Bird Photography

Though it can sometimes be a challenge, bird photography is a wonderful past time both shutterbugs and birding enthusiasts can enjoy. These bird photography tips are straight from the experts!

25 Small Yellow Birds You Should Know

Did you spot a small yellow bird in the trees? Look at these photos of yellow birds found across North...

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Cardinals are also known as redbirds, but not every red bird is a cardinal. Check out some other birds that...

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Blue jays add beauty to the backyard. Marvel at these gorgeous blue jay photos in all seasons, from warm summer...

7 Amazing Nature Photos You Won’t Want to Miss

Unexpected moments happen all the time in the backyard—these photographers were just lucky enough to capture these amazing nature photos.

14 Proven Hummingbird Photography Tips

Look, listen and learn! Here's how to shoot amazing hummingbird photography that captures these birds' dazzling colors and behavior.

15 Adorable Photos of Bird Mothers With Babies

Bird moms work hard to raise their babies. Check out our collection of sweet photos of bird mothers with their...

50 Stunning Summer Bird Photos

Summer is the perfect season to photograph colorful birds. Enjoy gorgeous photos of summer birds, including hummingbirds, shorebirds, songbirds and...

20 Inspiring Pictures of Indigo Buntings

Bird lovers share their best pictures of indigo buntings. Sightings of these beautiful bright blue birds thrill and delight bird-watchers.

Try Digiscoping to Take Better Bird Photos

Use a smartphone and spotting scope to try digiscoping, a popular trend in bird photography. Here's what you need to...

22 Pictures of Super Cute Baby Birds You Need to See

So fluffy! Backyard birders and nature lovers share their heartwarming encounters and pictures of small, cute baby birds.

9 Pictures That Will Change the Way You Look at Black Birds

From grackles and crows to ravens, these black bird pictures will make you appreciate the beauty and variety of black...

The Most Commonly Sighted Bird in Every State

Data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey reveals which bird was seen most often in every state. Check to...

15 Outstanding Pictures of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks

These beautiful pictures of grosbeaks will show you why this striking black and red species is one of our favorite...

10 Birds That Look Like Orioles

If you see an orange or yellow bird in your backyard, you might think it's an oriole. But there are...

20 Photos of Breathtaking Blue Colored Birds

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7 Sweet Photos Show How Birds Flirt and Attract Mates

Discover the adorable ways how birds attract mates and flirt with each other, including elaborate dances, preening and feeding rituals.

The 51 Best Spring Bird Pictures Ever

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20 Beautiful Pictures of Bluebirds

Eastern bluebirds and mountain bluebirds are colorful songbirds that birders love to see. Enjoy these breathtaking pictures of bluebirds.

The Winner of the 2020 Backyard Photo Contest!

Check out Birds & Blooms' 2020 Backyard Photo Contest winner and learn the amazing story behind the stunning winter photo.

51 Best Winter Bird Photos

As temperatures dip, look no further than your backyard to see how full of life this blustery season truly is!...

20 Incredibly Cute Chickadee Pictures

Chickadees are friendly and adorable birds. Check out super cute chickadee pictures captured by backyard birders across America.

15 Outstanding Pictures of Owls

Admire these spectacular reader photos of owl species found across America, including snowy owls, burrowing owls, barred owls and more.

The Top 9 Most Beautiful Birds in America

When it comes to these beautiful birds, we can’t help but admire them.

The Winner of the 2017 Backyard Photo Contest!

We announce the winner of the 2017 Backyard Photo Contest!

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Must-See Hummingbird Videos You Can’t Miss

From nest building to snoring (yes, snoring!), the behavior captured in these hummingbird videos will captivate your bird-loving heart.

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The porgs seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi weren't originally in the script. But the puffin population on Skellig...

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