50 Beautiful Winter Pictures Across America

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Bundle up! These amazing pictures of winter landscapes and wildlife will make you want to go for a walk in the snow.

An icy river in Red Lodge, Montana
Courtesy Renee Lund / Country Magazine

Winter in Montana

Each year in Red Lodge, Montana our temperatures dip extremely quickly into subzero levels, as they were this day. Ice is always lighter than water, however there are conditions that do allow for ice to build up from the bottom of a water body. Known as anchor ice, it serves as a reminder that nature is in charge of the rules. – Renee Lund, Red Lodge, Montana

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winter in washington
Courtesy Cathy Williams / Country magazine

Winter in Washington

This was my first trip to Mount Rainier on a visit to my children who lived in Port Orchard, Washington. There were so many beautiful photo opportunities on the drive through the park. – Cathy Williams

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Red barn in winter cnow
Courtesy David Zimmerman / Country Magazine

Winter in Illinois

We’d just gotten through one of the nastier snow storms of the winter. The road to this barn had been drifted shut for a couple of days and the township used a large snow blower to clear it. This was soon after it had been reopened to traffic. – David Zimmerman, Pecatonica, Illinois

Snow-covered trees in Alaska
Courtesy Katherine Plessner / Country Magazine

Winter in Alaska

I went on a trip to Alaska and all my friends were asking, “Why Alaska in the winter?” We saw some amazing scenery that just took your breath away—and it wasn’t even that cold out! – Katherine Plessner, Verona, North Dakota

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Snowy lane with frosted trees in winter
Courtesy Thomas Sisco / Country Magazine

Winter in Wisconsin

I love the frost clinging on the tree branches and everything else in this beautiful winter picture. Scenes in Wisconsin are so pretty with the freshly fallen snow turning everything white and clean. – Thomas Sisco

Sunset on an icy winter shoreline in Chesapeake Bay.
Courtesy Linda Hubbard / Country magazine

Winter in Maryland

There are many beautiful sunrises on the Chesapeake Bay, but this day the light was special. The sun glowed like a starburst and the ice flows in the foreground caught the moment and the reflection. – Linda Hubbard, Edgewater, Maryland

Snowy owl on a branch in winter
Courtesy Kathy Diamontopoulos / Country magazine

Winter in Massachusetts

Winter for me officially starts when the first snowy owls arrive here in the Northeast. I took this beautiful winter picture just as a storm was approaching. The sky had turned dark gray, the winds had picked up and tiny drops of snow had just started to fall. The beauty of the bright white of the owl and snow against the stormy sky as well as the intense look on the owl’s face were priceless. – Kathy Diamontopoulos, Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Winter view of a flowing river with snow-covered banks and trees.
Courtesy Michelle Bouvette / Country magazine

Winter in Iowa

The water sparkles and dances in the sun. You can almost feel how cold the water is just by looking at it. I took this picture near my home as a great reminder that beauty can be found anywhere if you only look. – Michelle Bouvette, Ames, Iowa

Two moose looking at each other in the snow.
Courtesy Katherine Plessner / Country magazine

Moose in Winter

As I was walking down the street in Fairbanks, Alaska, these two moose came out of the bushes and started walking toward me. I was scared as one was a calf, a large calf, but momma was still protecting it. Shaking, I took a step back and snapped a picture. I was very happy when they turned around and went into some trees. – Katherine Plessner, Verona, North Dakota

Winter pond with pine trees and snow falling.
Courtesy Zelda Rowley / Country magazine

Winter in Pennsylvania

As I was walking to work during an early morning snowfall on a cold winter day, I passed by this local pond. I was immediately struck by the serenity of the scene. There was no wind. There was no one else around. Just silence as the snow softly fell. I don’t think I have ever felt so at peace as I did that day just standing there listening to the quiet. – Zelda Rowley, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Winter scene with lone tree and fence in a snow-covered field.
Courtesy Steve Edwards / Country magazine

Winter in Missouri

This lone tree in the field behind my house makes a great subject to photograph any time of the year. A blanket of snow that fell in mid-December added to the texture of the scenery. – Steve Edwards, Holden, Missouri

A close up of a mourning dove on evergreen branches covered in snow.
Courtesy Laurie Painter / Country magazine

