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Peony Meaning: Discover the Symbolism Behind the Flower

With their bold blooms, peonies are the showstoppers of spring. Learn more about the history of peonies and what different colors may mean and symbolize.

Grow a Cutting Garden for Beautiful Bouquets

Follow expert cutting garden advice for a thriving and successful plot full of blooms that is perfect for at-home flower...

Rhododendron vs Azalea: How to Tell the Difference

Be a garden sleuth and find out the identify of your mystery plant. See key differences between rhododendron vs azalea...

Meet the Gorgeous Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly

Learn to identify a great spangled fritillary. Look for glints of silver on large orange wings to identify these butterflies...

Choose the Best Types of Peonies for Your Garden

Peonies are easy perennial flowers to grow. Here's what you need to know about the different types of peonies and...

Your Guide to Growing Peonies in Pots and Containers

Planting peonies in pots takes a little more effort, but the payoff is spectacular!

10 Natural Ways to Keep Bugs out of Your Garden

Looking for ways to eliminate garden insect pests, without resorting to pesticides? Get our tips for controlling harmful garden bugs,...

6 Fascinating Primrose Flower Facts

From medicinal uses to pop culture references, discover the intriguing history, meaning (and care tips) for the early blooming primrose...

Read This Before Buying a Plant at the Garden Center

When buying a plant at the garden center, use these expert tips to get the most bang for your buck...

Roses Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

Rose bushes require specialized care. Find out why your roses are not blooming and why rose flowers sometimes change color.

Grow an Easter Cactus for Festive Springtime Flowers

An Easter cactus is as gorgeous as an Easter egg! Here's how to grow one. Also learn to care for...

The Perfect Ground Cover Plants for Every Landscape

Find the best ground cover plants that blanket the garden with color and texture. Grow ground covers for shade,...

Calendula vs Marigold: What’s the Difference?

A pot marigold is NOT just a marigold growing in a pot.

Here’s Where You Can Spot a Giant Leopard Moth

What's that polka-dotted moth? Learn all about the giant leopard moth, including where to find one, what its caterpillar looks...

5 Deer-Resistant Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Did hungry deer eat all of your tulips again? Plant these types of deer-resistant spring bulbs in your flower garden...

Plant Zinnia Flowers for a Rainbow of Color

Annual zinnia flowers fill your yard with color, and they are so easy to grow. Zinnia seeds will give you...

Grow Annual Angelonia Flowers for Pollinators

Bees love the little flowers of angelonia, sometimes called summer snapdragon, an easy-care annual plant for gardens and containers.

Stop Mosquitoes With a Citronella Scented Geranium

Need an easy to grow container plant that keeps mosquitoes away from your patio? Try growing a citronella scented geranium...

New Age White Lilac Is a Fresh Update on a Classic Shrub

Fill tiny spots in your yard with New Age White Lilac. Pollinators will love this fragrant, beautiful flowering shrub!

Grow Garden Pansy Flowers for Early Blooms

Available in a variety of colors, cool-season garden pansy flowers are perfect in beds, containers and hanging baskets.

Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water

If you need a colorful groundcover or container plant, look no further than Wave petunia. Here's how to grow this...

Grow Annual Gomphrena in Your Flower Garden

Gomphrena, also called globe amaranth, is an easy-care annual that anyone can grow. It also makes a great addition to...

Grow Colorful Viola Flowers as Cool-Season Annuals

Be sure to include a colorful viola flower or two in your cool season garden plans. The variety of violas...

Disease-Resistant Beacon Impatiens Adds Color to Shade

Beat downy mildew with vibrant, shade-tolerant Beacon Impatiens—the gardening world's answer to the disease plaguing impatiens since 2011.

Top 5 Fast Growing Vines and Climbing Flowers

Add beauty and height to your flower garden with our recommendations for the best fast growing vines and climbing flowers.

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Grow Calibrachoa for Baskets, Borders and Butterflies

Fill containers with calibrachoa flowers, also known as Million Bells or Superbells. Learn why gardeners love growing these "mini petunias."

Black-Eyed Susan Vine Adds Vertical Garden Interest

Looking for a fast-growing annual vine to adorn a trellis? Try black-eyed Susan vine and enjoy bright blooms until the...

6 Gorgeous Peony Colors to Grow in Your Garden

From bright pink to coral and vibrant yellow, these peony colors will brighten up your garden! Plus, discover the best...

Attract a Crowd of Hummingbirds to Playin’ the Blues Salvia

Pollinators will show up in droves for this blue salvia! Discover how to grow this low-maintenance hummingbird favorite in your...

Beautiful Nasturtium Flowers Keep Bad Bugs Away

Add nasturtium flowers to your vegetable garden. These edible blooms look lovely, attract pollinators and help keep damaging pests away.

Grow a Sarah Bernhardt Peony for Garden Star Power

The Sarah Bernhardt peony is legendary for its beautiful, fragrant pink flowers. Find out how to grow these perennials in...