Doing Up North?

Learn more about the white winged dove, how to tell one apart from a mourning dove, and why it may...

Choose the Best Birdhouses to Attract More Birds

Nesting birds are rewarding to watch. Get expert tips for on how to attract birds to a birdhouse and learn...

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Hummingbird Food: Sugar Water for Hummingbirds 101

Learn how to make sugar water for hummingbirds. Get the hummingbird sugar water recipe and ratio to make your own...

Fascinating Bird Behavior: Caching Food

Birds carry seeds off from feeders. But where do they go, and how do they find the food again? Learn...

The Best Bird Field Guides for Birders

Picking a bird field guide can be a tough decision. Check out some of the best field guides and bird...

Plan a Big Day of Birding to See More Species

Don’t have time for a Big Year of birding? Try a Big Day instead!

A Dose of Nature: Why Birding Will Boost Your Mental Health

Bird watching is more than an enjoyable hobby—find out how it’s also good for your physical and mental health.

Ask the Experts: Do Birds Eat Wheat?

Should you feed wheat to birds? Experts answer reader questions about feeding wheat to birds and attracting birds with seed.

7 Extinct Birds That Should Never Be Forgotten

Learn about extinct bird species of North America, including passenger pigeons, seaside sparrows, the ivory-billed woodpecker and great auks.

The Best Ways to Attract More Birds on a Budget

Save money on your favorite hobby with these tips for attracting birds on a budget. Birds don't need expensive feeders...

Updated Winter Finch Forecast for 2021-22

A biologist reveals his winter finch forecast using wild food crop data. Find out what birds you can expect to...

Wild Bird Diseases Update: Feeding Restrictions Are Lifted

Seeing sick birds at your feeder can be a concern. Learn about common wild bird diseases, and get an update...

Ask the Experts: Do Bluebirds Migrate in Winter?

What foods do bluebirds eat in cold weather during winter? Do all bluebirds migrate? Our bird experts answer your questions.

ID Challenge: Cooper’s Hawk vs Sharp Shinned Hawk

A common backyard birding challenge is learning how to ID a Cooper's hawk vs a sharp-shinned hawk. Look closely at...

Nuthatch vs Chickadee: How to Tell the Difference

It's easier than you think to tell the difference between a nuthatch vs a chickadee. Find out what to look...

The Top 12 Cutest Birds in America

The votes are in—see if your favorite bird made our list of the cutest birds in America. Then get the...

6 Fascinating Facts About State Birds

Discover interesting facts about noteworthy state birds. Learn about the fascinating stories behind these regional feathered symbols.

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Why Do Woodpeckers Peck and How to Stop It

Woodpeckers have a unique way to drum up attention. Learn why woodpeckers peck wood, trees and metal and how to...

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Are Pileated Woodpeckers Common at Feeders?

The birding experts respond to a backyard birder's question about how to attract the large pileated woodpecker to a feeder.

How Do Woodpeckers Use Their Tongues?

Learn all about a woodpecker tongue and the unique features it has to capture insects. Also find out how a...

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Birding in the Field

Let's get back to birding basics. Here's with some helpful tips and etiquette for enjoying bird-watching with others.

Fascinating Facts About Hummingbird Banding

You hear about banding of songbirds and raptors, but rarely about hummingbird banding. Turns out that it's an extremely specialized...

Funny Things Kids Say About Nature

Birds & Blooms readers share hilarious quotes from their kids and grandkids about birds, butterflies and nature.

Brainy Birds: America’s Smartest Bird Species

Our smartest bird species roundup proves that the phrase “bird brain” is a compliment! Learn about intelligent birds and their...