Flower Gardening

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.

Calla Lily Care and Growing Tips

Enjoy the elegant grace of calla lily blooms in your garden, and learn how to keep them flowering season after season.

Snapdragon vs Angelonia: How to Tell the Difference

Snapdragon and angelonia blooms may look similar, but one is a better pick for gardeners in warm climates. Choose your...

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Coral bells deliver long-lasting garden color while feeding pollinators. Discover expert tips and the prettiest Heuchera varieties to grow.

Top 10 Plants to Propagate That Grow From Cuttings

Are friends always admiring your flowers? Spread the splendor with a list of the easiest plants to propagate that grow...

Top 10 Pink, Yellow and Orange Flowers That Look Like a Sunset

Enjoy the gorgeous colors of a tropical sunset in your garden anytime with these beautiful pink, yellow and orange flowers.

Yarrow Plant Care and Growing Tips

Get expert growing advice for a flowering yarrow plant, along with tips for dividing, pruning and cutting back yarrow.

Shasta Daisy Plant Care and Growing Tips

These classic, cheerful white blooms are a mainstay in the flower garden. Learn how to grow a Shasta daisy in...

Grow Calibrachoa (Million Bells) in Baskets for Butterflies

Fill containers with calibrachoa flowers, also known as Million Bells or Superbells. Learn why gardeners love growing these "mini petunias."

Blackberry Lily Adds Bold Color to Flower Gardens

The orange spotted blooms of blackberry lily add a welcome splash of color to the flower garden. But this plant...

12 Beautiful Blue Flowers for Every Garden

Yellows, reds, and pinks abound in the plant world, but blue flowers may seem harder to find. Try these lovely...

Coreopsis (Tickseed) Flower Care and Growing Tips

For the full-sun gardener, coreopsis is a perfect pick. Learn all about the benefits of adding this brightly colored flower...

The Ultimate Salvia Plant Growing Guide

Besides it being a pollinator magnet, there are countless reasons to add a salvia plant to your yard. Get expert...

The Top 10 Coneflower Varieties to Grow

With dozens of new coneflower varieties on the market and at garden centers, learn how to pick the best plants...

Allium Flower Care and Growing Tips

Alliums are easy to plant in fall and enjoy in spring. Check out our care tips for growing alliums and...

Grow Canna Flowers for Tropical Beauty in the Garden

Cannas flowers, sometimes called canna lilies, are semi-tropical plants that grow from rhizomes. Gardeners love the bold flowers and foliage.

Speedwell (Veronica) Plant Care and Growing Tips

Speedwell, also known as Veronica, is a long blooming, pollinator-friendly perennial that brings flower power to the summer garden.

Grow an Easy-Care Rugosa Rose for Rugged Beauty

Forget what you know about roses and discover why long-lasting, fragrant rugosa roses are sure to be a gorgeous garden...

Stock Flower Care and Growing Tips

Welcome the scent of spicy stock flower to your cool season garden. These blooms are fragrant, vibrant and great for...

Hardy Cranesbill Geranium Care and Growing Tips

Perennial cranesbill geranium plants are easy to grow and highly adaptable. Enjoy the long-blooming flowers in many garden conditions.

Top 10 Bearded Iris Flowers for Your Garden

From bright blue to cheery yellow and even multicolored blooms, brighten up your garden with the beauty of bearded iris...

Top 10 Fast Growing Vines and Climbing Flowers

Color your garden with flowering vines. Add beauty and height with our recommendations for fast growing vines and climbing flowers.

Native Blanket Flower Blankets Gardens in Bold Color

Blanket flower is a native wildflower that is easy to grow from seed. It is reliable and adaptable, and will...

Grow Sugar Crystal Double Tulips for Fringed Flowers

These fringed, double tulips bring on the frills and ruffles with pink flowers that bloom in late spring. They're ideal...

How to Grow Tropical Plumeria Flowers (Frangipani)

Get plumeria care and growing tips, including watering and overwintering. This tropical plant is fragrant and a good choice for...

Dame’s Rocket Vs. Phlox: What’s the Difference?

Despite showy similarities, one of these plants is invasive. Learn how to tell the differences between dame's rocket vs phlox.

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Balloon Flower Care and Growing Tips

Blueish-purple balloon flower is well suited for growing in almost any garden. This pretty perennial needs little care to thrive.

How to Grow Common Foxglove (Digitalis) Plants

If you decide to bring common foxglove into your backyard garden, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Grow Bougainvillea for Tropical Color in Any Garden

Though it's a tropical plant, grow bougainvillea in areas where it is not hardy as an annual or in containers,...

Lantana Flower Brings Easy Color to Beds and Containers

Discover how to grow vibrant lantana flower for long-lasting color that draws hummingbirds and butterflies like a magnet.

How to Grow Hollyhocks (Alcea) in Your Flower Garden

Hollyhocks are old-fashioned flowers, typical of the "cottage garden" style. Known for their height, hollyhocks create walls of color.

Grow Mexican Sunflower in Pollinator Gardens

Easy-to grow Mexican sunflower is a pollinator champion. Boost your mood and support bees, butterflies and hummingbirds with colorful blooms.