Gardening Basics

New to gardening? In the market for easy gardening tips? We’re sharing all of the gardening basics you’ll need to turn your backyard into a stunner.

How Plant Zones Work and How to Find Yours

Plants are happiest in their comfort zone. For a healthy and productive garden, make sure you know your plant zone and growing conditions.

6 Best Types of Mulch to Use in Your Landscape

Read this guide to the types of mulch before you go shopping at the garden center.

Top 10 Bizarre, Unusual and Weird Plants

Ordinary garden basics these are not! Walk on the wild side with these unique-looking wacky and weird plants.

How to Repot Orchids and Other Indoor Plants

Wondering how to repot a plant? It's not difficult! With these expert tips, you can give your indoor plants and...

How to Grow Indoor Plants: Tips from Real Gardeners

Plant parents share their best advice on how to grow indoor plants with their tried-and-true tricks for healthy houseplant care.

Plant Fertilizer 101: How to Feed Your Garden

Strong and healthy plants thrive when you feed them properly. Here’s how to give your garden a nutrient boost with...

Easy Watering: 6 Plant Waterer Products We Love

Water your plants with ease! Keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy with six plant waterer systems that do the...

Why Do Mushrooms Grow in Your Lawn and Garden?

Gardening expert Melinda Myers explains why mushrooms sprout on your lawn and trees and what to do about them.

9 Gardening Subscription Boxes You’ll Love to Unbox

Looking for a perfect gift for plant parents? Gardening subscription boxes deliver seeds, indoor plants, flowers and more to your...

Is Mistletoe Poisonous for People and Pets?

It's a staple of the holidays—but is mistletoe poisonous? Learn about mistletoe poisoning symptoms and how they differ in people...

8 Common Mistakes Every New Gardener Makes

Even pros mess up. Our garden writers share their most epic flubs and the lessons they learned. So the next...

Does Your Birth Month Flower Have Special Meaning?

Did you know the month you were born in has a birth month flower? Discover yours, as well as the...

How to Grow and Care for Amaryllis (and Make the Bulbs Rebloom!)

If your green thumb is itching to dig in the dirt this winter, grow amaryllis! Learn how to care for...

7 Surprising Facts About Holiday Flowers and Plants

Get in a festive mood with these surprising facts about your favorite holiday plants, like Christmas cactus, amaryllis and poinsettia.

Are Tulip Flowers and Bulbs Toxic to Cats?

Can you keep a bouquet of tulips in the house with your curious cat? Find out if tulips are toxic...

Amazing Facts About Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants consume other living creatures for their food. Learn facts about venus flytraps, pitcher plants and more.

12 Winter Garden Ideas to Keep Growing While It’s Snowing

Don't worry, you can keep gardening in winter. These winter garden ideas and activities will keep plant lovers happy until...

Tulip Meaning: Discover What Tulip Colors Symbolize

Ready to celebrate spring with this classic flower? Learn about the long history of tulips, what they've represented, and what...

The 8 Best Indoor Plants for Mental Health, Say Wellness Experts

Science shows our plants take care of us, too.

12 Never-Skip Gardening Tips From Master Gardeners

Whether you're a new to planting or a veteran gardener with a green thumb, check out these essential gardening tips...

Fall Leaves Make Great Mulch for Your Lawn

Fallen leaves are a healthy mulch for lawns! For this easy garden tip, all you need is a lawn mower....

Daffodils Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

A garden expert reveals the reasons why your daffodil plants are not blooming in spring. Plus, identify a mystery double...

6 Daffodil Facts You Need to Know

Find out how long daffodils bloom, how deep to plant daffodil bulbs, where to see a daffodil festival, and more...

6 Fascinating Tulip Facts You Don’t Know

Learn about the history of tulips, where millions of tulip bulbs come from, where a yearly tulip festival is held...

Should You Get Rid of Canada Thistle?

Canada thistle is an invasive plant classified as a noxious weed in many states. Learn how to manage it and...

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