Attracting Butterflies

Want to add some winged wonder to your backyard? Attract butterflies with these butterfly gardening ideas and our expert tips on the best plants and flowers that attract butterflies.

How to Identify a Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly

See what Baltimore checkerspot butterflies and caterpillars look like. Plus, learn which host plants you should grow to support this species.

Are Monarch Butterflies Endangered?

You may have seen reports saying monarch butterflies are endangered. See what experts say about monarch population numbers and how...

5 Easy Ways to Attract and Help Butterflies

Attract more butterflies to your backyard with a few simple steps. Plus learn tips to help butterflies by growing their...

How to Make Your Own Butterfly Planters

You can attract butterflies even if you only have a balcony or patio. Learn how to make butterfly planters for...

5 Essential Butterfly Photography Tips

With patience and the right timing, you can take amazing pictures of butterflies with any camera. Get top tips for...

Watch Your Flowers for a Diana Fritillary Butterfly

Identify the uncommon Diana fritillary butterfly. See what the male and female butterflies look like and which host plants will...

Narrowleaf Milkweed Care and Growing Tips

If you want to attract monarch butterflies, consider planting narrowleaf milkweed. Find out the ideal growing conditions for this host...

How to Grow Whorled Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies

For late-summer blooms that feed hungry monarch butterflies, try whorled milkweed.

Top 10 Types of Milkweed to Support Monarch Butterflies

You have probably thought about planting milkweed to help monarch butterflies. Here are 10 of the best types of milkweed...

Does Milkweed Need Full Sun or Shade to Grow Best?

Wondering if milkweed needs full sun, or if it can take a little shade? Here's the answer.

Pentas: A Perfect Plant for Butterfly Gardens

Learn how to grow pentas, also known as starflower. This colorful, easy-to-grow annual is a swallowtail butterfly and hummingbird favorite.

12 Pretty Pictures of Milkweed Flowers in Bloom

Milkweed is a beautiful plant—both for helping butterflies and for the gorgeous flowers it grows. Find awe in milkweed's lovely...

How to Grow Poke Milkweed for Pollinators

Discover a unique, uncommon milkweed for the shady areas of your yard! Here's how to grow poke milkweed, and how...

Butterfly Eggs: Where Do Caterpillars Come From?

Out of the blue, caterpillars appear in the garden. But where do caterpillars come from? See butterflies laying eggs on...

How to Identify a Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Find out what a zebra longwing butterfly looks like and where you can see them in the U.S. Also learn...

Grow Aster Flowers to Attract Butterflies in Fall

Late-blooming aster flower varieties will attract butterflies and bees to your garden throughout the end of summer and into fall.

The Ultimate Milkweed Plant Growing Guide

A milkweed expert answers questions, including why monarchs need milkweed, when to plant milkweed, and how to grow a milkweed...

Look for Clouded Sulphur Butterflies in Your Backyard

The pretty yellow clouded sulphur is a common sight in the butterfly garden. Learn more about this colorful butterfly species.

Can You Fix a Broken Butterfly Wing?

It’s hard to see a battered butterfly. Learn if it’s appropriate to try to repair a broken butterfly wing, or...

Meet the Bright, Buttery Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

The cloudless sulphur is one of those species that puts the "butter" in butterfly! See what the eggs, caterpillars and...

Identify and Attract a Long-Tailed Skipper Butterfly

These little fliers are more colorful than you might first think. Learn how to attract long-tailed skippers to your butterfly...

Grow Passionvine as a Host Plant for Butterflies

Passionvine is a host plant for several caterpillars. But there's one non-native variety that wildlife gardeners should probably avoid planting.

Butterfly Anatomy: Everything You Need to Know

Butterfly anatomy is amazing! Get a closer look at some incredible butterfly features, including the wings, feet, antennae and more!

Identify and Attract the Common Buckeye Butterfly

Despite the name, the common buckeye is anything but ordinary. The eyespots make this brown butterfly a real attention-getter!

Grow Coneflowers to Attract Butterflies and Birds

Coneflower is a butterfly magnet. These easy-to-grow nectar flowers attract attract plenty of pollinators and add a bright pop of...

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Transform Your Yard Into a Butterfly Migration Hotspot

Butterfly migration is an awe-inspiring process—and butterflies need our help! Make sure your backyard is ready for migrating fliers.

6 Fascinating Milkweed Facts You Should Know

There's much more to milkweed plants than you know. Discover fascinating milkweed facts about this butterfly garden staple.

11 Kinds of Butterflies Worth Knowing

From painted ladies to monarchs and malachite butterflies, you'll want to add all of these kinds of butterflies to your...

How to Attract and Identify a Queen Butterfly

Share your milkweed with a queen butterfly, a regal year-round Southern pollinator. Find out what the adults and caterpillars look...

All About Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies and Caterpillars

Find out what an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly and caterpillar looks like and the best host plants to attract them.

Butterfly Bush Care: When Do Butterfly Bushes Bloom?

Learn when butterfly bush blooms and how to prune and care for the flowering shrubs. Plus learn if you can...