20 Super Pretty Pictures of Finches

Updated: Feb. 01, 2023

Finches are some of the smallest and cutest birds in the backyard. Enjoy a collection of pretty pictures of finches, from goldfinches to purple finches.

Golden Finch Taking A Rest On A Zinnia In Our Garden.
Courtesy Laura Pettigrew

Pretty Picture of a Finch

Laura Pettigrew shared this picture of an American goldfinch taking a rest on a zinnia in her garden. Learn how to attract more goldfinches to your backyard.

Bnbbyc17 Joe Stambaugh

Purple Finch

“This purple finch perched on a limb of our maple by our back patio before coming down to enjoy a meal of black oil sunflower seeds and peanut butter spread on pine cones. His color matches the maple tree buds that were just beginning to open early last spring,” says Joe Stambaugh.

Pine Siskin Having A Bath In A Smmer Hot Day

Pine Siskin

John Pizniur spotted a pine siskin having a bath on a hot summer day. Learn how to attract and identify pine siskins.

Bnbbyc17 Joan Edblom 3

Gorgeous Goldfinch

“The American goldfinches bring so much beauty to our northern Minnesota backyards. Because they nest here; we get to see them in their finest array. This male was stunning to look at when he landed on the bird bath in my perennial flower bed on a beautiful evening in July,” says Joan Edblom. Here’s how to tell the difference between a yellow warbler vs a goldfinch.

Bnbbyc19 Benjamin Sunne

Leucistic Common Redpoll

“This bird showed up at my bird feeder last winter here in northern Minnesota. It appears to be a partly albino common redpoll. This bird was sitting in our crabapple tree when I took a picture of this finch. I really like the white on the bird with the snow, and the red with the crabapples in the tree,” says Benjamin Sunne.

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Bnbbyc19 Gina Unverzagt
Courtesy Gina Unverzagt

Unhappy House Finches

“Through the lens, I watched this little house finch couple having a lover’s quarrel on my deck. She seems to be saying, ‘You did WHAT?!’ He is quite obviously in some trouble,” says Gina Unverzagt. Check out the best finch feeders to serve thistle seed.

Taken In My Sister's Garden In Central Wisconsin; August 2018.

Searching for Sunflower Seeds

Kelly Lester snapped a picture of a goldfinch in her sister’s garden in central Wisconsin. Goldfinches will eat seeds from sunflowers and other flowers. Grow a goldfinch garden with their favorite plants.

Pine siskin vs goldfinch: Here’s how to tell the difference.

Bnbbyc18 Martina Nordstrand
Courtesy Martina Nordstrand

Black Rosy-Finch

“It was the last day of my trip to New Mexico when we arrived at Sandia Crest, famous for its rosy-finches, early in the morning. Frost had covered everything and the rosy-finches were swarming the feeders. A male black rosy-finch landed in front of us, perching on a frosted branch that looked straight out of a Christmas decoration,” says Martina Nordstrand.

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Full Goldfinch Feeder Pic For Birds & Blooms
Courtesy Jackie Layne

Feeder Full of Goldfinches

Jackie Layne shared this picture of finches eagerly feasting at a nyjer seed feeder. Psst—these are the 10 types of bird feeders you need in your backyard.

09 Normalarrabeegabriel Bbdj19

Snow Shower

It looks as if this house finch is taking a shower under a dried-up sunflower as it whips up snow with its wings. Norma Larrabee Gabriel captured the adorable picture. Discover 7 types of finch birds to look for in winter.

Bnbbyc19 Nancy Tully 1
Courtesy Nancy Tully

Winter Finch Flock

“This past winter, I was thrilled to have a large flock of pine siskins stay by my feeders daily. I had out eight feeders! I have never had such a daily show at my home, but I hope they return next year,” says Nancy Tully. Check out 10 top tips for feeding birds in winter.

252261513 1 Martha Tully Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Martha Tully

Female Goldfinch

“While out trying to photograph hummingbirds this summer, this female goldfinch stopped by looking for sunflower seeds. She briefly stopped atop a gladiola flower. I just love how she stopped and turned for me. Such a pretty a picture of a finch!” says Martha Tully. Don’t miss outstanding pictures of rose-breasted grosbeaks.

252048585 1 Stuart Fiedler Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Stuart Fiedler

A Perfect Perch

“We keep a bird feeder not far outside our home-office window, and this house finch was nicely posing for me. I love the contrast of the green and the red colors, and the clarity of his feathers,” says Stuart Fiedler.

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Bnbbyc19 Dat Han

Sunny State Bird

Iowa designated the goldfinch as the official state bird in 1933. The bird is found throughout Iowa and often stays through the winter months. I captured this picture of a finch in my backyard early this spring,” says Dat Han. Check out simply stunning photos of cardinals.

Bnbbyc16 Donna Keller 001
Courtesy Donna Keller

A Colorful Bright Spot

“This is a male purple finch just after a spring snowstorm in my home state of New Hampshire. I was dreading having to deal with yet another storm, in April, no less, when I peered out my window to see the birds flocking to my feeders amidst the white fluffy snow. I love the light and reflection of snow in this picture of the finch, as it gives him an almost metallic look to his feathers,” says Donna Keller. Discover myths and facts about winter birds.

Bnbbyc18 Patricia Ediger

Common Redpoll

“Our home is in the northeast corner of Washington state, near the Canadian border. We have very cold and long winters with lots of snow. This winter we were blessed with a new visitor to our home— the common redpoll. This is an Arctic bird, about the size of a chickadee or pine siskin, with a remarkable ability to survive cold temperatures. A flock of 20 or so redpolls hung around for a few weeks taking advantage of our hanging feeders and suet,” says Patricia Ediger.

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Bnbbyc18 Sara Wunderlich
Courtesy Sara Wunderlich

Bright Yellow Goldfinch

” A male American goldfinch visited in my backyard in Foley, Minnesota. Goldfinches are the bird that made me fall in love with bird-watching!” says Sara Wunderlich.

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Bnbbyc19 Jerrty Taylor
Courtesy Jerrty Taylor

Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finches

“Every winter we have anywhere from 200 to 400 gray-crowned rosy-finches come to our backyard at the base of the Crazy Mountains north of Big Timber, Montana to enjoy the black oil sunflower seed we provide. They are pretty friendly and provide me with hours of photo opportunities each winter,” says Jerrty Taylor. Check out the updated winter finch forecast for 2022-23.

252294194 1 Laurie Gresch Bnb Bypc2020

Peek-a-Boo Bird

“There is a male American goldfinch tucked behind this sunflower blossom! I plant much of my yard in flowers to attract birds and butterflies. The goldfinches love the sunflowers,” says Laurie Gresch. Next, meet the 3 types of goldfinches in the United States.