25 Funny Animal Pictures to Make You Smile

Updated: Jul. 26, 2023

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Need a laugh today? Check out these funny animal pictures that portray the silly antics and hijinks of pets, backyard wildlife and farm animals.

Frlbbc17 Summer Lackey 2
Courtesy Summer Lackey / Farm & Ranch Living

Horsing Around

“This is a photo of one of our miniature horses, Gypsy. She is the friendliest and most outspoken miniature horse out of the ones we have. One fall evening I spent some time grooming her and decided that she might like to try on my jacket. She looks rather dashing in my funny animal pictures,” says Summer Lackey.

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15 Anneduvall Bbam23
Courtesy Anne Duvall

Stop and Smell the Daffodils

Field editor Anne Duvall of Greencastle, Pennsylvania, discovered a chipmunk that was quite enamored with a daffodil in her backyard.

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Bnbugc Martin Espinola
Courtesy Martin Espinola

Come on and Take a Free Ride

Martin Espinola of Northampton, Massachusetts, set out to photograph hooded mergansers at nearby Smith College when he happened upon this amusing scene.

Jamie Johnston
Courtesy Jamie Johnston

Seed Stealer

“Look, a squirrel proof bird feeder!” says Jamie Johnston. If you don’t have a bear to keep the squirrels away, try these feeders and baffles instead.

307994342 1 Patricia Arnhold Bnb Pc 2022
Courtesy Patricia Arnhold

An Unusual Gardener

“This traveling gardener was spotted trimming shrubbery in the empty lot next door. Then it wandered across our front yard and deadheaded some of my roses. I took this photo from my porch just before this wonderful beast walked to the neighbor’s yard to do more trimming and deadheading. It also watered and fertilized the yard. I have lived here for seven years, and the moose are very special to us townsfolk. We often see females and babies, and I’ve even had young moose sleeping in the yard! This was the first time I had seen a bull moose up close—what a thrill! I’m blessed to live in such a beautiful place and to live peacefully among such magnificent creatures,” says Patricia Arnhold.

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Frlbbc17 Jim Garrett
Courtesy Jim Garrett / Farm & Ranch Living

Farm Dog

“My wife says our French pointer, Millie, doesn’t take a bad picture. I think having a 1949 Farmall under her makes it even better,” says Jim Garrett.

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Couclc19 Candice Estep
Courtesy Candice Estep / Country

You Missed a Spot

“We have an eclectic funny farm mix of animals. The cattle breeds on our farm are no exception. Seeing them all interact is fun, as with any farm situation. This particular moment caught my eye on one foggy morning as our longhorn was helping lick the face of one of our white mixed breed steers. The gentle act of kindness was just the reminder I needed to start the day,” says Candice Estep.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Joel Freeman / Country

Llama Cool Down

Joel Freeman shared this photo of their llama enjoying a cooling sprinkler shower on a hot summer day.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Beverly Mcmullin / Country

Feathered Hat

Blu McMullin doesn’t mind a bit when the chickens hop onto his hat. According to his mom, Beverly, he is always helping those in need, especially animals.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Chantal Major / Country

Funny Animal Friends

Chantal Major says she choose to share this photo of a cute bird and chipmunk sharing a feeder for its originality and humor.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Allison Geshinsky / Country

Goofy Goats

“This is a picture of my doe, Arley. As most people know, goats can be very naughty animals. I felt this picture really showed how silly goats can be as it looks like she’s trying to be funny by sticking her tongue out. It makes me so happy to get pictures like this that capture the true spirit and mood of the animals,” says Allison Geshinsky.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Candace Asbury / Country

Hay Girl

“We had just placed a new round bale of hay outside for our horse, Wrangler. As she eats she makes a circle in the hay and will put her head inside to get another bite. When she pulled her head out she had hay stuck to her her and I thought she looked so cute and funny so I quickly grabbed my camera,” says Candace Asbury.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Kenya Kraft / Country

Smallest to Tallest

“This impromptu picture captured the innocence of my great-niece and her dedicated great dane, Ace. They were in their backyard playing when Ace heard sounds in the neighbor’s backyard and stretched up to inspect the source of the noise. Violet ran over, placed her drink on the ground then emulated Ace’s snooping stance,” says Kenya Kraft.

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Frlfm17 Cronberg01
Courtesy Cronberg / Farm & Ranch Living

Birds and Bahhhs

These cattle egrets moved from a neighbor’s dairy cows to another neighbor’s sheep,” says Richard Cronberg. “The sheep didn’t seem to mind at all.”

funny animal pictures
Courtesy Richard Fischer / Farm & Ranch Living

Bareback Ride

“Maxine the Nubian goat is the only member of the herd that Derby the miniature donkey allows to hitch a ride on his back,” says Richard Fischer.

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17 Dianemarshman Bbxmay18
Courtesy Diane Marshman

Just One More Bite

Diane Marshman shared this photo of a very hungry chipmunk that can’t get enough peanuts to snack on.

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Stuckey 080514
Courtesy Stuckey

Dinner Companions

It’s always good to make room at the dinner table for some new friends, even if their fur or feathers look different than yours.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Lisa Douglass / Country

Big Stretch

“I was hiking when I noticed these beautiful fox kits by their den in an old abandoned shed. They were curled up asleep so I sat down in the grass nearby to watch them. I took this photo when they had just woken up from their nap,” says Lisa Douglass.

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252265316 1 Diana Kunselman Cou Gart 2020
Courtesy Diana Kunselman / Country

Field of Cubs

“I love watching the wildlife we see here on our farm and was surprised to see a mama bear and three cubs cross the road and into the corn by my house. Of course I grabbed my camera and waited and caught two of the cubs peaking out of the corn,” says Diana Kunselman.

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21 01 Dianeeyring01 Cxsep17
Courtesy Diane Eyring / Country

First at the Buffet

“My husband dumped a bin of apples from our orchard that had gotten old. The next morning, we looked out our window at breakfast time and there was this critter,” says Diane Eyring.

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Couclc18 Britney Denman 1
Courtesy Britney Denman / Country

Pig in a Basket

“I love having farm animals. They all have their different personalities. Penny Lou is a mini piglet that loves food with a passion! She doesn’t want to share the picnic lunch with any of us, but we still love her and she makes us smile,” says Britney Denman.

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funny animal pictures
Courtesy Candice Estep / Country

Just Roll With it

“We have mini donkeys that we adopted from a local animal rescue. I will often just sit and observe them, as they are always up to something. My funny animal pictures were shot when I saw Charlie rolling around getting a good old fashioned dust bath. All I could think of was the phrase let the good times roll,” says Candice Estep.

03 01 Ronalddraper01 Cxam18
Courtesy Ronald Draper / Country

Spot the Real Deer

Some funny animal pictures include real and pretend critters. In this photo, a fawn rests in the shade next to a whimsical deer statue in Ronald Draper’s backyard.

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Bnbbyc17 Tim Gannon
Courtesy Tim Gannon

Four Little Goslings

“We decided to stop by a place we had seen Canada geese in the past since I had my camera with me. We came across at least three pairs with adorable little goslings. These little ones were keeping an eye on a raptor floating by,” says Tim Gannon.

22 01 Lindaselfridge01 Couon17
Courtesy Linda Selfridge

The Great Pumpkin

One of these pumpkins is not like the others. “I had to laugh when I saw my cat, Morris, blending right in with the autumn decorations!” says Linda Selfridge.

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