9 Funny Raccoon Pictures to Make You Smile Today

Updated: Feb. 02, 2024

Raccoons are furry and cute backyard critters, with their little black eye masks and ringed tails. Enjoy these funny raccoon pictures shared by readers.

funny raccoon pictures
Courtesy Kevin Biskaborn / Our Canada

Fighting for the Window Seat

“A family of raccoons will have multiple dens within their home range. During daylight hours, they use them to keep out of sight—most of the time. For newborn raccoon kits, every sound is a temptation to peak out from their hiding spot. The raccoon kits photographed inside this compact tree hollow clambered over one another, including their much larger mother, struggling to take a look at the exact same time. This moment to take funny raccoon pictures was fleeting and certainly not one you have the opportunity to see every day,” says Kevin Biskaborn. We found funny chipmunk and squirrel pictures you need to see, too.

funny raccoon pictures
Courtesy Mary Varnum / Country magazine

Double Trouble

“We go down a lot of country gravel roads looking for interesting things. This family of raccoons ran in front of us. They were so cute and I stopped the car and saw these two babies. They were so close to each other that they looked like one animal melded together. They stayed there looking at me and posed so nicely for this picture. Truly a memorable moment that made for an unforgettable day,” says Mary Varnum. These funny bird pictures will make you squawk with laughter.

funny raccoon pictures
Courtesy Michael Koch / Country magazine

Cozy Spot

“While traveling in the eastern part of Wisconsin, I heard a little rustling by some trees. When I slowly approached, I noticed a young raccoon family in a tree stump trying to keep warm. After waiting a few minutes, one of what I thought was two young raccoons, peeked its head out from the stump probably hearing me positioning myself for this photo. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the innocence of young animals cuddling up to keep warm in the winter time to escape the frigid temperatures,” says Michael Koch. Enjoy these funny things kids say about nature.

Couclc19 Rob Rousseau 4
Courtesy Rob Rousseau / Country magazine

Funny Raccoon Face

“These funny raccoon pictures show that raccoons have a sense of humor, mocking us as they climbed up a tree,” says Rob Rousseau. We found even more funny animal pictures and funny deer pictures that you won’t want to miss.

Couspc19 Janice Weinholdt
Courtesy Janice Weinholdt / Country magazine

Stuck in Traffic

“This picture came as a rare opportunity when I happened to catch a glimpse of something in our lane. As I went to take a closer look I found these adorable little raccoons. In their attempt to escape they climbed this fence post and found themselves stranded. Not so lucky for them but it presented a great opportunity for funny raccoon pictures of which I took full advantage,” says Janice Weinholdt. Don’t miss these stunning and inspiring bald eagle pictures.

Ocsycc16 Brenda Doherty 009
Courtesy Brenda Doherty / Our Canada

Say Cheese

“On a beautiful spring day, while hiking in Hamilton, Ontario, I came upon a boardwalk with a small bridge. When I approached, I saw several raccoons in the shallow water below. I like this picture because the raccoon looks like it is smiling,” says Brenda Doherty.

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Ohnesorge 011814
Courtesy Ohne Sorge

Caught in the Act

Ohne Sorge shared funny pictures of raccoons teaming up for a bird seed snack. Check out the best squirrel proof bird feeders.

Ocsycc16 Marilyn Burnard 002
Courtesy Marilyn Burnard / Our Canada

Summer Nap Spot

“On a late August morning, this raccoon was seen resting on our back fence. The raccoon stayed there for several hours, every now and then getting up and moving to a different spot on the fence. It seemed quite content and happy to have its photo taken and at times almost seemed to smile. It felt like it was grateful for a place to rest its head,” says Marilyn Burnard. If you love wildlife photography, don’t miss these amazing photos of Yellowstone National Park.

funny raccoon pictures
Courtesy Susan Sansenbaugher / Country magazine

Sweet Sibling Love

“I saw these two raccoons in the yard late one afternoon and took the opportunity to go outside and take photos. When I approached I saw the one raccoon was unable to use its rear leg and the other one refused to leave its side. Raccoons will normally scatter when approached, but this one was determined to help its sibling. Mom finally came and led it away, but the sibling came back several times to check on the injured raccoon, even bringing an apple or two from a nearby tree. Love must be medicinal as the leg mended and the raccoon was able to walk away on its own,” says Susan Sansenbaugher.