American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is one of the last songbirds to breed each summer. By the time they have young in the nest in late summer, they can easily find an abundance of wild seeds to feed their offspring.


Fredric D Nisenholz
American Goldfinch, Breeding Male
American Goldfinch, Breeding Male
American Goldfinch, Non-breeding
Linda Bumpus
American Goldfinch, Winter


American GoldfinchLinda Bumpus
Linda Bumpus American Goldfinch, Winter

Scientific Name: Spinus tristis.
Family: Finch.
Length: 5 inches.
Wingspan: 9 inches.
Distinctive Markings: In the breeding season, the male is bright yellow with black wings, tail and forehead. The female is duller with white wing bars. In winter, both sexes are olive brown with wing bars.
Nest: Builds a cup-shaped nest, lined with thistle or milkweed down; lays four to six pale-blue eggs.
Voice: Melodic flight call, “per-chick-o-ree, per-chick-o-ree.” Courtship song is a sweet canary-like song that rises and falls.
Habitat: Open areas including yards, fields, fencerows and groves.
Diet: Seeds and berries.
Backyard Favorite: Nyjer seed.

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