14 Funny Pictures of Chipmunks You Won’t Want to Miss

Updated: Oct. 16, 2023

Chipmunks can be friend or foe in the garden — but sometimes, they're just funny! You'll laugh at these reader-submitted chipmunk photos.

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Ocsycc16 Isabelle Marozzo 007 (1)
Courtesy Isabelle Marozzo

Chipmunk and a Friend

“I was determined to watch this frog and chipmunk on a daily basis. They met each other a couple times a day. The frog was not afraid of the chipmunk. I captured many funny chipmunk pictures, but this one is my favorite,” says Birds & Blooms reader Isabelle Marozzo.

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17 Mary Hindle Bbon23, pictures of chipmunks
Courtesy Mary Hindle

A Funny Pumpkin Feeder

Birds & Blooms reader Mary Hindle submitted this photo of a chipmunk snacking on seeds in the jaws of this creatively carved pumpkin.

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18 Allenbatt Bbfm20
Courtesy Allen Batt

Yummy or Yucky?

Birds & Blooms reader Allen Batt shared this funny photo of a chipmunk holding its paws over its mouth — what could it have tasted to elicit that reaction?

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Ocsycc16 Phyllis Keating 001
Courtesy Phyllis Keating

A Really Big Bite

“I have photographed this chipmunk for many years, and I named him Alvin. He’s always happy to see me, and I think this photo captures his happiness,” says Phyllis Keating.

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funny chipmunk and birds
Courtesy Chantal Major

Pictures of Chipmunks on a Feeder

Look again. That’s not a bird! “I liked this photo because of its originality and humor!” says reader Chantal Major.

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Couclc19 Lisa Douglass 1
Courtesy Lisa Douglass

Hungry, Hungry Chipmunk

“I noticed this cute little chipmunk trying to stuff as many peanuts into his cheeks as he could carry. He seemed to think there was always room for one more, and he didn’t want to leave one behind in case another chipmunk stole it,” says Lisa Douglass.

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13 Celiasearle Bbxnov23
Courtesy Celia Searle

Colorful Flower Petal Snack

This chipmunk was looking for a snack! In this photo by reader Celia Searle, it seems the critter found one in these morning glory flowers.

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15 Anneduvall Bbam23
Courtesy Anne Duvall

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Birds & Blooms reader Anne Duvall submitted funny pictures of a chipmunk taking a whiff of some brightly colored daffodil blooms.

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Couclc19 Gail Durant 8
Courtesy Gail Durant

Pictures of Chipmunks in Fall

“This chipmunk was stocking up for the winter from my one bird feeder. It seems all the animals and birds share and learn to take turns. Gotta love it!” says reader Gail Durant.

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pictures of chipmunks
Courtesy Larry Landolfi

Chipmunk and Cherry Tomatoes

“We love the chipmunks in our backyard more than anything else. Our tiny striped friends gobbled up these cherry tomatoes,” says Larry Landolfi.

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Couypc20 Julie Felix
Courtesy Julie Felix

Squirrel and Chipmunk Buddies

“This is an unusual picture of a golden-mantled ground squirrel and a chipmunk in one photo! It is a great opportunity to see the size difference, with the squirrel being quite larger. The photo was taken in San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado,” says Julie Felix.

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pictures of chipmunks
Courtesy Robert Creech

Curious Chipmunk

“We all love to vacation in the Colorado mountains due largely to the amazing spectacle of nature, including wildlife. I took this shot on my phone as I was befriended by a brave chipmunk while sipping morning coffee at the Cottonwood Lake Campground in the Gunnison National Forest,” says Robert Creech.

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pictures of chipmunks
Courtesy Gail Durant

Cowboy Chipmunk

“This chippy was stocking up seed from the bird feeder and came down after he heard the click of the camera. He then stopped to pause on my boot of flowers. Gotta love it,” says reader Gail Durant.

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16 Mary Hindle Bbon23
Courtesy Mary Hindle

Pumpkin Spice Birdseed

This chipmunk found a new way to go trick-or-treating at a backyard pumpkin bird feeder. Thanks to reader Mary Hindle for sharing her funny pictures of chipmunks.