10 Super Cute Hummingbird Moments and Stories

Updated: Apr. 13, 2023

These cute hummingbird photos have sweet stories, too! Discover hummingbirds that helped readers heal, remember loved ones and more.

248112844 1 Janis Volker Bnbhc20, cute hummingbird
Courtesy Janis Volker

Cute Hummingbird Friend

“This ruby-throated hummingbird would come and sit on the chair next to me on the deck. He seemed to be looking for a friend!” says Janis Volker. Love seeing cute hummingbirds? You’ll enjoy these sweet photos of baby hummingbirds.

276681748 1 Victoria Peterson Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Victoria Peterson

A Heartwarming Visitor

“My mom had just passed away, and I was feeling very tender and missing her so much. Every day, this little hummer would come down and pose for me. We would lock eyes as if the bird was saying, ‘Hello it’s me again, good to see you!’ I named him Jet. I felt my mom was with us, and she sent Jet to bring me comfort,” says Victoria Peterson.

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248156454 1 Stephanie Mehmed Bialowicz Bnbhc20
Courtesy Stephanie Mehmed Bialowicz

Costa’s Hummingbird Cutie

“I captured this shot of a cute Costa’s hummingbird in Palm Springs, California, while visiting my Oma to celebrate her 90th birthday. The hummingbirds were flitting in and out of the flowers outside her condo door when we were returning from birthday brunch.

I managed to photograph this male as he sat for a moment. It’s a cherished memory from a wonderful visit; hummingbirds are my Oma’s favorite,” says Stephanie Mehmed Bialowicz.

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247157830 1 Lou Ann Balla Bnbhc20
Courtesy Lou Ann Balla

Hummingbird Family

“This is Sally with her newly hatched babies. We feel incredibly special to have her choose our front yard tree to make a home for her little family. We were so happy to see them this particular morning after hours of 30mph winds whipped the branch they were nesting in. Sally, being a good mamma, kept a close eye as she fed and chatted away from a branch above them.

I think we were more nervous for the little ones than she was. We watched for hours as the babies would stretch and extend their wings in the tiny nest she so masterfully crafted,” says Lou Ann Balla.

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274950464 1 Landon Jones Bnb Bypc 2021 (1)
Courtesy Landon Jones

Grandmother Memories

“I have always admired hummingbirds, not for their cute and petite frame, but for their strength and intelligence. They have been my favorite bird since I was very little seeing them hum around my grandmother’s garden. They were her favorite, too. Every interaction I have with one reminds me of her and her love for them.

There is an old saying that when you are in the presence of a red bird, someone is thinking of you. However, that saying always resonated more for me with hummingbirds,” says Landon Jones.

254047896 1 Sara Muzechenko Bypc2020
Courtesy Sara Muzechenko

Adorable Anna’s Hummingbird

“This photo is special to me because when I purchased my home in Silverton, Oregon, in 2018, we didn’t have any landscaping in the yard. I have worked hard to grow several plants that are bird friendly. This little cute Anna’s hummingbird is perched on top of the beautiful gladiolas right before they bloomed,” says Sara Muzechenko.

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cute hummingbird
Courtesy Shane Heskett

Fluffy Feathers

“I took this photo in my backyard. The hummingbirds were very busy this Sunday afternoon. The weather was little cooler than normal. I think this photo is different because he is all fluffed out. Kinda cute!” says Shane Heskett.

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Bnbbyc17 Cindy Treger 3
Courtesy Cindy Treger

Rainy Day Fun

“This little ruby-throated hummingbird was enjoying a brief summer shower as I watched him through the dining room window. He kept fanning his tail and holding his head up—it was really cute to watch,” says Cindy Treger.

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cute hummingbird
Courtesy Kerry Loving

A Rewarding Rescue

“This female hummingbird holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I saved her after she became hopelessly trapped in the upper rafters of our garage. This photo was taken in our backyard last fall, exactly one day before she migrated south. I like to think she treated me to this photo session as gratitude for saving her life,” says Kerry Loving.

247760767 1 Catherine Paszkowska Bnbhc20
Courtesy Catherine Paszkowska

Healing From Nature

“I took this photo of a white-necked jacobin in Costa Rica. This photo is special to me—besides the beauty of the hummingbird—because four months earlier, I had severely broken my ankle. I had three serious surgeries to fix it and I had to learn to walk again.

It was my goal to get to Costa Rica, because I knew it would be a balm to my soul and healing. And it was! Seeing the amazing flora and fauna made me feel at peace and happy again,” says Catherine Paszkowska.

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