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7 Top-Rated Bird Feeder Squirrel Baffles

If critters are raiding your feeders, try a squirrel baffle. We found top rated squirrel baffles that backyard birders recommend.

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perky pet+metal+pole+squirrel+bafflerVia

Metal Pole Squirrel Baffler

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Critters cannot chew on this all-metal squirrel baffle, and the slippery surface discourages climbing. Mounting hardware is included. We like how the pretty green color blends into the landscape.

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Two-Way Squirrel BaffleVia

Two-Way Squirrel Baffle

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To truly defeat squirrels, go at them from two directions. Hang a squirrel baffle above your feeders and mount another underneath for the greatest impact. Reviewers mention they like how these baffles provide shade for birds and protect feeders from the rain.

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Bird Feeder Pole Squirrel Baffle 71ulsbtxcrl Ac Sl1500 Via

Wraparound Squirrel Baffle

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If you want to successfully feed birds, you’ll probably need a way to deter squirrels. The Woodlink Audubon Wraparound Squirrel Baffle is a standalone product that easily connects to your existing bird feeder pole in seconds.

An Amazon’s Choice with more than 12,800 ratings (most of them five stars), the baffle was designed to National Audubon Society specifications. Made of black, powder-coated textured steel, the baffle mounts 4 to 5 feet above the ground by snapping the sides together and securing with the black coupler (included). Squirrels are foiled every time!

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Deluxe Squirrel-Raccoon StopperVia

Deluxe Squirrel & Raccoon Stopper

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The torpedo shape tilts and rocks to stop squirrels from reaching feeders. And you can install this baffle without using any tools! The rubber clamp design (described as similar to velcro) keeps the baffle from sliding down. One reviewer praises the “intentionally wobbly design.”

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PREDATORGUARD Squirrel Guard BaffleVia

PREDATORGUARD Squirrel Guard Baffle

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Crafted out of galvanized steel, this squirrel baffle is chew proof and rust proof. You can hang it above your feeders, where it will wobble and push the food out of reach, or mount it below them on a pole. The slippery, no-grip surface thwarts even persistent squirrels and raccoons. A reviewer commented, “The squirrels gave up after just a couple of frustrated attempts and simply joined the chickens in cleaning up what spills on the ground.”

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Droll Yankees 15" Squirrel and Weather GuardVia

Droll Yankees 15″ Squirrel and Weather Guard

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Droll Yankees is known for the popular and effective Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, so we’re definitely interested in trying out their squirrel baffle. This design only works for hanging above feeders. The see-through plastic material gives you a clear view of the birds.

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Woodlink Squirrel Baffle

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This steel baffle is a good choice if you have problems with squirrels and raccoons. It slides onto your feeder pole and keeps critters from climbing up. Reviewers rave that there have been no more squirrels raiding their feeder since they put it up.

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