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Birds & Blooms is the #1 bird and garden magazine in North America with more than 1 million subscribers. We pride ourselves in celebrating the “beauty in your own backyard” with a mix of expert advice and personal stories from our family of readers. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics such as attracting hummingbirds, building birdhouses, gardening for butterflies, feeding birds for less, growing veggies, tales of readers’ birding experiences, plus a whole lot more.

Birds & Blooms launched as a bimonthly magazine 1995 when we realized that gardeners and birders often share the same interests. It makes sense—if you want to attract birds to your backyard, gardening and landscaping are a great way to do it. And when a garden’s in bloom, adding the movement of colorful birds and their cheery songs makes a backyard come alive. This concept was so successful that in 2005,  we created Birds & Blooms Extra. The Extra issues are staggered with Birds & Blooms, giving readers a way to receive a Birds & Blooms magazine in their mailbox every month.

We continue to grow every year, from launching digital editions (our iPad version features bird songs!) to creating exciting new contests. We recently developed an online class about hummingbirds as part of a new Backyard Birder educational program. So if there’s something you love about Birds & Blooms that you want more of, or if have an idea you want to share, be sure to let us know!

Our goal is to provide accurate and authoritative information in way that’s fun to read. So a key part of creating Birds & Blooms is working with an incredibly talented team of experts. Take a look at a few of our experts, and click on their photos to learn more about them.

Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman

Kenn & Kimberly Kaufman

Melinda Myers, Birds & Blooms Horticulture Editor.

Melinda Myers

David Mizejewski, Birds & Blooms Contributing Editor.

David Mizejewski

Sally Roth, Birds & Blooms Contributing Editor.

Sally Roth