15 of the Snowiest Bird Photos Ever!

From cardinals to finches, check out spectacular photos of backyard birds in cold and snowy winter weather.

northern cardinal in snowCourtesy Anne Duvall

Red Bird in the Snow

“At this time of year, we think of hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree. I also love to look outside and see nature’s ornaments. Nothing brightens a scene like a red male cardinal in the snow,” says Anne Duvall. Discover proven ways to attract cardinals.

harris sparrowCourtesy Bob Bauer

Snowy Sparrow

“I chose this picture of a Harris’s sparrow sitting on an icy covered cedar branch. These birds are not flashy; but are a delight to have in our yard,” says Bob Bauer. Check out even more of the best winter bird photos.

cooper's hawk in winterCourtesy Dave Lyman

Frosty Bird of Prey

“A juvenile Cooper’s hawk had been hanging around in our backyard for a few weeks hunting, but just out of reach of my camera. As luck would have it; it perched outside our bedroom window when the light was just right and I was able to take this picture,” says Dave Lyman. Learn how to identify Cooper’s hawks and sharp-shinned hawks.

brown thrasher in snowCourtesy Debbie Richmond

Fox Sparrow on a Branch

“This little cutie surprised me under my feeder one cold morning. Very nice surprise as it was a lifer for me. Added him right to my list!” says Debbie Richmond. Here’s how to create winter shelter for birds.

pine siskin in snowCourtesy Betsy Brooker

Persistent Pine Siskin

“I admire the stalwartness of the bird in the snow. He was rewarded with the prize of the seed in its beak,” says Betsy Brooker. Learn how to attract and identify pine siskins.

snowy blue jayCourtesy Brenda Doherty

Blue Jay in Flurries

This picture was taken on a very cold day at my home in Ontario. I think perhaps he was hoping for a peanut,” says Brenda Doherty. Meet the jays: blue jays, California scrub-jays and Steller’s jays.

white breasted nuthatch in winterCourtesy Diann Marksberry

Winter Nuthatch

“I took this photo of a white-breasted nuthatch from my kitchen window. He is perched in the dogwood tree waiting for his turn at the feeder. I don’t get Nuthatches very often; so it is always a treat when one shows up!,” says Diann Marksberry. Discover the best foods to attract nuthatches to your yard.

purple finch in snowCourtesy Donna Keller

Pretty Purple Finch

“This is a male purple finch just after a spring snowstorm in my home state of New Hampshire. I was dreading having to deal with yet another storm in April; no less, when I peered out my window to see the birds flocking to my feeders amidst the white fluffy snow. I immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting. The purple finch is the New Hampshire state bird, so it seemed fitting,” says Donna Keller. Learn how to tell the difference between house finches and purple finches.

northern flicker in snowCourtesy Meghann Fletcher

Northern Flicker in Winter

“We thought winter was finally done for the year, but another blast of snow came. This red-shafted northern flicker’s movements were quick as he made his rounds between the mountain ash berries and crabapples,” says Meghann Fletcher. Check out the 4 best foods for attracting woodpeckers.

robin in snowy berry treeCourtesy Laura Retyi

Robin in a Berry Tree

“In Cincinnati, Ohio, we have a street that is lined with rows of hawthorn trees. Every winter, tons of robins gather to eat the berries,” says Laura Retyi. Here’s how to attract robins to your yard or garden.

bluebird in snowCourtesy Joann Firsdon

Bluebirds in a Blizzard

“I love winter. The lovely snow floating down like little jewels. So peaceful. I was talking to someone when out of the corner of my eye I noticed something blue. I looked and there were two bluebirds sitting in a small tree right in front of me. Oh My Gosh! I couldn’t get my camera on fast enough. And then they flew away. Who ever heard of bluebirds in a snow storm?” writes Joann Firsdon. We asked the experts: What do bluebirds eat in winter?

goldfinch on snowy branchCourtesy Amy Estoye

Goldfinch on a Snowy Branch

“Like most female birds, goldfinches are not flashy, but that’s what I love about this little one. Looking at this photo always gives me the feeling of waking up the morning after a snowstorm. The air is silent, sounds muffled by a thick layer of sparkly white,” says Amy Estoye. Learn how to attract more goldfinches to your backyard.

cardinals in a snowy evergreen treeCourtesy Beth Huebner

Evergreen Tree Cardinals

“These male cardinals love to sit on a tree outside our kitchen window. At any time, they are spectacularly beautiful, but capturing them in this snowstorm added a magical quality to their dramatic red color against the snow,” says Beth Huebner. Check out simply stunning photos of Northern cardinals.

snowy owl in flightCourtesy Ted Busby

Snowy Owl in Flight

“I heard about a rural area that three snowy owls, had settled in so i decided to try and get my first photos of this magnificent bird. Once I arrived, I had no trouble spotting the owl a long way out in a farmer’s field. I asked for permission to enter the property and spent approximately 40 minutes slowly approaching the owl in a zig-zag fashion so not to stress the bird, stopping periodically to take some shots,” says Ted Busby. Check out more outstanding pictures of owls.

dark-eyed juncoCourtesy Andrew Grgurich

Dark-Eyed Junco in Snow

“I always know winter has arrived when the juncos start showing up,” says Andrew Grgurich. Learn how to attract more juncos to your backyard.

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