20 Photos of Breathtaking Blue Colored Birds

Updated: May 15, 2023

From blue jays to indigo buntings, how many blue colored birds do you know? Enjoy beautiful photos of birds with blue feathers.

great blue heron facts
Courtesy Becky Jones

Blue Colored Birds: Great Blue Heron

Great blue herons are one of the largest blue colored birds. Becky Jones shared this photo of a great blue heron gracefully gliding on Schuy Rush Lake in Rushville, Illinois, in the fall.

blue jay
Courtesy Lorraine Lynch

Blue Jay

“I was so pleased with this shot. It was one of the best images I took of this handsome blue jay, and it seemed like he was posing for me and my camera!” says Lorraine Lynch. Learn how to identify and attract blue jays.

Psst! Think you saw a blue cardinal? Learn about a few of the species you most likely spotted instead.

Bnbbyc19 Jo Andrews
Courtesy Jo Andrews

Eastern Bluebird

“My husband and I were sitting outside on our back deck, although it was chilly and overcast. This male eastern bluebird was trying his best to attract a mate. We were rooting for him!” says Jo Andrews. Check out 20 beautiful pictures of bluebirds.

blue colored birds, lazuli bunting
Courtesy Amanda Scheidler

Lazuli Bunting

“This species is a lazuli bunting. I took this photo in my backyard. The lazuli is one of my favorite birds. It’s just a delightful blue colored bird,” says Amanda Scheidler.

A Steller's jay sits on a fence
Courtesy Angela Helgesen

Steller’s Jay

“Three juvenile Steller’s jays have called our complex home in summer. The are found amongst the cedar trees and are fascinating to watch and listen to. Their chatter is distinct, and it is easy to find them just by listening,” says Angela Helgesen. Learn how to attract Steller’s jays.

A mountain bluebird perches on a tree during a winter snowstorm.
Courtesy Laurie Normandeau

Mountain Bluebird

“It’s a rare opportunity to get close to any bird, so this photo is quite special. This mountain bluebird, typically found in the higher areas of Colorado, was displaced by a late wintery storm that likely brought it down to the lower lands in search of food. I noticed it while I was on a morning walk around the neighborhood, looking for photos while the snow was still falling,” says Laurie Normandeau. Check out the 51 best winter bird photos.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Joan Edblom

Indigo Bunting

“Every spring I wait to see an indigo bunting visit our northern Minnesota backyard for a few days in May. They are stunning blue colored birds, so catching that first glimpse is always exciting. This male landed perfectly in our snowdrift crabapple tree and made my day! They nest not far from our residential neighborhood and sing beautifully as they perch on bare branches at the top of tall evergreens,” says Joan Edblom. Learn how to identify and attract indigo buntings.

tree swallow
Courtesy Courtney Pennington

Tree Swallow

“I began birding in a college class, where we traveled to eastern Oregon and studied birds. At first I could not find joy in the activity, but as the trip progressed I found a passion. After graduation, my parents bought me my first camera, a Canon Rebel T3i. This photo of a tree swallow, a beautiful blue colored bird, encouraged me to continue pursuing my hobby,” says Courtney Pennington. Learn to identify 8 types of swallows.

scrub jay
Courtesy Mark Haywood

California Scrub-Jay

“This California scrub-jay in my backyard was a very picky eater and would use its beak to shovel away the seed it didn’t want to eat to get more sunflower seeds to drop down,” says Mark Haywood,

Courtesy Sandy Ford

Belted Kingfisher

“Every day I took my terminally ill friend for a walk to a near by pond. One particular day, a belted kingfisher followed her. This blue colored bird was her buddy for a good 30 minutes,” says Sandy Ford.

blue grosbeak
Courtesy Rick Hamilton

Blue Grosbeak

“I always find the blue grosbeaks breathtaking to see! I was fortunate enough to capture this male scanning his surroundings along an overgrown section of brush along the edge of a salt marsh. That morning I saw dozens of grosbeaks! Though I didn’t find a nest, I still feel blessed to have the fleeting opportunity to see such a strikingly beautiful blue colored bird,” says Rick Hamilton. Get to know blue grosbeaks and how to attract them. And while you’re at it, learn how to tell blue grosbeaks and indigo buntings apart.

Bnbugc Thomas Tully
Courtesy Thomas Tully

Western Bluebird

“I spotted this western bluebird in flight near Ellensburg, Washington. I’ve been photographing birds for a while now, and pictures like this are why I enjoy it!” says Thomas Tully. Learn about western birds and their eastern counterparts.

broad billed hummingbird
Courtesy Justin Lingana

Broad-Billed Hummingbird

“I just love this hummingbird’s red beak in contrast with his blue green body. I took this photo at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum,” says Justin Lingana.

black throated blue warbler Deboraparker
Courtesy Debora Parker

Black-Throated Blue Warbler

“Much to my surprise, while hiking Buckeye Woods Park in Medina, Ohio, I stumbled across this black-throated blue warbler foraging. It was scanning the lush forest floor for insects and other goodies,” says Debora Parker.

purple gallinule
Courtesy Bob Howdeshell

Purple Gallinule

“This purple gallinule was the first that I had ever seen in full breeding plumage. I took photos of this blue colored bird at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida,” says Bob Howdeshell.

northern parula
Courtesy Lucian Parshall

Northern Parula

“The spring migration of warblers is too short in Michigan. This Northern parula is one of the reasons why spring is my favorite time of the year. Typically I will hear warblers in my yard before getting lucky enough to get a decent photo,” says Lucian Parshall. Discover 10 spring warblers you should know.

blue-gray gnatcatcher
Courtesy Dawn Denner

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

“This blue colored bird is a blue-gray gnatcatcher at Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol, Pennsylvania. I love seeing and hearing all the migrating birds. The gnatcatchers nest in this area, and it is always a joy to watch them,” says Dawn Denner. Check out more adorable spring birds.

painted bunting
Courtesy Mary Alice Tartler

Painted Bunting

“I have tried for several years to take the perfect shot of a painted bunting in its natural habitat. As I was walking one day, I heard the most beautiful and unmistakable song coming from a nearby tree. I spotted this colorful bird on a lower limb singing nonstop. He was breathtakingly beautiful, with magnificent rainbow colored feathers reflecting in the sun,” says Mary Alice Tartler.

Courtesy Gloria Spellman


“I took this photo in a bird reserve in North Carolina in January, when many water birds display their vivid mating plumage. This duck is a smew. What really caught my eye is the beautiful blue beak as the sky reflected similar blue colors in the water,” says Gloria Spellman.

common grackles on bird feeder
Courtesy Daniel Sexton

Common Grackle

“These two common grackles are having a standoff at the feeder and appear to look like a mirror image. I love the blue color on the birds,” says Daniel Sexton. Check out the 10 types of bird feeders you need in your backyard.