Flower Gardening

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.

Top 16 Easy Flowers Anyone Can Grow

Tired of flowers that won't bloom or can't stand a dry spell? Try one or all of these easy flowers to grow for a gorgeous garden with minimal effort.

Top 10 Flashy Flowering Succulents to Grow

Think all succulents are boring and green? Think again! Flashy blooms adorn the funky foliage of these flowering succulents.

Top 10 Bold Burgundy Perennial Flowers

Like the finest of wines, these sultry garden stars are an intoxicating mix of drama and sophistication. Grow burgundy flowers...

Top 10 Flowering Perennials That Bloom All Summer

It can be tricky to find flowering perennials that bloom all through the season, but these picks are sure to...

6 Flowering Full Sun Desert Plants to Grow

Is your yard hot, hot, hot? Plants these flowering full sun desert plants that will grow and thrive even in...

Top 10 Full Sun Perennials That Thrive in Sunshine

These flowering full sun perennials are easy to grow and won't wilt under the summer sunshine. Plus, the hardworking plants...

Coneflower 101: Care Tips, New Varieties and More

A coneflower is easy to care for, can be started from seed, and comes in a rainbow of varieties. Plus,...

Native Blanketflower Will Blanket Gardens in Bold Color

Blanketflower is a native wildflower that is easy to grow from seed. It is reliable and adaptable, and will fill...

How to Safely Transplant Perennials and Flowers

When is the best time for transplanting perennials? Almost any time of the year! Learn foolproof tips for replanting flowers.

Top 10 Black Annual and Perennial Plants

'The new black' is just black when it comes to the garden. Check out some of our favorite black perennial...

How to Grow Shasta Daisies in Your Garden

These classic, cheerful white blooms are a mainstay in the flower garden. Learn how to grow a Shasta daisy in...

Knock Out Roses Are a Gardener’s Dream Come True

Discover the fascinating story about how Knock Out roses became the original and most popular low maintenance rose to grow.

Attract More Butterflies With Fuzzy Flowers

Fuzzy flower heads contain hundreds of tiny nectar-filled florets, attracting butterflies from near and far. See our favorite fuzzy blooms.

How to Grow a Yarrow Plant and Keep it From Flopping

Get growing tips for a yarrow plant, along with simple ways to keep your yarrow from flopping through the heat...

Easy Perennials That Anyone Can Grow

Gardening doesn't have to be difficult. Make growing plants simple by adding these resilient and easy perennials to your garden.

Roses Love Garlic: Here’s Why

Garlic protects roses from bugs and it can help prevent fungal diseases like blackspot. Plant garlic around the base of...

Top 10 Sunny Sunflower Varieties to Grow

Discover a whole new selection of these radiant seed-bearing blooms with our top picks of pretty sunflower varieties.

10 of the Best Daffodil Bulbs to Plant

From classic to quirky, daffodils are a fail-safe way to cheer up any garden. Plant these daffodil bulbs in fall...

Add Glamour to Your Yard With Bollywood Azalea

Roll out the red carpet for butterflies, bees and other pollinators with Bollywood azalea. Learn how to grow this flowering shrub.

16 Beautiful Flowers to Inspire Your Dream Garden

Marvel at gardeners' stunning pictures of beautiful flowers. These breathtaking blooms will have you racing to the garden center to...

Expert Garden Advice on Rabbit Resistant Flowers

Bunnies eating all of your blooms? Here's an expert's advice for the best rabbit resistant flowers and rabbit repellents.

Plant a Hanging Flower Basket in 5 Easy Steps

Add color to nearly any space by designing and planting hanging flower baskets brimming with gorgeous blooms and foliage.

Rhododendron vs Azalea: How to Tell the Difference

Be a garden sleuth and find out the identify of your mystery plant. See key differences between rhododendron vs azalea...

The Best New Garden Plants for 2022

Reawaken your garden with these stunning new garden plants. You'll want to plant all of these blooming beauties!

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Enjoy the Backyard Benefits of a Moon Garden

Learn what to plant for nighttime beauty and why a moon garden is so beneficial for pollinators such as moths,...

Top 10 Gorgeous Cottage Garden Plants to Grow

Add classic cottage garden plants, like coneflowers, speedwell and bee balm, to create an easy to care for and...

Resilient Flowers: Top 10 Plants You Can’t Kill

Tough as nails, but these resilient flowers are pretty, too. You'll have a green thumb with the top 10 plants...

Hydrangea Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do

A hydrangea not blooming can be a frustrating issue for gardeners who adore its beautiful flowers. Here's how to solve...

Iris Flower Types and Facts You Should Know

There’s more to this floral family than you know. Learn more about how to choose iris flower types and...

20 White Flowers to Make Your Garden Glow

Choose white flowers to give your shade garden extra impact, or for a yard that lights up with an eye-catching...