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8 Must-Visit Hawk Migration Hotspots

Millions of hawks, eagles, and falcons soar through the skies as they migrate. Check out the best hawk migration hotspots for sky-high shows.

Montreal Botanical Garden: 6 Reasons to Go

Don't miss these attractions at the Montreal Botanical Garden, from the peaceful Japanese Garden to the Arid Regions Greenhouse.

The Ultimate Bucket List for Hummingbird Lovers

These activities, from hummingbird festivals to feeding tips, are seriously cool ideas that every hummingbird enthusiast should experience.

Discover the Colorful Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

With more than 50 species found in this small country, the hummingbirds of Costa Rica put on an amazing show....

The 4 Best Ways to See Puffins in Maine

Add seeing puffins in Maine to your birding bucket list. Start at the Project Puffin headquarters before embarking on island...

Explore Birds and Nature at Great Basin National Park

Check out four must-do activities while visiting Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Don't miss starry skies, wildflowers, birds...

The Best Botanical Gardens for Bird-Watching

Love to look at birds and plants? Grab your binoculars and head to these bird-friendly botanical gardens around the country.

Prairie Birds: The Stunning Species of the Grasslands

Discover why prairie birds are the hidden gems of the grasslands, as well as some of the best birding locations...

Discover the Desert Birds of the Southwest

You'll be amazed by the ways these desert birds survive and thrive in dry country. Learn about the unique bird...

Explore Natchitoches and Louisiana’s Cane River

Visit historic downtown Natchitoches and Louisiana's Cane River National Heritage Trail to experience Creole culture.

Great Lakes Birding Hotspots in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana

Want to see birds in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana? Make a trip to any of these birding hotspots along the...

Discover the Amazing Lower Rio Grande Valley Birds

These four hotspots for lower Rio Grande Valley birds offer birdwatchers plenty of chances to see rare and unique species.

Beach Birds: Coastal Fliers and Beach Birding Locations

Put your toes in the sand at these beach birding locations and grab some binoculars—you’ll want to check out these...

6 Bird Migration Patterns That Have Changed

From rufous hummingbirds to Canada geese, discover some of the ways bird migration patterns are shifting for certain bird species.

Birding Hotspots for Spring Sandhill Crane Migration

Birds gather by the thousands during sandhill crane migration. Here are some of the best hotspots where you can find...

Here’s How to Help Texas Right Now

After being hit with an unprecedented winter storm, Texas residents are in need of aid. Whether you can volunteer on...

Go Birding and Connect With Nature on Little St. Simons Island

From combing the beach for shells to birding, learn all the ways you can enjoy the natural sights on Georgia's...

The Top Warbler Hotspots to Visit in Spring

One of the best parts of spring for birders is observing colorful migrating warblers. Plan a trip to the best...

Missing Flowers in Winter? Visit a Conservatory!

Enjoy the beauty of flowers in any season by taking a stroll in a conservatory. We've rounded up four gorgeous...

Award-Winning Photos from the Great American Road Trip Contest

With the open road before them, Country readers captured the 
beauty of our nation. These award-winning photos truly honor 

Go Birdwatching in Different Bird Habitats

Understanding specific habitats can help you identify the birds that live there. Spot more species by exploring more types of...

Explore Snowshoe Trails With Beautiful Scenery

Explore snowshoe trails in five top destinations across America. Watch for winter birds and wildlife, and admire the snowy landscapes.

You Must See These Contest-Winning National Parks Pictures

Get ready to be amazed. You must see these jaw-dropping, scenic state and national parks pictures that won the 2020...

50 Beautiful Winter Pictures Across America

Bundle up! These amazing pictures of winter landscapes and wildlife will make you want to go for a walk in...

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Top Birding Trips to Escape the Winter Months

Many birders that live in the northern states look for any excuse to escape the cold. Head to these hotspots...

Birding Hotspots for Incredible Winter Birds

These birding hotspots might be cold but you'll forget all about it when you see these incredible birds.

Meet the Boreal Birds of the Northwoods

An astonishing number of species spend their days in the harsh habitat of the Northwoods. Learn to identify these boreal...

See the Best Birding Sites From Your Car

Don’t try birding while driving—but you can always experience one of these popular birding sites from the comfort of the...

4 Essential Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park

Explore nature and discover four things to do at Joshua Tree National Park. Get the most out of your visit...

Explore Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

This birding hotspot in Florida is well-known for wading birds. Discover three ways to experience Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.