Attracting Birds

Learn how to attract birds to your backyard with these expert tips on plants and trees that attract birds, bird nesting and feeding birds.

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The Best Cardinal Bird Feeders and Birdseed

Cardinals are beloved backyard birds. To attract more redbirds, fill these cardinal bird feeders with their favorite types of birdseed.

Don’t Forget Native Sparrows at Bird Feeders

There are many native sparrows that you can attract to your backyard! Learn how to choose the best kind of...

Plant Native Trees That Attract Birds

Plant these native trees to attract more birds to your backyard. Discover the best trees to grow to provide habitat...

Do Safflower Seeds Deter Squirrels?

Squirrels and bully birds may ignore safflower seed, but many beloved songbirds will still come to your feeders.

Feeding Tips: Peanuts in the Shell vs. Shelled Peanuts for Birds

A commonly asked bird feeding question is what type of birds eat different types of peanuts.

The Best Ways to Attract More Birds on a Budget

Save money on your favorite hobby with these tips for attracting birds on a budget. Birds don't need expensive feeders...

Homemade Suet Recipes (and Suet Feeding Tips) for Birds

Readers share their best suet recipes and tips for feeding suet to backyard birds. Save money and attract more birds...

The 9 Best Fall Bird Feeding Tips

Follow these simple tips to provide food sources for the hungry migrating fall birds that visit your backyard as the...

8 Common Questions About Suet for Birds

Seeds, fruits, fats, nuts and more create a calorie-dense treat for birds. Here’s how to serve suet for birds. Learn...

Ask the Experts: Do Bluebirds Migrate in Winter?

What foods do bluebirds eat in cold weather during winter? Do all bluebirds migrate? Our bird experts answer your questions.

What Do Cedar Waxwings Eat and How to Attract Them

If you want to know to attract cedar waxwings to your yard, you need to know, what do cedar waxwings...

The Top 12 Cutest Birds in America

The votes are in—see if your favorite bird made our list of the cutest birds in America. Then get the...

The 4 Foods Nuthatches Love to Eat

What do nuthatches eat? Attract acrobatic nuthatches to your yard by offering a buffet of their favorite foods and seeds...

Female Cowbird: Flying Under the Radar

A female cowbird is a dull looking bird with plain plumage that is easy to miss in the backyard. But...

How to Store Bird Seed and Keep It Fresh

If you want to feed the birds in your backyard, it's important to do so safely. Learn how to store...

Are Pileated Woodpeckers Common at Feeders?

The birding experts respond to a backyard birder's question about how to attract the large pileated woodpecker to a feeder.

The Best Suet Feeders for Winter Birds

Winter will be upon us soon and your feathered friends need suet for energy. Check out the best suet feeder...

All About Red Bellied Woodpeckers

Meet the woodpecker with a puzzling moniker and a big appetite for suet. Here's how to attract and identify a...

Red Headed Woodpecker: Redheads of the Bird World

Learn more about the red-headed woodpecker, including what males and females look like, what they eat, and what their call...

How to Attract and Identify Pine Siskins

When pine siskins visit backyards, they come in droves. These feisty finches love thistle seeds. Learn what a pine siskin...

Grow Native Ornamental Grasses for Birds and Butterflies

Native ornamental grasses attract seed eating and nesting birds to backyards. Some grasses also serve as host plants for butterflies.

13 Fascinating Facts About Mourning Doves

Mournings doves are beloved in backyards across America. Learn interesting facts you should know about the beautiful mourning dove.

How (and How Often) to Clean Bird Feeders

Follow these tips for maintaining seed and suet feeders to keep your backyard birds healthy in every season. Here's how...

Brown Thrasher: An Elusive, Musical Songbird

Brown thrashers are excellent mimics and sing more than 1,000 tunes. Learn about these elusive songbirds and how to identify...

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20 Best Bird Baths and Fountains for Attracting Birds

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How to Grow Peanuts (and Nutty Peanut Facts!)

Peanuts aren't actually nuts and don't grow on trees, but the birds and squirrels in your backyard love to eat...

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9 Easy Tips for Feeding Birds in Summer

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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Mourning Doves

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Plant a Goldfinch Garden With Their Favorite Plants

With the right plants, your backyard can become a goldfinch sanctuary. Here's the garden plants and flowers goldfinches love most.

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How to Help Birds and Wildlife in Extreme Weather

Where do birds go when it storms? From blizzards to heat waves we'll show you how to protect birds, bats...