15 Funny Squirrel Pictures You Need to See

Updated: Feb. 02, 2024

Squirrels can be a pain, but they're also darn cute, too. Check out these funny squirrel pictures and enjoy their most hilarious hijinks.

Squirrels! These hungry, bushy-tailed critters love raiding backyard feeders and can be a pain in the neck for backyard gardeners and birders. But it’s hard not to smile when they get themselves into silly situations (which seems to happen at least six or seven times in an average day for a squirrel). Sit back and have a laugh at this round-up of funny squirrel pictures. Also don’t miss these nutty facts about squirrels.

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Funny Squirrel Pictures

Jeanniejay Martin SquirrelCourtesy Jeannie Jay Martin

Chubby Cheeks

“My birdseed seemed to be running out fast all of a sudden. I didn’t think I had more birds than usual, but each day the seeds disappeared more and more rapidly. So I sat and watched out my patio door to figure out why. And there it was! A gray squirrel just stuffing its cheeks. I caught it in the act and as our eyes met it paused just long enough for me to get this photo. Guilt was written all over its face,” says Jeannie Jay Martin.

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16 Karen Holmen Bbxmay23Courtesy Karen Holmen

Jelly Time

If there’s jelly to catch, it’s worth the stretch! Thanks to Karen Holmen for sharing this hilarious squirrel picture.

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squirrels in birdhouseCourtesy Christy Wheeler

Too Many Roommates

Christy Wheeler of Noblesville, Indiana sent us this funny photo of a squirrel family. Her neighbors built this squirrel box last year. She says, “Imagine my surprise when I saw four baby squirrels coming out to get a little fresh air with their frazzled mom!”

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2Squirrel_BetsyChamberlainCourtesy Betsy Chamberlain

I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!

If you can’t beat them, feed them! Thanks to reader Betsy Chamberlain for sharing one of our favorite funny squirrel pictures. Learn what to feed squirrels (and how to peacefully co-exist).

squirrelCourtesy Mary Lou Rosemont

Morning Stretch

Mary Lou Rosemont of Darien, Illinois sent this funny photo of a squirrel she thinks was still in the process of waking up. “One of our backyard birdhouses had its entrance hole widened by this squirrel,” she says. “The squirrel enjoys napping in the birdhouse. Recently, I snapped this picture after it climbed out onto a nearby tree, where it started yawning and stretching.”

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squirrel on hummingbird feederCourtesy Ginny Phillips

Squirrel With a Sweet Tooth

Ginny Phillips’ picture proves that hummingbird feeders can attract more than just hummingbirds! Check out natural ways to keep bees and ants away from hummingbird feeders.

squirrel in pumpkinCourtesy Joe Fabian

Happy Halloween

Joe Fabian of St. Clair Shores, Michigan, put this pumpkin on his front porch, but squirrels began snacking on it within days. “Since it didn’t
look so good on the porch with skin missing, I put it out in the garden,” Joe says. “Next thing I knew, it had a hole right through it and was the neighborhood fast food restaurant.” Learn how to recycle pumpkins for birds and wildlife.

squirrelCourtesy Kathleen Otto

Peanuts Galore

Kathleen Otto of Lawrence, Kansas, says she became acquainted with a pair of goofy squirrels that took up residence in her neighbor’s attic to stay warm over the winter season. Once summer came around, she got her camera out and, many peanuts later, got this photo. She imagines the squirrel is thinking it found the motherlode!

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funny squirrel picturesCourtesy Kim Cook

Snowflakes on a Squirrel

Kim Cook of Niles, Michigan, shared this funny squirrel picture. Kim was on her belly, trying to snap photos of ducks, when this snow-covered squirrel surprised her. “It almost looked like he’d tunneled his way to me, with all of the snow on his face,” she says.

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funny squirrel picturesCourtesy Lynne Berghoff

Good to the Last Drop

Lynne Berghoff of Howell, New Jersey, set a cup of sunflower seeds on her deck one sunny morning. “Imagine my surprise when I caught this squirrel enjoying every last bit of the birdseed!” she says.

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squirrel in feederCourtesy Pamela Meoli

Disco Ball Squirrel

“This squirrel keeps coming back and cleaning me out! My sister said it looks like a turtle, so I call this squirtle,” says Pamela Meoli.

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You Don't Say: Squirrel AcrobaticsCourtesy Kathy Peck

Orange You Glad You Love Squirrels

Kathy Peck of Storm Lake, Iowa, caught this funny picture of a squirrel sneaking a sip from her oriole feeder.

funny squirrel picturesCourtesy Carol Furman

Grand Prize Winner

Carol Furman of Waterford, Pennsylvania, sent this funny squirrel picture. “A squirrel couldn’t believe its good luck finding a giant acorn,” she writes. “The only dilemma was how to carry it home!”

funny squirrel picturesCourtesy Bill Hanch / Country magazine

Amazing Acrobat

“I would like to be that agile and energetic! I hung the seed bell out for the birds, but Mr. Squirrel thought it just for him, and so it was. Watching our furry friends is a great past time so relaxing and entertaining.I like this picture because it makes me realize how ingenious the other animals are that share our world,” says Bill Hanch.

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funny squirrel picturesCourtesy Laurie Painter / Country magazine

Snow Fort

This funny squirrel picture shows the inquisitive nature of this little critter during a long, cold and snowy winter. “There are not many animals around during the winter except for the birds and squirrels, and it’s nice to watch them when they do come around. One of the red squirrels dug a hole in the snow, and I managed to capture this moment when it came peaking out to snatch up the seeds I left for it,” says Laurie Painter.

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