15 Hilariously Funny Hummingbird Photos

Updated: Jan. 24, 2023

Hummingbirds can be quite comical! Check out our collection of funny hummingbird photos, including unique perches, unusual nests and more.

247761505 1 Meagan Wescoat Bnbhc20
Courtesy Meagan Wescoat

A Funny Hummingbird Perch

“I took this shot in the fall in my backyard in Las Vegas. I was setting up cool perches throughout my yard, including a pencil, paintbrush, and tiny wrench. This funny hummingbird, a male Costa’s, perched on this ruler, which shows how tiny he really is!” says Meagan Wescoat.

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247537082 1 Bob Quarles Bnbhc20
Courtesy Bob Quarles

“What Are You Looking At?”

“I have always tried to capture a photo of a hummingbird in a natural setting as opposed to perching on a feeder or structure. So, I spend hours watching the birds come and go. One day after watching this ruby-throated female hummingbird, she’d finally had enough and gave me a skunk eye as if to say, “what are you looking at?” I thought this captured the essence of how the birds feel when humans continually watch them,” says Bob Quarles.

Bnbbyc17 Vickie Tuskan, funny hummingbird
Courtesy Vickie Tuskan

Hummingbird Takes a Seat

“My mother loved hummingbirds. I started photographing them for her, but after watching them, I have come to enjoy their antics, too! I was in my yard and noticed this female ruby-throated hummingbird in my flowers. Quickly, I grabbed my camera and started following her around. She was nose deep in the daylily, and I had her in focus and was waiting for her to come out. To my surprise, she turned around and took a seat! I was lucky enough to get a few shots of her before she took off again,” says Vickie Tuskan.

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247920677 1 Linda Petersen Bnbhc20
Courtesy Linda Petersen

Snack Time!

“Last fall, this ruby-throated hummingbird was sitting in my tree trying to catch insects. I’ve always known they eat insects, but I have never witnessed it. I was happy to get a funny hummingbird picture that was different from the usual feeder or flower picture,” says Linda Petersen.

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Bath Time In Back Yard Happens Every Day
Courtesy Ronald Johnson

Splish Splash in the Bird Bath

“Bath time in the backyard! It happens every day,” says Ronald Johnson. Want to take these funny hummingbird pictures like this one for yourself? Here’s how to add a bird bath for hummingbirds to your yard.

248509511 1 Bob Kearney Bnbhc20
Courtesy Bob Kearney

“How Do I Do This, Mom?”

“These are two female ruby-throated hummingbirds, I think they might be mother and daughter,” says Bob Kearney.

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248238416 1 Judy Cline Bnbhc20, funny hummingbird
Courtesy Judy Cline

Amusing Anna’s Hummingbird

“My “Peek-a-Boo” Anna’s hummingbird spent about five minutes entertaining me in my backyard fountain bird bath. Sometimes they just keep you in stitches with their antics!” says Judy Cline.

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248354820 1 Marc Fahringer Bnbhc20
Courtesy Marc Fahringer

A Trumpet Flower Snafu

“During summer in Virginia, I spend plenty of time photographing hummingbirds while they are here. On this particular day, a female ruby-throated hummingbird had been coming to these trumpet flowers, so I set up and waited. To my surprise (and hers), the next time she buried her beak and went to fly away, the flower came off with her! She zipped around with it and finally flew off; she came back around thirty minutes later with the flower removed, but she never did return to the same trumpet flowers again! That was a first time experience for me, and one I won’t soon forget,” says Marc Fahringer.

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248419937 1 Cari Povenz Bnbhc20, funny hummingbird
Courtesy Cari Povenz

Get Out of Here!

“One winter at Joshua Tree National Park in California, I was watching this Anna’s hummingbird when a phainopepla flew into his territory. I loved the hummingbird’s lively personality as it was scaring off this bigger bird! This tiny, funny hummingbird was giving a warning: ‘Be very afraid!’ The interaction put a big smile on my face,” says Cari Povenz.

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247931437 1 Reg Robazza Bnbhc20
Courtesy Reg Robazza

Funny Hummingbird at the Fountain

“We had a very warm April this year, so the bird bath went out a bit early. Almost immediately this little Anna’s hummingbird began splashing around. He jumped pool to pool on the little waterfall and seemed to enjoy washing his beak! May was cooler, but he still enjoyed the waterfall from time to time,” says Reg Robazza.

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252419022 1 Jeri Lampman Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Jeri Lampman

Stick Out Your Tongue

“This spring and into the summer, three hummingbirds have been visiting my feeders in my backyard in Edwardsville, Illinois. Our area only gets the ruby-throated species. This little lady had taken over the feeder closest to the house, and was quite comfortable sitting and staying awhile when she would come to feed. I began taking shots just to get different angles of her face when out came the tongue!” says Jeri Lampman.

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252408511 1 Jon Nichols Bnb Bypc2020, funny hummingbird
Courtesy Jon Nichols

Like Looking in the Mirror

“Shortly after becoming empty-nesters, my wife and I took a trip to Costa Rica, which is home to more than 50 species of hummingbirds, with many places to view them. Out of the many pictures I snapped of them, this remains one of my favorites. These green-crowned brilliant hummingbirds were resting outside the town of Santa Elena, near the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The way they were looking at each other, almost as a mirror image, caught my eye,” says Jon Nichols.

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252364694 1 Shannon Putnam Cole Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Shannon Putnam Cole

Woodpecker at the Sugar Water Feeder

“I took this funny hummingbird photo in late July. I was watching the hummingbirds when this little woodpecker sat down to drink sugar water. It was almost as if the hummingbird was saying, “get off my feeder!” says Shannon Putnam Cole.

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16 Pauljemo Bbjj20, funny hummingbird
Courtesy Paul Jemo

Birds of a Feather

“I took this photo of a sweet female ruby-throated hummingbird. What a truly amazing place she chose to nest!” says Paul Jemo.

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hummingbird photos
Courtesy Elijah Gildea

Ready for Takeoff

“This photo was taken on a rainy day. Anna’s hummingbirds often stretch before flight if they’ve sat for 10 minutes or longer. This guy put on a terrific show, and I happened to be in the right place with a camera and a nice background.,” says Elijah Gildea.

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