12 Whimsical Winter Bird Feeders

Deck the backyard with these fun, festive (and functional!) winter bird feeders. We found seasonal suet feeders, peanut feeders and seed feeders.

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gnome bird feeder
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Mesh Gnome Winter Bird Feeder

This mesh gnome feeder holds 2 pounds of sunflower seed, a cardinal favorite. With his jolly belt, the gnome also looks a bit like Santa Claus. Give a few of these winter bird feeders as gifts to your bird loving friends.

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coffee pot bird feeder
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Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Seed Feeder

Put a pot of coffee on, cuddle up under a blanket and watch the winter birds fill up on bird seed outside your window. Small birds can cling right to the metal mesh to snag a seed.

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suet ball winter bird feeder
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Suet Ball Feeder

Instead of throwing snowballs, put out suet balls for the birds! Woodpeckers and other suet eating birds will love this feeder. We especially like the pretty red roof.

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acorn peanut bird feeder
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Acorn Shaped Peanut Feeder

Attract more birds that eat peanuts, like nuthatches and jays, with this charming acorn shaped feeder. It’s made out of recycled plastic bottles, so it is durable enough to hold up in any winter weather.

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log cabin bird feeder
Via Merchant

Log Cabin Bird Feeder

If you’re dreaming of spending snowy days in a log cabin, satisfy your wanderlust with this cute hopper style bird feeder.

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wilderness lantern bird feeder
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Wilderness Lantern Bird Feeder

You’ll feel like you’re in the Northwoods when you look at this lantern shaped feeder. The sides are dressed up with deer and trees. Birds like cardinals will feel comfortable feeding from the perches.

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barn winter bird feeder
Via Etsy.com

Red Barn Bird Feeder

Escape to the country with this rustic red barn bird feeder. Birds such as mourning doves and juncos will love eating from the oversized feeding tray.

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pine tube winter bird feeder
Via Amazon.com

Pine Metal Tube Bird Feeder

You’ll instantly feel a jolt of holiday spirit when you look at this tube feeder that is dressed up with pretty pine cones and evergreen branches. Tube feeders attract a wide variety of common backyard birds.

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birds and berries winter bird feeder
Via Etsy.com

Birds and Berries Feeder

We love the pretty cardinals on this feeder. Plus, the bright red roof with stand out in the snow.

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log seed winter bird feeder
Via merchant

Natural Log Seed Feeder

Throw another log on the fire and hang up winter bird feeders for the birds. Simply pour your favorite bird seed inside the hollowed out log and watch birds fly over for a feast. Bonus idea—smear peanut butter on the bark to attract more species.

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snowman bird feeder, winter bird feeder
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Snowman Bird Feeder

If it’s too cold to build a snowman, add a touch of winter whimsy with a fun winter bird feeder. This fancy snowman is all dressed up with buttons and a cute hat. Winter finches will love eating seed from this mesh feeder.

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snowflake suet cage
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Snowflake Suet Cage

Wishing for a snow day? Swap out your basic suet cage with this one that features a white metal snowflake frame around the outside. It’s just as easy to refill (just pop in a new suet cake) and clean as a traditional feeder.

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