Mourning Dove in Snow

I like how the dove is not quite sure who or what I am. It eventually figured out I was okay and stayed long enough for me to get this beautiful winter picture. – Laurie Painter, Silver Cliff, Wisconsin

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Two old tractors under the trees covered in a blanket of winter snow.
Courtesy Danette Lillard / Country magazine

Winter in Nebraska

This picture was taken after a snowfall in our yard in Nebraska. I believe it shows Mother Nature at her best! – Danette Lillard, Lyman, Nebraska

Winter ice caves along the shoreline of Lake Michigan
Courtesy Carson Offill / Country magazine

Winter in the Great Lakes

The frozen waves of Lake Michigan make such interesting sculptures, such as this wall of icicles. I had a friend lower me down the edge of the ice so that I could capture this moment. This is one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen with the dying glow of the sunset lighting up the ends of each icicle. – Carson Offill, Columbia, Maryland

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Two deer standing in a winter woods.
Courtesy Ronald Draper / Country magazine

Winter in New York

I took a walk one morning after a heavy snowfall in the park near our home. Two deer followed me thinking I had food for them. They stood still in the snow and posed for this beautiful winter picture. – Ronald Draper, Buffalo, New York

Winter Driving

I was a snow plow operator on the midnight to noon shift. By the time I headed in for my shift, it was too late, the roads were impassable. I ended up getting stuck trying to get back home. After a night in my truck, I finally got someone to pull me out. – David Zimmerman, Pecatonica, Illinois

Winter scene with a red barn, fir trees and a horse corral covered in snow.
Courtesy Judy Wroda / Country magazine

Snowy Red Barn

A heavy snow accentuates the gorgeous red barn, the corral and the fir trees … a peaceful playground for the horses that are just waiting to get out and frolic in the new fallen snow! – Judy Wroda, Asheville, New York

Ice jams on the shoreline of the Susquehana River in Pennsylvania.
Courtesy Brian Morganti / Country magazine

Winter Ice Jams

After two weeks of brutal cold, a brief warm spell and heavy rain brought ice jams along the lower Susquehanna River. Another cold spell followed and I wanted to capture the incredible power of moving water as it piled up massive slabs of river ice into a picnic grove, easily pushing over a young tree. – Brian Morganti, Bernville, Pennsylvania

An old red truck parked under a tree in a snowy winter scene.
Courtesy Bruce Doll / Country magazine

Little Red Truck

This beautiful winter picture brings me back to the good old days when life was a bit slower. – Bruce T. Doll, Lowell, Michigan

beautiful winter photos, A smooth lake reflecting a row of frosted trees on the opposite bank.
Courtesy Lynn Beard / Country magazine

Frosty Trees

This was one of those rare mornings when there was frost all over everything, appearing like a winter wonderland! After a few hours it was all gone, but it was beautiful while it lasted. – Lynn Beard, Belvidere, Illinois

A prairie dog chowing down on something in a snowstorm.
Courtesy Katherine Plessner / Country magazine

Winter in North Dakota

The prairie dogs at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park are fun to watch any time of year! – Katherine Plessner, Verona, North Dakota

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Snow-laden trees on a path through the forest.
Courtesy Judy Wroda / Country magazine

Beautiful Winter Picture

Goose Creek in Blockville, New York, is a place where the fishermen and hunters swarm when the season is right. But for me, the right season is winter. Just look at the wondrous scene the snow has painted! It looks like a black and white pencil drawing, but is truly just nature’s skillful artistry! – Judy Wroda, Asheville, New York

A close up of a very perturbed female cardinal perched on a ledge of snow.
Courtesy Jean Owens / Country magazine

Winter in Tennessee

The expression of this female cardinal says it all: “It’s cold, may I come inside to warm up?” Winter is my favorite time of year to photograph because the cold and snow brings the birds to the feeders. – Jean Owens, Paris, Tennessee

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Winter scene with a snow-covered bench overlooking woods and a pond
Courtesy Renee Lund / Country magazine

Winter in the Woods

Every season has it’s own unique affect on the landscape in the forest. Winter’s the season that warms my heart with its pristine blanket of white covering Mother Nature while she sleeps. – Renee Lund, Red Lodge, Montana

Old abandoned barn seen through grasses and a snow-covered path.
Courtesy David Zimmerman / Country magazine

