18 Totally Adorable Tufted Titmouse Bird Pictures

Updated: Aug. 14, 2023

The tufted titmouse is one of the cutest backyard songbirds. Enjoy this roundup of super sweet titmouse bird pictures from readers.

305453912 1 John Reich Bnb Pc 2022
Courtesy John Reich

Titmouse Bird Pictures in Spring

“I love the North Carolina spring season, and one of our favorite pastimes is sitting on our deck and watching the birds come to our feeders. There is a redbud tree next to our deck that seems to attract birds. The blooms really add color to my photographs. I took these tufted titmouse bird pictures with a Nikon D5500,” says Birds & Blooms reader John Reich.

Bnbbyc17 Norman Rowsey
Courtesy Norman Rowsey

Titmouse Always on the Move

“This tufted titmouse bird picture was taken in my Alvin, Texas, backyard. I chose to share this image because of the difficulty of capturing one of these amazing birds. They are constantly on the move. Even while sitting on a branch like this, their head is constantly busy looking around, and they are jumping every second! So to capture a titmouse requires the proper settings and a quick trigger finger!” says Norman Rowsey.

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275356448 1 Sue Ann Quirion Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Sue Ann Quirion

Fluffy Feathers

“On an extremely windy early spring day i saw this little tufted titmouse living up to his name. He was extremely tufted at that moment for warmth,” says Sue Ann Quirion.

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277701293 1 Michelle Caccomo Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Michelle Caccomo

Snagging a Seed

“I’ve called the titmouse my spirit bird for several years now. It seems to be the bird I look for the most when out birding and it never disappoints me. I can find one so easily by listening for its sweet call, peter, peter, peter. One afternoon last year I happened to be in my sunroom with my camera. On the feeder outside my window, this adorable little titmouse sat eating at the seed cake. It watched me as I watched it for several minutes. I was able to lift my Canon SX70 up to my eye and snap a few decent shots through the window before it flew away,” says Michelle Caccomo.

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309379377 1 Karissa Cuttino Bnb Pc 2022
Courtesy Karissa Cuttino

Titmouse in the Snow

“Mendon Ponds Park in Mendon New York, allows you to feed the birds. They always flock down to you and it’s a great time!” says Karissa Cuttino.

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278146854 1 Cynthia Lockwood Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Cynthia Lockwood

Sweet Songbird in a Redbud Tree

“The redbud tree in my backyard is the first to bloom and announce that spring is on the way. It’s very special because 23 years ago the tree moved with me to Texas from Oklahoma, my birthplace, where the redbud is the state tree. During that time, it has grown from a sapling into a mature tree. Every year I look forward to seeing its beautiful pink blossoms and photographing the birds that perch there, like this tufted titmouse. I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera with a Canon EF500mm f/4L IS USM lens with a 1.4x III extender to take this photo,” says Cynthia Lockwood.

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titmouse bird pictures
Courtesy Susan Hughes

Feed Me, Please!

“One of my favorite backyard birds is the tufted titmouse. During the winter, in addition to keeping all my feeders filled, I like to put peanuts out for these little birds. I love to watch as they lift off, carrying a peanut that seems too big for them to carry. I had to laugh at the look this little one gave me when it found the peanut supply needed to be replenished,” says Susan Hughes.

titmouse bird pictures
Courtesy Melba Spivey

Titmouse in a Cherry Tree

“We have a house on Kerr Lake in Manson, North Carolina. We had to replace the Bradford pear trees in our yard due to their age. So last year, we planted cherry trees to replace them. This spring, as our new trees started to bloom, I grabbed my camera to take a picture of these beautiful flowers. It was a wonderful surprise when I snagged a picture of a tufted titmouse sitting in the middle of the blooms. It almost looked like he was taking a moment to also enjoy the flowers of spring,” says Melba Spivey.

titmouse bird pictures
Courtesy Barbara Houlihan

Cutie on the Corn

“An adorable tufted titmouse enjoyed some corn at a feeding station in Dorothy Carnes County Park near Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I don’t have titmice at my own feeders very often, so I was thrilled to spend some time with this little cutie,” says Barbara Houlihan of Madison, Wisconsin.

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251226657 1 Cynthia Raught Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Cynthia Raught

Tea Time With a Titmouse

“During the long, cold days of February in north central Pennsylvania, I enjoy watching and photographing the birds that frequent my feeders. I got an idea to put out a teacup and saucer containing a bit of seed in it in hopes of capturing an image of my feathered friends. After a lot of patience, two showed up simultaneously. I snapped the shutter just quick enough to get the capture, then they flew off! A dark-eyed junco is sitting on the rim and a tufted titmouse is behind the cup. Later that year I entered the photograph in a local county fair and was awarded Best of Show!” says Cynthia Raught.

titmouse bird pictures
Courtesy Colleen Crank

Loyal Protector

One day in April I was working in the yard when this tufted titmouse started fussing at me. Nearby, another tufted titmouse (probably the mate) was on the feeder. This one was probably posing as the guard,” says Colleen Crank.

09 Pattyjennings Bbon18
Courtesy Patty Jennings

Feathered Friend in Fall

“Although it’s a common bird species in the East, the tufted titmouse’s range doesn’t extend far into my state. So I was thrilled when I saw this one coming and going between my feeders and the nearby woods. I’m so glad I captured it and the background fall colors in this photo,” says Patty Jennings of Stacyville, Maine.

titmouse eating sunflower seed for birds
Courtesy Brian Hendrix

Sunflower Seed Snacker

Most birds perch at a feeder to eat seeds. Not titmice! They nab one seed, fly away to eat it or stash it for later, and then return for more. Thanks to reader Brian Hendrix for sharing this bird picture.

titmouse bird pictures
Courtesy David Baxter

Fantastic Foliage

“This tufted titmouse bird picture was taken in November in the Firestone Metropark near Akron, Ohio, using a Sony A7iii with a 100-400 mm lens. Tufted titmice are inherently cute and endearing birds, and I believe the photo captures those qualities. Although the photo was taken in late fall, there were still enough leaves on the trees in the background to reflect the sunlight, and offer a kaleidoscope of yellows, oranges and reds to frame the bird,” says David Baxter.

titmouse in snow
Courtesy Rebecca Granger

Winter Wonderland Scene

“The snow was softly falling when this tufted titmouse came in to feed one early winter morning. It sat on this branch, feathers fluffed to keep warm. This is one of my favorite titmouse bird pictures,” says Rebecca Granger of Bancroft, Michigan.

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Bnbugc John Baughman
Courtesy John Baughman

Closeup Titmouse Bird Picture

“The tufted titmouse is a favorite among photographers. The birds seem to be extra friendly and almost always have cheerful expressions,” says John Baughman of Fishers, Indiana.

how to help birds in winter
Courtesy Jessica Bisko

Pretty Pose in Autumn

“During the early and late winter of this past year I was visited often by this beautiful tufted titmouse. There is such beauty in nature and I truly enjoy feeding the birds every winter. I remember spending time with my mom as a child learning the different names of the birds. I read my bird book so much it fell apart. My titmouse bird pictures bring back many happy memories,” says Jessica Bisko.

tufted titmouse eating peanuts
Courtesy Benjamin Blyther

Mr. Peanut

“I was at my godmother’s house in Hubbardton, Vermont, taking photos of the different types of birds that were visiting her feeders. Just then, a tufted titmouse landed on the rail and found the peanuts. We watched his antics and were really fascinated that he chose such a large morsel,” says Benjamin Blyther.

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