16 Funny Butterfly Pictures You Need to See

Updated: Mar. 09, 2023

Keep your cameras ready this spring. A funny butterfly moment could flutter into view at any moment.

Bnbbyc18 John Stager
Courtesy John Stager

This Seat’s Taken

“I took this photo of a butterfly this summer at a community garden in Toronto. A ruby-throated hummingbird suddenly flew up to the flower and, while hovering, glanced at the butterfly for several seconds before flying away. I was very fortunate to quickly capture this scene. It remains one of my favorite funny butterfly pictures,” says John Stager.

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275463876 1 Ryan Pond Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Ryan Pond

A Pretty Butterfly Hat

“We watched this monarch grow from a tiny egg to this perfectly beautiful butterfly right before our eyes. It was taking a quick rest on sweet Caroline’s head before we set it free for the long journey south. The process was so neat to watch and I highly recommend everyone planting some milkweed to help save the monarchs,” says Ryan Pond.

Couypc20 Beth Grosscup
Courtesy Beth Grosscup

Talk to Me Goose

“On a nice sunny day, my friend and I went to Patuxent Pond Park in Severn, Maryland, where we found a family of Canada geese feeding on the pond’s shore. Suddenly this butterfly showed up and was trying to land on the babies. Being only a few days old, they were startled by the butterfly. They ran to get away from it straight into the water. Meanwhile, my friend and I were snapping to get funny butterfly pictures. This one was my favorite,” says Beth Grosscup.

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funny butterfly
Courtesy Susan Propper

Get Off My Tail

“I was taking a walk along a trail behind my house one summer morning when I spotted this fiery skipper butterfly perched on the back of a swallowtail butterfly! The fiery skipper seemed to be saying ‘save some for me’ as it waited for a turn to gather nectar from the thistle! It was a delightful surprise and a funny butterfly image!” says Susan Propper.

275538363 1 Clifford Price Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Clifford Price

The Odd Couple

“This red-tailed hawk was minding his own business perched on his post. Just then along comes a butterfly; it sat right down next to him. The hawk looked at him like, ‘Oh boy, snack time!’ But the butterfly flew to safety just in time,” says Clifford Price.

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277880107 1 Cindy Kluchar Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Cindy Kluchar

Butterfly Beach Day

While bird-watching in May at a local lake near Hoffman, North Carolina, swallowtails began gathering en masse on the lakeshore, sucking moisture from the sand. I laid on the sand to watch and ended up taking many funny butterfly photos,” says Cindy Kluchar.

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249554352 1 Ric Chamblee Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Ric Chamblee

Mirror, Mirror

“These are glasswing butterflies. The photo was taken at Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Mexico. I find this butterfly so fascinating that I must take a photo each time I see it. They are usually found in the forest, near water or moisture, seeking natural wildflowers,” says Ric Chamblee.

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Bnbbyc19 Lisa Carter
Courtesy Lisa Carter

Nose to Meet You

“I was home from work for lunch and was sitting outside taking a few pictures of my dog Olive. A butterfly landed on the marigolds. Olive was so amazed; it was funny! I started snapping picture after picture. This one looks like the butterfly has landed on her nose, but it is actually flying away and she was following it with her nose,” says Lisa Carter.

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274936487 1 Shawn Ann Wendling Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Shawn Ann Wendling

Yellow Bird and Butterfly Friends

Shawn Ann Wendling shared a photo of an Eastern tiger swallowtail and American goldfinch on red zinnias.

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funny butterfly
Courtesy Chas Davis

Please Moove Over

“Otis, a bottle baby calf from Creek View Farms in Savannah, Tennessee, was trying to make friends with a butterfly,” says Chas Davis.

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278169570 1 Richard A Schultz Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Richard A Schultz

First at the Nectar Buffet

“A ruby-throated hummingbird and monarch butterfly were sharing the dahlias. This image is special because of the bird and butterfly so close together,” says Richard A Schultz.

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252716467 1 Gail Chamberlain Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Gail Chamberlain

That’s Not a Hummingbird

“In the Spring of 2020, while patiently waiting near my window for the perfect hummingbird picture, this monarch butterfly decided it needed a little sugar water,” says Gail Chamberlain.

funny butterfly
Courtesy Bonnie Young

Cute and Curious

“We go out to our backyard often to feed the birds, clean the bird bath and pull a few weeds. Millie, our grand dog, is with us often. This particular day she decided to get up close and personal with a yellow swallowtail. Not sure if she was smelling the butterfly or the salvia, but she was very intrigued,” says Bonnie Young.

Bnbhc18 Linda Petersen 1
Courtesy Linda Petersen

Travel Buddies

“This was taken during fall migration in Iowa. The painted lady butterflies were migrating at the same time and my flowers were covered with them. This hummingbird gave up trying to chase the butterflies away and decided to just share the flower with the butterfly,” says Linda Petersen.

Opie And Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Courtesy Holly Masepohl

Making a Point

“While I was patiently waiting for a hummingbird to come and feed in this flower bed, I happened to notice that my dog was watching this butterfly very intently. I was lucky enough to grab a quick photo. I thought it was adorable how my German shorthaired pointer decided to point the tiger swallowtail butterfly,” says Holly Masepohl.

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funny butterfly
Courtesy Stephen Ofsthun

Funny Butterfly Face

“A close-up look at this fiery skipper on a coneflower offers lots of details. I saw the tiny butterfly near the Calypso Cove Marina on Lake Thunderbird State Park in Norman, Oklahoma,” says Stephen Ofsthun.

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