20 Incredibly Cute Chickadee Pictures

Updated: May 22, 2024

Chickadees are friendly and adorable birds. Check out super cute chickadee pictures captured by backyard birders across America.

black-capped chickadee
Courtesy John Pizniur

Black-Capped Chickadee

“I took a picture of a chickadee that visits my backyard every day. She loves sunflower seeds and can feed all day in the summer or winter,” says John Pizniur of Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

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chickadee on a snowman
Courtesy Paul Desjardins

Chickadee and Frosty

Paul Desjardins shared this silly and sweet picture of a chickadee making friends with a snowman.

chickadee in a tree
Courtesy Kaitlyn Grib

Charming Chickadee

“Some might think black-capped chickadees are boring birds, but I consider them a force of nature. They are persistent, and I find them smart and charming. This one landed on a branch as I was waiting for the perfect moment to try to capture its spunk,” says Kaitlyn Grib of Richmond, Maine.

baby chickadee
Courtesy LaJohnda JoVice

Baby Chickadee

If you’ve ever wondered what a baby chickadee looks like, check out this adorable photo. LaJohnda Jo Vice of Ashland, Kentucky, shared this picture of a fluffy feathered chickadee fledgling.

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two chickadees
Courtesy Tara Steffen

Family Meeting

While sitting one afternoon on my back patio, a family of chickadees came to use my running stream. This baby chickadee hatchling had found one of its parents and was begging for something to eat. You can almost hear the conversation going on,” says Tara Steffen.

boreal chickadee
Courtesy Daniel Lavorgna

Boreal Chickadee

“I took this photo while hiking at Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia. The bird is the elusive boreal chickadee, a far northern species that prefers the colder climate of the northwoods. This bird is not only difficult to spot but especially difficult to capture with the camera as it never stops hopping from tree limb to tree limb. The camera I used was a Pentax K-1 with a 450mm telephoto lens,” says Daniel LaVorgna.

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Carolina chickadee in a tree
Courtesy Emily Boward

Carolina Chickadee

“This Carolina chickadee perched serenely in the early spring sunshine on our backyard pussy-willow bush. Ironically, the very next day, a snow storm swept through our area. I used my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V digital camera to capture this image of the talkative, energetic bird that frequents our backyard,” says Emily Boward of Hagerstown, Maryland.

snowy day chickadee
Courtesy Joanne Klausner

Snowy Day Chickadee

“I nicknamed this little chickadee Oliver. He looked so festive in his frosted tree with his very own ornaments. It is a glorious winter scene that reminds me of the holiday season,” says Joanne Klausner of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

mountain chickadee
Courtesy Sterling Deck

Mountain Chickadee Picture

As a fire lookout in the Pacific Northwest, I have the great privilege of becoming friends with many birds—including this mountain chickadee that inquisitively approached me for a better look. It’s not often that such an energetic bird will stop long enough for a photo. I’m glad this one did,” says Sterling Deck.

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chickadee in a tree
Courtesy Nicole Engelhardt

Chickadee in a Tree

“We don’t have much of a backyard so my feeders are actually up front. And black-capped chickadees are one of my favorite feathered friends. I’m originally from Northern Maine, and it is my state bird! And I love the challenge of trying to capture these little guys; they never stay still very long,” says Nicole Engelhardt of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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chickadee on a platform feeder
Courtesy Bernice Plum

Surprise Feeder Friend

“Chickadees usually don’t come to my feeders on my deck. I placed some berries over the birdseed to see which kind of bird would be attracted to it. To my surprise this little chickadee visited my feeder every day,” says Bernice Plum of Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

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perching chickadee
Courtesy Linda Kranert

Perching on the Porch

“Little chickadees visit our backyard porch daily. They entertain us with their quickness and ability to not be scared away so quickly. Such pretty little birds they are!” says Linda Kranert.

chickadee on tiny pumpkins
Courtesy Jacqueline Hodsdon

Chickadee on Pumpkins

“I always enjoy our backyard birds. One of my favorite things is setting up scenes for them to visit. I just put out food and they will come. This Carolina chickadee stopped by for a festive fall snack,” says Jacqueline Hodsdon of Forest, Virginia.

chickadee with seed in beak
Courtesy Caroline E. Brown

Vacation Visitor

“This little chickadee was one of my favorites from a trip to visit my children in New England. I rented a condo that was in the woods with a balcony. I picked up some bird seed and almost immediately I had a steady stream of visitors! The little chickadee seemed like he took the longest to choose the best seed to eat and came most frequently,” says Caroline E. Brown of Bonita Springs, Florida.

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mountain chickadee in snow
Courtesy Jordan Herbst

Chickadee Eating Snow

“This is a mountain chickadee that I photographed on a Christmas trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico. I used a Canon Rebel Xsi, with a 55-250 mm lens. I noticed the birds eating snow and decided they might like a saucer of fresh water, but they stuck with the snow anyway. The chickadees appear to take a big beak full of snow; then shake their heads to fling off the excess before swallowing it,” says Jordan Herbst.

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chickadee on sunny day
Courtesy Kimberly Miskiewicz

Sunny Day Songbird

Kimberly Miskiewicz of Raleigh, North Carolina, shared this photo of a Carolina chickadee soaking up the sun on a mossy tree branch.

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chickadee in flowering crabapple tree
Courtesy Sharon Burt

Smelling the Flowers

“I always enjoy the spring when our crabapple tree in our front yard is in full bloom. Many birds come in to eat the sweet blossoms including this adorable black-capped chickadee. Chickadees are one of my favorite birds to watch. I captured this photo with my Canon Power Shot SX520,” says Sharon Burt.

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mountain chickadee in fall
Courtesy Carlo Eberle

Feathers and Fall Foliage

Carlo Eberle of Salmon Arm, British Columbia Canada, shared this stunning photo of a mountain chickadee.

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chickadee in snowy tree
Courtesy Karen Retter

Chickadee in Winter

“Chickadees add a little fun to a winter day. They are one of my favorite little birds that visit our Michigan yard at Christmas time and throughout the year!” says Karen Retter of Jerome, Michigan.

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chickadee in a pine tree
Courtesy Karlie Larson

Up Close Chickadee Picture

“On one December winter day, I was out in my front yard trying to capture all the bird activity going on. Birds were flitting back and forth between the feeders and the shrubs in my front yard. I know it’s best to let the birds come to you to get good photos, so I was waiting patiently. Then the perfect moment happened and this mountain chickadee landed on a branch right in front of where I was standing. He looks so majestic!” says Karlie Larson of Spirit Lake, Idaho.

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