Bird Photography

Though it can sometimes be a challenge, bird photography is a wonderful past time both shutterbugs and birding enthusiasts can enjoy. These bird photography tips are straight from the experts!

15 of the Snowiest Bird Photos Ever!

From cardinals to finches, check out spectacular photos of backyard birds in cold and snowy winter weather.

20 Incredibly Cute Chickadee Pictures

Chickadees are friendly and adorable birds. Check out super cute chickadee pictures captured by backyard birders across America.

15 Outstanding Pictures of Owls

Admire these spectacular reader photos of owl species found across America, including snowy owls, burrowing owls, barred owls and more.

The Top 9 Most Beautiful Birds in America

When it comes to these beautiful birds, we can’t help but admire them.

You Must See These Spectacular Hummingbird Photo Contest Winners

We received over 1,000 outstanding entries in our 2020 Hummingbird Photo Contest. Check out the stunning winners and beautiful honorable...

10 Woodpecker Species Birders Should Know

Readers share photos of woodpeckers that show the beauty of these amazing birds. Look for these 10 woodpecker species across...

15 Breathtaking Photos of Mourning Doves

Enjoy a collection of photos that capture the beauty of mourning doves in all seasons, including mourning dove nests and...

25 Photos of Warblers You Should Add to Your Life List

Enjoy spectacular reader photos of 25 different warbler birds. Look for these colorful, tiny fliers during spring and fall migration.

Rare Leucistic and Albino Hummingbirds Dazzle Birdwatchers

Birders captured spectacular photos of albino hummingbirds and leucistic hummingbirds. Learn how to tell the difference between these rare conditions.

10 Adorable Pictures of Baby Hummingbirds

If you've ever wondered what a baby hummingbird looks like, check out these cute photos of tiny hummingbird chicks.

15 Photos That Prove Hummingbirds Are Amazing

You have to be quick to capture photos of tiny hummingbirds, but patience pays off with memorable moments.

Birding Gadgets and Gear You Never Knew You Needed

Go beyond binoculars and field guides and ramp up your game with the coolest new birding gear and gadgets.

The Winner of the 2017 Backyard Photo Contest!

We announce the winner of the 2017 Backyard Photo Contest!

5 Hummingbird Videos You Can’t Miss

From nest building to snoring (yes, snoring!), the behavior captured in these hummingbird videos will captivate your bird-loving heart.

Puffin to Porg: How Nature Inspired Star Wars

The porgs seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi weren't originally in the script. But the puffin population on Skellig...

21 Simple Tips to Attract Winter Birds

Birds are even more beautiful in the midst of a few flurries. Here's how to attract them to your backyard!

25 Dazzling Fall Bird Photos You Need to See

Readers share their favorite fall bird photos and stories. Plus, tips for attracting fall birds!

10 Ways to Take Bird Photos Like a Pro

Capture incredible close-ups with these bird photography tips and a great camera.

Bird Photography Tip: Practice in Your Backyard

One of the best places to practice your bird photography is in your backyard.

Nature Photography in the Rain

Don't let wet weather keep you from capturing great nature photography moments!

5 Bird Photography Tips

These five bird photography tips are sure to help you improve your photos!

The Ultimate Guide To Backyard Bird Photography

Get expert bird photography tips from a professional bird photographer on how to turn your backyard into an ideal space...

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Roland Jordahl

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Roland Jordahl

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Saxon Holt

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Saxon Holt

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Marie Read

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Marie Read

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Kathy Adams Clark

Bird Photography Pro Interview: Kathy Adams Clark

Expert Bird Photography Tips

Expert Bird Photography Tips