April Showers: 12 Pictures of Flowers With Raindrops

Updated: Mar. 17, 2023

Raindrops add whimsy to these already beautiful backyard scenes captured by our talented readers. Enjoy the beauty of rain with flowers.

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Baltimore Oriole
Courtesy Michael Rossacci

Flowering Tree in the Rain

Michael Rossacci shared this pretty picture of a Baltimore oriole perched in a crabapple tree with flowers in rain.

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rain with flowers
Courtesy Justin Price

First Blooms

“My wife worked had this past spring to beautify the area around our home. She and the kids pulled weeds and cleared out the perfect area in front of our house to plant some daylilies. Finally one morning we awoke and the blooms greeted us with a warm orange glow. It had been raining and the drops were still clinging to the petals. I quickly seized the opportunity to capture this moment,” says Justin Price.

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277204174 1 Rita Kurtz Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Rita Kurtz

Simple Spring Beauty

“I took this photo in the spring. Every year I have these flowers growing in my garden along the driveway. I’m not sure if they are a weed flower or not, but they are pretty in the spring so I let them grow. I really enjoy using my camera to capture the beautiful reflection of the flowers in a water drop,” says Rita Kurtz.

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I Love Roses. I Took This Picture Right After A Summer Rain.
Courtesy Teresa Cipperly

Raindrops on Roses

“I love roses. I took this picture right after a summer rain,” says Teresa Cipperly. These pictures of tulips will make you dream of spring.

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Bnbhc18 Gilberto Sanchez 2
Courtesy Gilberto Sanchez

Hummingbird Flowers After the Rain

“After a late afternoon rain, I love going to my gardens and waiting for the hummingbirds to return and enjoy the flowers. I don’t have to wait too long. This is a female ruby-throated hummingbird and the flower is the Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish,'” says Gilberto Sanchez.

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252067922 1 Kimberly Jo Wulfekuhle Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Kimberly Jo Wulfekuhle

Summer Rain Shower

“It just got done raining; I love the droplets on the tiger lilies. It was summer and I took the picture in my yard,” says Kimberly Jo Wulfekuhle. Don’t miss these beautiful pictures of cactus flowers.

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Bnbbyc17 Jennifer Cleary
Courtesy Jennifer Cleary

Purple Flowers With Rain

“When I first began learning about photography, I thought I’d be more of a landscape or wildlife photographer. This was one of the first photos I took of just specifically a flower. When I saw how much detail and beauty was reflected in the foxglove image, I knew flower photography would be a new passion,” says Jennifer Cleary.

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rain with flowers
Courtesy Susan Terry

Finding Peace in Flowers

“My mother used to grow beautiful roses, and one of her favorites was the Peace rose. When I was establishing my own garden, I couldn’t find a Peace rose but came across this Golden Peace, which is almost identical. One summer it had spectacular blooms. This photo after a rain has always been one of my favorites,” says Susan Terry.

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252870398 1 Randy Samuels Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Randy Samuels

Supporting Each Other

“I often enjoy taking images in local gardens after rain storms, in this case Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey. I was immediately fascinated by the way the flowers with rain seemed to cling to and support each other,” says Randy Samuels. We found amazing nature photos you won’t want to miss.

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277715955 1 Mary Zeller Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Mary Zeller

Daylily Daydreams

“A few years ago, I was out on a summer morning photographing daylilies to enter in our local Daylily Club photo contest. I took this photo at Old Prairie Town Botanical Gardens in Topeka, Kansas, where I live. This variety is Treasure of the Southwest. I think it is unique because it has water droplets on the petals,” says Mary Zeller. Check out beautiful butterfly pictures you HAVE to see.

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rain with flowers
Courtesy Sheryl Fleming

Pretty Picture of Pansies

“My husband and I retired and moved to upstate New York. One of my daughters gave me a pot of beautiful pansies for Mother’s Day. I love taking pictures after it rains, capturing the drops on many different flowers and leaves,” says Sheryl Fleming.

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309215724 1 Kimberly Sandberg Bnb Pc 2022
Courtesy Kimberly Sandberg

Rainy Day Dahlia

“I took this photo at Enders Island in Connecticut. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to relax and enjoy their gardens. As I walked among the dahlias, this brightly sunset colored one caught my eye as it looked for the sun to return,” says Kimberly Sandberg. Next, learn how to design a gorgeous garden with colorful flowers.