Become a Trusted Media Brands Affiliate Partner

Earn revenue by referring your audience to purchase subscriptions to some of America’s favorite magazines!

How It Works

The process is simple.

  • Apply today to become an affiliate partner.
  • We will give you a trackable link to distribute to your audiences.
  • Your visitors click the link and make a subscription purchase.
  • You will earn a percentage of the sale amount attributed to your referrals (see commission schedule below).

Why Become a TMB Affiliate?

  • Free to join
  • No limit on the commission you can earn
  • No sales requirements
  • 30-day cookie window

How Much Can I Earn?

The default payout is 35% of the sale amount, but with monthly performance bonuses you can earn up to 45%!

Bonus Tiers

Tier Total Sale Amount in a Given Month Bonus Rate for All Revenue that Month
1 $150.00 – $249.99 40% of sale amount
2 $250.00+ 45% of sale amount

How Do I Get Started?