10 Amazing Pictures of Hummingbirds in Florida

Updated: Jan. 20, 2023

Hummingbirds in Florida are present year-round but we never get tired of seeing reader pictures of these stunning tiny birds.

Bnbhc18 Gilberto Sanchez 3
Courtesy Gilberto Sanchez

Florida Hummingbird and Honeysuckle

“One plant with beautiful tubular blooms that hummingbirds love here at my gardens in Orlando, Florida, is the coral honeysuckle. This gorgeous female ruby-throated hummingbird is my daily visitor. She stops by frequently early mornings. The flowers are full of the floral nectar they love to fulfill their energy every day,” says Gilberto Sanchez.

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248060469 1 Karen Clark Bnbhc20
Courtesy Karen Clark

Hummingbird in the Rain

“The photograph was taken in August, on a warm afternoon in Melrose, Florida. I was at a birthday party and the crowd was admiring this ruby-throated hummingbird who landed on a young magnolia tree near our deck. She graced us with her presence for a few minutes as if she wanted to join our party. Then as a light rain began to fall, she turned and flew away. I love this photograph because I was able to capture her just as she took flight,” says Karen Clark.

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247927187 1 Mariah Wilder Bnbhc20 (1)
Courtesy Mariah Wilder

Flocking to the Feeders

“I live in the panhandle of Florida. Every fall my backyard becomes full of migrating hummingbirds fighting over feeders. I end up putting several extra feeders scattered around the yard to accommodate them all. Eventually their numbers dwindle as they continue on their migration,” says Mariah Wilder.

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14 Marcijones3 Bbdj21
Courtesy Marci Jones

Special Rufous Hummingbird Visitor

“This hummingbird stayed in my yard last winter. It is a young male rufous hummingbird,” says Marci Jones of Melrose, Florida.

Expert Tip: Rufous hummingbirds have been expanding their winter range into the Southeastern U.S. for the last few decades, and hundreds now stay through the season along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, and north as far as the Carolinas. The ruby-throat is still the expected hummingbird in Florida for most of the year, but in midwinter you’re just as likely to spot a rufous.

Bnbhc18 Michele Hansen
Courtesy Michele Hansen

Long Migration Journey

“I very much look forward to seeing the first hummingbird each spring. In March, I heard a familiar sound, grabbed my camera and caught this picture of a male ruby-throated hummingbird. He looks like he is yawning and stretching after his long migration trip to my backyard in Florida,” says Michele Hansen.

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Bnbhc18 Gilberto Sanchez
Courtesy Gilberto Sanchez

Florida Hummingbird Garden

This is my third year here in Orlando, Florida. The hard work of planting gardens was a challenge. But my goal was to have hummingbirds find my plants and I can say that it has been a success. The colorful salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ is one of this female hummingbird’s favorites,” says Gilberto Sanchez.

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hummingbirds in florida
Courtesy Kim Davidson

Simple Backyard Beauty

“The pandemic brought disruption and so much upheaval. However, with sheltering-at-home came time I might otherwise not have had to observe the ruby-throated hummingbirds in my Florida backyard, bringing bright moments of beauty and joy,” says Kim Davidson.

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hummingbirds in florida
Courtesy Rebecca Sabac

Fierce Female Hummingbird

“We planted our garden in South Florida with many butterfly and hummingbird attracting plants with great results! We have many ruby-throated hummingbirds who overwinter in our yard. Each one claims a territory and fiercely guards it. This female was protecting her spot against another when she puffed out her feathers before chasing it away. I love that I get to watch them in my own backyard,” says Rebecca Sabac.

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247927243 1 Mariah Wilder Bnbhc20
Courtesy Mariah Wilder

Just Passing Through

Birds & Blooms reader Mariah Wilder shared this photo of a hummingbird in her Florida backyard during fall migration.

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hummingbirds in florida
Courtesy Rhonda Horrall

First Florida Hummingbird

“This hummingbird showed up in April; he was the first visitor of the year to my yard in Jacksonville, Florida,” says Rhonda Horrall.

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