11 Funny Frog Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

Updated: Jul. 25, 2023

These frogs are surprisingly hilarious! Check out our roundup of funny frog pictures, including frogs in birdhouses and frogs with friends.

Bnbbyc16 Charles Miller 003 Original
Courtesy Charles Miller

Frog and Painted Lady Butterfly

“This image was taken in the Lyndale Park flower garden by Lake Harriet here in Minneapolis. The painted lady butterfly had landed on a frog. I didn’t even notice the frog when I took the picture. When I got home I was just about to delete it from my computer screen since eye focus on the painted lady was not perfect. When I saw the frog I was astounded,” says Charles Miller. If you like funny frog pictures, you’ll love funny squirrel pictures.

Couclc18 Samantha Lang 1
Courtesy Samantha Lang, Country Magazine

Not Sure About the Frog

“My brother Jeremiah was so proud of the frog he caught — his biggest catch ever! — but little brother Elijah was not so impressed. He loves animals, but this was a little too close for comfort. I chose this picture because it makes me laugh every time I see it. It reminds me of that summer and being together as a family. This picture has long been the background on our desktop because it just captures Elijah’s personality and dramatic facial expressions so perfectly,” says Samantha Lang.

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Sometimes You Get Unexpected Visitors To Your Birdhouse!
Courtesy Tom Drake

Backyard Birdhouse Sublease

Of this photo, Birds & Blooms reader Tom Drake says, “Sometimes you get unexpected visitors to your birdhouse!”

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276200778 1 Audra Peifer Cou Gart V2
Courtesy Audra Peifer / Country Magazine

Frog With a Flying Friend

“I like this picture because it’s so cool to see a dragonfly land on a frog. It was taken at my family’s cabin pond in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania,” says Audra Peifer.

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277505678 1 Robin Samuels Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Robin Samuels

Frog and Hummingbird

“It was my first time growing dahlias, and I was out taking pictures of them when I spotted a little tree frog about the size of a dime sitting in one. I was taking many pictures when, all of the sudden, I had a hummingbird fly by for some sweet nectar. I was at just the right spot to capture this photo,” says Robin Samuels.

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251952470 1 Rhonda Blaniar Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Rhonda Blaniar

An Unexpected Visitor

“I have had a guest in my backyard all summer… a tree frog made its home in a ceramic birdhouse that the birds never seemed to use. My 3-year-old granddaughter tells me she is a girl frog and checks on her every time she comes to stay!” says Rhonda Blaniar. These funny bird pictures will make you squawk with laughter.

Bnbbyc18 Christine Ayers, funny frog pictures
Courtesy Christine Ayers

Frog in a Nest

“One spring I installed a small outdoor fish pond. I eventually saw a frog in the pond on the waterlilies. Each day after work, I checked to see if he was still enjoying my pond, too. Once he was not only enjoying the pond, but there he was in a bird’s nest! I named him Frank, the frog I never knew I wanted!” says Christine Ayers.

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Brigette Donahue
Courtesy Brigette Donahue

Frog Takes Shelter From a Storm

“I went out to check on my bird feeders and nest boxes after a particularly strong storm and found this little guy taking refuge in a box that was 7 feet off the ground in one of my trees,” says Brigette Donahue.

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funny frog pictures
Courtesy Isabelle Marozzo / Our Canada magazine

Unlikely Pals

“This is why I love animals. I have been studying this odd couple for the past two summers. The meeting always takes place on the rocks around my pond. The frog and chipmunk met on daily basis and were always friendly to each other. I have captured their relationship over time and picked this image as it displayed their affection for each other. It was a joy to watch them meet every day,” says Isabelle Marozzo. Enjoy these amazing wildlife photos in Yellowstone National Park.

18 Chase heinrich Bbxmar21, funny frog pictures
Courtesy Chase Heinrich

A Fitting Abode

Chase Heinrich submitted this picture of a frog that chose a fitting — if unusual — place to call home.

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251533341 1 Kathy Townsend Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Kathy Townsend

Tiny Garden Guest

“I love gardening and photography and one summer morning I saw this little tree frog posing so nicely for me on one of my coneflowers. I had never seen such a little frog on one of my blooms and I thought it was so unique,” says Kathy Townsend.