Weathered Barn

I was off the beaten track when I came across this weathered barn in southern Wisconsin along a winding back road. I waded through the snow to have a look and found it to be abandoned, with the possible exception of the wild creatures that had left their trails through the fresh snow. – David Zimmerman, Pecatonica, Illinois

A herd of bison among the trees on a winter day in Yellowstone National Park.
Courtesy Debbie McCulliss / Country magazine

Winter in Yellowstone

Photographing bison in Yellowstone National Park is a wildlife photographer’s dream. These bison, taking shelter from a storm, stand in gorgeous contrast to the winter wonderland surrounding them. – Debbie McCulliss 

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A red covered bridge in the snow near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Courtesy Mike Blottenberger / Country magazine

Snowy Covered Bridge

I took this picture of Sach’s Covered Bridge while I was touring Gettysburg. The bridge is a few miles from the battlefield and it was worth trying to find it. – Mike Blottenberger, Hanover, Pennsylvania

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View across a lake at snow-covered trees and mountains.
Courtesy Robert Burns / Country magazine

Winter in Colorado

This is Beirstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a mile and a half hike to get to the lake, and with the snow I got the perfect reflection. – Robert Burns, Ozark, Missouri

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beautiful winter picture Frost-covered trees along the creek in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park.
Courtesy David Douglas / Country magazine

Hoarfrost in Winter

I’ve made four winter trips to Yellowstone National Park. This photo shows Lamar Valley on an early morning drive through the park when it was -32 degrees. This frosty phenomenon is called hoarfrost, a deposit of needle-like ice crystals formed on the ground or on vegetation by direct condensation at temperatures below freezing point. – David Douglas, Lakeland, Florida

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A musher and team of sled dogs racing through the snow.
Courtesy Katherine Plessner / Country magazine

Dog Sled Race

While in Alaska I had the fun experience of attending a sled dog race. It was amazing to see how much these dogs just wanted to run! – Katherine Plessner, Verona, North Dakota

Old Farm equipment in a snowstorm.
Courtesy Randy Dolph / Country magazine

Falling Snow

Winter was our time of rest, when the sounds were muffled and all things were made silent and comfortable by the falling snow. – Randy Dolph, Fort Collins, Colorado

A waterfall on a frozen river with snow-covered trees on the banks.
Courtesy Candy Thompson / Country magazine

Winter in West Virginia

Deckers Creek in Preston County, West Virginia looked stunning with a blanket of snow all around.  The water racing over the falls, the snow laying on the trees and the silence of the woods created a picture perfect scene. – Candy Thompson, Kingwood, West Virginia

beautiful winter picture in Oregon
Courtesy John Kuehnert / Country magazine

Winter in Oregon

Visitors enjoy the many scenic wonders of Crater Lake National Park. A winter visit allows the beauty and tranquility of the season to be discovered on a more intimate level. This was my experience on a beautiful winter morning of snowshoeing. — John Kuehnert, Sierra Vista, Arizona

A snowy winter scene with trees and a fence.
Courtesy Juanita Jones / Country magazine

Winter in Kentucky

When we get these beautiful wet snows that stick to everything, I cannot stay inside in the warmth of the house. I must get bundled up and go walking with camera in hand to capture all the beauty around me. The sun was shining bright after a night of beautiful falling snow and the sky was so blue—an awesome combination. – Juanita Jones, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Snow falling on a pond with trees.
Courtesy Judy Wroda / Country magazine

Snowy Swamp

This scene took my breath away. An ugly swamp with weeds, beaver dams and fallen trees has now given way to the mystical beauty of the cleansing snow. The brilliant colors of the weeds now shine forth so vibrant against the stark white, the reflection of this serene beauty mirrored in the calm waters. Who knew such beauty was hidden in such an unlikely place? – Judy Wroda, Asheville, New York

Dawn with snow-covered trees and a house.
Courtesy Mike Blottenberger / Country magazine

Pretty Pastel Sky

I took this beautiful winter picture on the first dawn of the New Year and I was fascinated by the pastel colors that blended above the new fallen snow from the night before. – Mike Blottenberger, Hanover, Pennsylvania

A winter farm scene with two white horses and barns.
Courtesy Heidi Eliason / Country magazine

