25 Funny Bird Pictures That Will Make You Squawk With Laughter

Updated: Jul. 13, 2023

From an ‘awkward’ bluebird family photo to a gull deciding whether to follow the beach rules, these funny bird pictures will make you smile.

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acorn woodpecker
Courtesy Kitty Warner

Sometimes our favorite common backyard fliers are regal and poised, inspiring awe as they display a variety of brilliant colors and beautiful songs. But sometimes, as shown in these funny bird pictures, they’re just plain hilarious.

Check out this chuckle-worthy collection of snaps, which includes everything from a raven finding a unique perch to a mountain chickadee making friends with a snowman.

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16 Linda Petersen Bbjj23
Courtesy Linda Petersen

Tame Those Talons

Linda Peterson shared this funny hummingbird photo. It looks like the tiny bird wants to get a pedicure!

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Couclc17 Karen Christman 002
Courtesy Karen Christman

Leader of the Pack

“On a trip to Cape Cod at the end of September my husband and I came across quite the sight at the National Seashore visitor center. A group of turkeys were following a fox all over in what looked like a game of the follow the leader. When the fox stopped to take a break they all stopped with him, appearing to not know what to do! It was so comical to watch, as you would think the fox would be chasing the turkeys–but instead they all seemed to be friends!” says Karen Christman.

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16 Richardgetler Bbxmar23
Courtesy Richard Getler

Patriotic Crow

This American crow looks like it snagged a sweet fruity treat from a Fourth of July party.

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275512962 1 Phyllis Clark Cou Gart V2
Courtesy Phyllis Clark

Say Ahhhh

“Just catching this little blue heron with his tongue showing is cool! I took this photo at Sweetwater Wetlands in Gainesville, Florida,” says Phyllis Clark.

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275205354 1 Linda Fox Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Linda Fox

Dive Right In

“This baby eastern bluebird just fledged from the nest box was trying to figure out how the birdbath works and put the wrong end in. He finally figured it out but it’s funny to watch them at first,” says Linda Fox.

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17 Resephkeiderling Bbxnov20
Courtesy Reseph Keiderling

Howdy, Partner

We can’t tell if this hawk is giving a friendly wave or trying to shoo away the paparazzi.

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Couclc17 Dennis Adams 002
Courtesy Dennis Adams

Gone Fishing

“White pelicans can be amusing with their various humorous antics. This image is from Baum Lake in northeastern California. I often spend time there as it has a good population of birds and wildlife. While the white pelicans can be annoying to the fishermen, but they are a bonus for anyone with a photographic eye. These pelicans are fishing. They cruise the edges of the lake, often together in a group of five or six. When their fishy radar goes off, they altogether turn upside down and dive for whatever tasty fish is available. They stay in this bottoms-up position for several seconds, treading water and making quite a large splash,” says Dennis Adams.

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Couclc17 Barbara Keusch 001
Courtesy Barbara Keusch

Time to Buzz the Tower

“I chose this photo because it just made me smile. In the wintertime, we put corn and nuts out for the squirrels. But the birds eat just as much. I caught this woodpecker just as he was flying away with his treat and he had his wingman by his side,” says Barbara Keusch.

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17 Katherinemarshaleck Bbxmay20 Original 2
Courtesy Katherine Marshaleck

Quiet Down!

Katherine Marshaleck shared this funny bird photo of a pair of chatty juvenile starlings.

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09 Rebeccaboyd Bbon19
Courtesy Rebecca Boyd

Say Cheese…

“These eastern bluebirds proved there’s always one joker who has to mess up the family photo!” Rebecca Boyd says. Don’t miss more beautiful pictures of bluebirds.

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17 Barbarareams Bbxmar19
Courtesy Barbara Reams

Making It Fit

“This little wren was trying to add a long twig to her new home, but she kept dropping her treasure. She kept retrieving it from the ground and continuing her effort. Her determination paid off when she put the end of the twig in her beak, and she looked like an oversized hummingbird as she as she guided the twig into their home’s small entrance! Her perseverance resulted in a safe and beautiful home for the babies she raised last spring,” Barbara Reams says.

