DIY Birdbath

Ready to get crafty? Attract birds in style with these DIY birdbath projects for your backyard.

Make a DIY Hummingbird Mister Birdbath

Hummingbirds can have difficulty using traditional bird baths. Create a hummingbird mister instead to give these little jewels a place to bathe and play.

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Make a DIY Concrete Leaf Birdbath

This DIY concrete leaf birdbath will create a one-of-kind watering hole for the birds in your backyard. This DIY birdbath...

Simple Homemade Birdbath

This homemade birdbath is easy enough for anyone to make, and inexpensive too!

Recycled Lamp DIY Bird Bath

Use an old lamp base to create a unique recycled bird bath that your birds will love.

Mosaic Bird Bath

This mosaic bird bath is surprisingly easy to make, and the height of the bowl is perfect for attracting bathing...

DIY Bird Bath Water Park

Use a few sturdy branches and shallow bowls to make a DIY bird bath spot for every bird in town!

DIY Hanging Birdbath Project Idea

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own hanging birdbath with simple materials.