Winter in the Country

We had a blizzard in our area. After the blizzard had slowed down, I drove through the countryside to see how beautiful the fresh snow would look. I love old barns and horses, so when driving past my neighbor’s house I saw that their two horses were out and snapped this picture. – Heidi Eliason, Emerald, Wisconsin

A solitary tree covered in hoarfrost against a blue sky.
Courtesy Shelene Codner / Country magazine

Rural Winter Scene

This tree, located at our rural home, has been a constant in my family’s life throughout the years. This photo of the tree covered in hoarfrost serves as a reminder to seize the moment and take those rare opportunities in life when they are offered. – Shelene Codner, Dumont, Iowa

A colorful bluebird perched on a branch in the falling snow.
Courtesy Tami Gingrich / Country magazine

Winter in Ohio

This little bluebird doesn’t look too happy about the falling snow. – Tami Gingrich, Middlefield, Ohio

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A beautiful winter scene of Wild Bill Lake in Montana.
Courtesy Renee Lund / Country magazine

Winter on the Water

Wild Bill Lake is a small but beautiful storybook lake located on the West Fork of Rock Creek just outside Red Lodge, Montana. The winter seems to highlight some of the detail and colors that make up this quaint area. – Renee Lund, Red Lodge, Montana

A little girl in a pink jacket walking between the trees in the snow.
Courtesy Kelly Dove / Country magazine

Winter in North Carolina

I snapped this photo of my daughter walking through the winter wonderland in our yard. We don’t see a lot of snow here, so she was in Heaven! – Kelly Dove, Spring Hope, North Carolina

A hay rake in a field covered with hoarfrost.
Courtesy Mark Heisey / Country magazine

Rest and Renewal

This beautiful winter picture of a hay rake reminded me how there is a time for everything. There is a time for work, and there is a time to rest from work. – Mark Heisey, Creston, North Carolina

Two bison plowing their way through the snow in front of the Teton Mountains.
Courtesy Sharon Plowman / Country magazine

Winter in Wyoming

It was mesmerizing to watch these bison using their heads to search for grass against the background of the Teton Mountains on a -20 degree day. – Sharon Plowman, Harrisonburg, Virginia

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winter at the grand canyon
Courtesy Rachel Via / Country magazine

Winter in Arizona

“My two brothers and I planned to drive to California for our Christmas break. We had a route that would take us through national parks. It was a Thursday night and we just got to the Grand Canyon. We woke up to snow on Christmas morning! – Rachel Via, Powder Springs, Georgia

And old barn structure in the snow.
Courtesy Carol Norwood / Country magazine

Pretty as a Picture

I loved photographing this partial barn around the corner from me, especially in the snow. Sadly, it has since been demolished. – Carol Norwood, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

A tree branch bending to the ground under the weight of the ice-covered branches.
Courtesy Anne Duvall / Country magazine

Sparkling Ice Storm

We had a snowstorm followed by an ice storm transforming the mountains into a sparkling winter world. My husband and I drove along several country roads to see the beauty of winter, but my favorite road was the dirt road at the top of the Tuscarora Mountains. – Anne Duvall, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

Winter scene of Fort Betsie lighthouse on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Courtesy Rebecca Granger / Country magazine

Winter in Michigan

One of my favorite lighthouses to photograph is Point Betsie in Frankfort on the shores of Lake Michigan. The ice freezes and pushes up against the banks and mixes with the sand from the beach. – Rebecca Granger, Bancroft, Michigan

A Palomino horse trotting out of a red barn in the falling snow.
Courtesy Lauren McCammon / Country magazine

Winter on the Farm

I took this picture in winter on our farm. Scout is one of our horses. – Lauren McCammon, Prince Frederick, Maryland

Beautiful red barns and icy trees and a field of snow.
Courtesy John Moore / Country magazine

Christmas Colors

Central Illinois was covered with a blanket of hoarfrost. It lasted most of the day as the temperatures didn’t climb too high to melt it off. The beautiful winter picture was taken at one of the oldest farmsteads in Champaign County, Illinois. – John Moore, Tolono, Illinois

An American flag waving in front of snow-covered tree branches.
Courtesy Anne Duvall / Country magazine

Old Glory in Winter

The red, white and blue American flag looked so lovely flying on this wintery day. – Anne Duvall, Greencastle, Pennsylvania