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17 Bradmoser Bbxmar20, great horned owl, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Brad Moser

New Friends

Birds & Blooms reader Brad Moser put a fake owl in his barn window before this great horned owl family moved in. Brad says it looked as if they were posing for a family portrait.

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17 Jeanettebrooksmilano Bbxmay19, gull, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Jeanette Brooks Milano

The Rules Say What?!

“I took this at Pot Holes State Park south of Moses Lake, WA. I thought it looked like the gull must have been questioning the sign,” Jeanette Brooks Milano says. You have to see the winners of the Backyard Photo Contest.

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17 Jennyburdette Bbas19, mockingbird, funny bird photos
Courtesy Jenny Burdette

Getting a New Perspective

“I spend a lot of time birdwatching with camera in hand, waiting for one of the birds visiting my backyard to “strike a pose.” This mockingbird rewarded my patience by flipping his head and looking at me upside down!” Jenny Burdette says. Psst—we found lots of beautiful blue jay photos.

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17 Peterbrannon Bbjj19, laughing gull, pelican, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Peter Brannon

King of the World

“I was photographing birds at Florida’s Fort DeSoto Park when a laughing gull that was pestering a pelican for fish decided to take it to the next level!” Peter Brannon says.

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18 Pauldesjardins Bbdj19
Courtesy Paul Desjardins

A Frosty Friend

“For several consecutive winters mountain chickadees have visited our backyard. Naturally curious, they tend to flutter about investigating the various snow-related activities. This year, a bird took an interest in the snowman my granddaughter had built. Perched on its carrot nose, the chickadee seems to be gazing directly at its face,” Paul Desjardins says.

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Bnbbyc16 Colleen Guthery, saw-whet owl, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Colleen Guthery

A Case of the Mondays

“While out for an early morning walk on our ranch with the dog, my husband came upon this young saw whet owl. The owl was very curious about him and flew a few laps around his head before settling down for a nap. The owl showed no fear at all of the big man and dog,” Colleen Guthery says.

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Bnbbyc19 Julie Strey, sandhill crane, red-winged blackbird, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Julie Strey

Going for a Ride

“My husband and I were driving near Horicon NWR when we noticed a sandhill crane walking down a road, being harassed by red-winged blackbirds. The crane had enough of the blackbirds and tried to fly away, but this one dove right onto the crane’s back, even pulling at its feathers. In the photo, it looks like the blackbird is crane surfing,” Julie Strey says.

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Couclc18 Richard Mcbride, vultures, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Richard McBride

The Water’s Fine — Or Is It?

“This picture is telling me in more ways than one not to go swimming in this area! It is like the vultures are just waiting for someone to swim at their own risk. I like this picture because it makes me laugh,” Richard McBride says.

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17 Lesliescopes Bbxmay21, great-tailed grackle, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Leslie Scopes Anderson

“But I WANT It!”

Birds & Blooms reader Leslie Scopes Anderson took funny bird pictures of a young great-tailed grackle following its mother around. We found even more pictures of super cute baby birds.

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Country National Parks Contest 2016, Christie Winter, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Christie Winter

A Perfect Perch

“I was very amused at this raven posing as #1 raven atop the parking lot section marker at Grand Canyon National Park,” Christie Winter says. Here’s how to tell the difference between a crow vs a raven.

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chantal major, funny bird pictures
Courtesy Chantal Major

Who’s It For, Again?

The birds? Yeah, not so much. Photographer Chantal Major said she enjoys the humor in this photo. Check out 20 pretty pictures of finches.

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funny bird pictures
Courtesy Raven Ouellette

Seed Stealer

“I took some funny bird pictures at Ojibway Park in Windsor, Ontario. The little downy woodpecker is giving a northern cardinal a not-so-impressed look for stealing its seed!” Raven Ouellette says. You’ll be surprised to learn these interesting cardinal facts.

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snowy owl
Courtesy Sandra Seehafer Dziok

Time for a Nap

“In the early spring we are fortunate to see snowy owls, if you know where they hang out. This year I happened upon this beautiful owl while it was sunbathing. This owl sat on this pole for at least a half hour. It was bored with my presence, so it yawned and fluffed its feathers,” Sandra Seehafer Dziok says. Next, don’t miss the 51 best winter bird photos.