15 Absolutely Adorable Junco Bird Pictures

Updated: Nov. 29, 2022

For much of the country, juncos are a too-cute sign winter is here! Celebrate these snowbirds with our collection of junco bird pictures.

277189124 1 Sean Simon Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Sean Simon

The Sweetest Snowbirds

“A new-fallen February snow provided this image of a dark-eyed junco perched in the tree next to my balcony. My condo’s location near the upper branches of the adjacent tree finds all kinds of birds visiting,” says Sean Simon. When you’re done looking at junco bird pictures, check out the 51 best winter bird photos submitted by our readers.

Bnbbyc19 Christine Fagerlie
Courtesy Christine Fagerlie

Wintry Junco Bird Pictures

“This dark-eyed junco rested sweetly in the branches off of our front deck on a snowy day. That February brought an extraordinary amount of snow and cold to Minnesota, and with it, lots of hardships for wildlife. Dark-eyed juncos are hardy little birds that thrive in the cold, only traveling south to the upper United States in the winter months,” says Birds & Blooms reader Christine Fagerlie. Do you know what a dark-eyed junco sounds like?

Bnbbyc17 Linda Meerten Meer10images Inc
Courtesy Linda Meerten

Hardy Little Junco

“These hardly little birds make a living here at 3,500 feet year round. I have seen them here with 5 feet of snow along the creek getting food. So tough. This one was in our yard in the dead of winter,” says Linda Meerten.

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277603067 1 Veronica Palmer Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Veronica Palmer

Charming Oregon Junco

“I was birding my patch in Agoura Hills, California, when this dark-eyed junco (Oregon form) caught my eye as it was flying back and forth. It would often pause and look at me before disappearing into the shrubs along the sidewalk. It makes me smile because it looks like it has a mustache!” says Veronica Palmer.

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Bnbbyc17 Candace Porth
Courtesy Candace Porth

A Special Visitor

“Walking around Goldwater Lake in Prescott, Arizona, I saw several dark-eyed juncos (red-backed) but none flew out in the open. I wished one would hop up on a rock, and this one did!” says Candace Porth.

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277228904 1 Brian Magnier Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Brian Magnier

Junco in the Willows

“I spotted a flock of dark-eyed juncos hiding in a bush in winter in La Grande, Oregon, and got into position in case one decided to pop out. I got lucky, and this handsome individual flew up to this exposed perch in front of a stand of reddish willows. The snow stood out crisply in front of the beautiful red background,” says Brian Magnier.

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250338253 1 Ava Lanes Bnb Bypc2020 1
Courtesy Ava Lanes

Cute Christmas Junco

“This is one of my favorite junco bird pictures. It was taken in my yard on a wintry day. I didn’t realize until I previewed the photo that my Christmas tree lights served as a backdrop. This photo was also one of my mother’s favorites. She is responsible for my love of birds, butterflies and flowers,” says Ava Lanes.

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251226657 1 Cynthia Raught Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Cynthia Raught

Tea-Time Bird Pals

“During the long, cold February days in Pennsylvania, I enjoy watching and photographing the birds that frequent my feeders. I got an idea to put out a teacup and saucer containing a bit of seed in it in hopes of capturing a personable image of my feathered friends. Suddenly, two showed up simultaneously; I snapped the shutter just quick enough to get the capture, then they flew off! A dark-eyed junco sat on the rim of the cup, and a tufted titmouse perched behind the cup,” says Cynthia Raught.

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276361558 1 Melissa Shirk Bnb Bypc 2021, junco bird pictures
Courtesy Melissa Shirk

Backyard Junco Pictures

“Bird watching was one of my favorite pastimes during quarantine and the pandemic. We have a feeder that is usually buzzing with activity, and the variety of feathered friends who visited amazed me. It wasn’t uncommon for me to sit near the window for an hour with my camera, taking picture after picture of all the beautiful birds that stopped by. This little dark-eyed junco flew from the feeder to a nearby Nandina bush, and I loved the pop of red that framed him,” says Melissa Shirk.

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275665273 1 Kay Craig Spurlock Bnb Byc 2021, junco bird pictures
Courtesy Kay Craig Spurlock

Perfectly Posed

“This photo was taken during one of the coldest winters we’d experienced in several years. We were more or less shut in because of heavy snow cover. I walked outside and saw these birds—a male and female northern cardinal, a white-throated sparrow and a dark-eyed junco—sitting on an old clothesline post,” says Kay Craig Spurlock.

253947272 1 Paula Lawlor Bnb Bypc2020, junco bird pictures
Courtesy Paula Lawlor

Fluffy Junco in the Flowers

“One summer morning, a dark-eyed junco perched on a piece of driftwood in a patch of bidens flowers in my Alaskan garden. I took this photo to preserve the memory of my little visitor and a peaceful morning in the garden,” says Paula Lawlor.

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junco bird
Courtesy Lori L. Garske

Junco and a Friend

Birds & Blooms reader Lori L. Garske shared this festive photo of a dark-eyed junco searching for a birdseed snack next to a cheerful snowman decoration.

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dark eyed junco on fence, junco bird pictures
Courtesy Lori R. Bramble

Junco on the Fence

“Winter is one of my favorite times to take bird photos. After it snows I go out and sprinkle sunflower seeds to attract juncos, which are common in my area. I was lucky enough to get this shot when a dark-eyed junco landed on the fence in my backyard,” says Lori R. Bramble.

slate colored junco, autumn birds, junco bird pictures
Courtesy Jessie Buchholz

Frosty Junco Bird Pictures

“I really enjoy trying to get photographs of birds in the winter. These little juncos fill our backyard late fall through spring, and I take winter photos out our bathroom window. I like the light frost on the pine branch,” says Jessie Buchholz. Learn how to help birds in cold winter weather.

09 Kimberlymiskiewicz Bbdj18
Courtesy Kimberly Miskiewicz

Junco in an Icy Tree

“I see dark-eyed juncos almost daily in my backyard. Although I know they can be found on much the continent, it seems as if they’re all right here in North Carolina! The juncos mostly feed on the ground, but occasionally they fly to the feeders or use my birdbath. I think they’re adorable!” says Kimberly Miskiewicz.

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