Recycled Garden Ideas

Repurpose items from your home with these recycled garden ideas and projects that will beautify your backyard.

10 Household Items to Repurpose for Gardening Bargains

Clean out your closets and repurpose your old or extra household items as helpful gardening bargains for your flower and vegetable beds.

How to Make a Coffee Can Birdhouse

Build a DIY coffee can birdhouse with this simple recycled crafts project that will benefit your favorite nesting birds.

How to Make DIY Nesting Shelves for Birds

Interested in attracting cardinals or robins to nest in your yard? This recycled crafts project creates nesting shelves for these...

10 Creative Ideas to Recycle Your Old Christmas Tree

Don't haul off your old Christmas tree to the curb. Give your tree a second life by trying these Christmas...

Cardboard Garden Project: Hanging Basket

Find a sturdy box and create a cardboard garden hanging basket planter. This recycled crafts project is attractive and eco-friendly!

Clean Out Your Clutter with 28 Recycled Garden Ideas

Everyone loves a bargain, but gardeners are an especially resourceful bunch. Reuse odds and ends you already have around the...

How to Make a Garden Hose Wreath

Add a touch of the backyard to your front door décor. This sunny and cheerful garden hose wreath will chase...

How to Make a Pallet Bench for Your Patio

Need a place to sit and relax in the backyard while you admire your flower beds? Get creative and repurpose...

How to Make a Vertical Pallet Garden

Add scrappy style to the backyard with a vertical pallet garden! Just use recycled shipping pallets to give a rustic...

Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer

Running out of garden room? This space saving gardening project will have you growing a vertical herb garden in no...

DIY Project: All-Natural Homemade Citrus Cleaner

Create your own all natural homemade citrus cleaner using the leftover peels from grapefruit, lemon or oranges and vinegar.

Turn a Glass Soda Bottle into a Homemade Bird Feeder

Learn how to make a homemade bird feeder using a glass soda bottle and a chicken feeder base. This sturdy...

Save Money and Recycle with Cardboard Gardening

With this eco-friendly, free and easy gardening method, you’ll have a better garden in no time! Just place cardboard in...

8 Ways to Use Dryer Lint in Your Backyard and Garden

Dryer lint should be collected after each load of laundry to prevent a fire hazard. Here are some good uses...

Make a DIY Potting Station from a Dresser

Perk up an old desk or dresser and turn it into a convenient backyard workspace.

Make a DIY Hanging Tire Planter

Put a fresh and colorful spin on a classic repurposed planter.

Upcycled Hummingbird Garden Sculpture

Use your imagination to create a bird sculpture out of an old light fixture.

Upcycled Tiki Torch Craft

Revamp an old lampshade and set your garden aglow with a curvy torch.

Share a May Basket in a Mason Jar

Arrange beautiful May flowers in a mason jar for a rustic, feminine effect.

DIY Seed Packet Letters

Reuse those empty seed packets to create this easy garden decoration.

Caterpillar Bowling Ball Art

Garden visitors will be bowled over by this very friendly bowling ball art. It makes a great doorstop, but also...

DIY Garden ­Mushrooms

Dress up your yard or front porch with these quick and easy DIY Garden Mushrooms. This project is so simple...

DIY Garden License Plate Dragonfly

Repurpose old license plates, a chair leg and some old keys into funky DIY garden art for your backyard.

DIY Garden Arbor

Transform an existing gate into a grand DIY garden arbor and add some drama to your yard!

Garden DIY Herb Markers

We love this project because it’s an excuse to buy more wine! Just save your corks to use as Garden...

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3-Tiered Stacked Planter

Give your front porch a fresh and colorful facelift with this stacked planter project.

Plastic Bottle Crafts: Garden Flowers

Pull a few plastic bottles out of the recycling bin, and create these easy garden flowers!

DIY Recycled Garden Sign

Put your own personal touch on this project to create a recycled garden sign the whole neighborhood will love.

Nature-Inspired Clothespin Craft Project

Clothespin craft projects are easy and fun. Use our patterns to create hummingbird or butterfly clothespins.

Stylish DIY Birdhouse Designs

Using a simple kit, learn how to make a birdhouse unique. These DIY birdhouse designs are bird-friendly but full of...

Vintage Teapot DIY Wind Chimes

Turn a vintage teapot into musical DIY wind chimes with this elegant garden craft.