Garden Bugs

Garden bugs in the backyard are not always a bad thing. We’re breaking down the good, the bad and the ugly so you can keep harmful garden insect pests away.

See What a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar and Pupa Looks Like

Here's how to identify sphinx moth caterpillars and sphinx moth pupa in your garden. Learn what to look for in the stages of the sphinx moth life cycle.

Keep Invasive Asian Jumping Worms Out of Your Yard

Don't let Asian jumping worms take over your garden! Get expert advice on how to deal with these invasive soil-ruining...

25 Pictures That Will Change How You See Bugs

Never think of bugs as creepy or crawly again! These bug pictures show how amazing (and beautiful) these creatures really...

Help the Native Bees in Your Backyard

Learn important facts about native bees. Plant your garden with native bees in mind and help these powerful pollinators thrive.

8 Sweet Honey Bee Facts You Should Know

Get the buzz with amazing honey bee facts. Get answers to frequently asked questions about these honey producing pollinators.

6 Fascinating Cecropia Moth Facts

A cecropia moth is hard to miss in the garden. Learn facts about one of the largest and most beautiful...

9 Fascinating Bumblebee Facts You Should Know

Get to know interesting bumblebee facts, including where these important pollinators live and if all bumblebees have a stinger.

Illuminating Lightning Bug Facts You Didn’t Know

Get answers to common lightning bug questions. Find out why lightning bugs light up, when lightning bugs come out and...

How to Get Rid of Aphids on Milkweed Plants

Say goodbye to aphids in your garden! Follow these easy tips from a garden expert to take care of aphids...

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Sphinx Moths, the Stars of the Evening Garden

A sphinx moth tends to appear in the late afternoon and evening, and often visits night-blooming flowers. Here are some...

How to Get Rid of the 12 Worst Garden Insects

See photos of 12 common garden troublemakers. Get expert tips on how to eliminate these bothersome garden bugs.

How to Get Rid of Mealybugs and Scale Insects on Plants

Horticultural expert Melinda Myers shares her sure-fire tips on how to get rid of mealybugs and other scale insects on...

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats on Houseplants

Fungus gnats have a real knack for annoying houseplant owners. Here's how to banish them for good—without using harmful pesticides.

Don’t Overlook a Dazzling Damselfly

Get to know these fast-flying, jewel-colored wonders! Plus, find out what makes a damselfly different from a dragonfly.

The Lowdown on Ladybugs: Beneficial Beetle Facts

Find out why a ladybug is not actually a bug at all! Plus find out more curious and fun facts...

18 Pictures That Will Change the Way You Look at Moths

Butterflies may get all the glory, but these pretty moth pictures prove that some species of moths are just as...

Thread-Waisted Wasp: Harmful or Helpful Insects?

Find out what a thread-waisted wasp looks like and if this insect will sting you when you're working in your...

Under the Surface: 7 Earthworm Facts You Should Know

Discover fascinating earthworm facts. These wiggly garden visitors are much more interesting and complex than you would expect!

Praying Mantis: Fierce and Fascinating Garden Bugs

Find out what foods a praying mantis will eat and how to attract these beneficial bugs. Plus learn about praying...

How to Get Rid of Rose Chafer Beetles

Are rose chafer beetles damaging your roses? Learn how to get rid of the beetles and protect your plants. Plus...

17 Dazzling Dragonfly Pictures You’ll Love

If you don't already enjoy looking for pretty dragonflies in your garden, these amazing dragonfly pictures will change your mind!

8 Fascinating Dragonfly Facts You Should Know

From how many species of dragonflies exist in the world to the unique way they breathe, discover all you need...

Should Gardeners Remove Milkweed Bugs?

Find out what milkweed bugs and milkweed assassin bugs look like and if you should remove these bugs from your...

11 Kinds of Butterflies Worth Knowing

From painted ladies to monarchs and malachite butterflies, you'll want to add all of these kinds of butterflies to your...

Don’t Overlook the Lovely Luna Moth

The pale green wings and long tails of the luna moth make it an especially lovely sight. Learn how to...

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Got Holes in Your Leafy Greens? You Have Cabbage Worms

Use organic solutions to protect your leafy greens from damaging cabbage worms. Find out what to do if you see...

All About Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies and Caterpillars

Find out what an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly and caterpillar looks like and the best host plants to attract them.

7 Fascinating Caterpillar Facts You Should Know

There's more to caterpillars than you know. Dig into cool caterpillar facts to learn about about these amazing backyard crawlers.

Caterpillar Cafe: Grow Host Plants to Attract Caterpillars

Support the next generation of butterflies by nurturing caterpillar host plants for hungry larvae. Design a garden to feed caterpillars.

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12 Interesting Hummingbird Moth Facts

A hummingbird moth can easily be mistaken for a hummingbird because it looks and acts similar. Learn what makes these...

Should You Provide Drinking Water for Bees?

You're probably already providing a bird bath for your feathered friends, but did you know you can provide water for...