15 Totally Adorable Baby Bluebird Pictures

Updated: Jan. 26, 2022

You're sure to smile at these cute baby bluebird pictures showing the juvenile bluebirds and fledglings in the nest, with their parents, and more.

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Courtesy Perry Hoag

There’s a good reason many birders focus on attracting bluebirds come springtime. The only thing cuter than a sky-blue male bluebird and his slightly muted mate is, of course, a baby bluebird. Whether the baby birds just hatched or are taking their first wing-flaps into the larger world, there’s no denying the adorability of these feathered youngsters.

Here are photos submitted by Birds & Blooms readers of baby bluebirds that are sure to warm your heart.

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Bnbbyc18 Erica Eckberg, baby bluebird
Courtesy Erica Eckberg

Baby Mountain Bluebird

“This is a picture of a baby mountain bluebird that had just flown from the nest in our backyard. The birds seem to know when I am going to take their picture!” Erica Eckberg says. Here’s when bluebirds nest and lay eggs.

Bnbbyc17 Lynn Rueckert, baby bluebirds
Courtesy Lynn Ruecker

Settled in for a Storm

“There was a storm coming in, and our group of three baby bluebirds huddled together in the apple tree as it approached. We have been trying to encourage bluebirds to nest in our yard, and this was the first year we had a family,” Lynn Ruecker says.

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Bnbbyc17 Leslie Abram, baby bluebird
Courtesy Leslie Abram

A Welcome Sight

“Finally – a baby eastern bluebird! We put out many boxes one year and so did our neighbors. As far as I knew, those juvenile bluebirds were the first we had in our neighborhood in the 20 years I have lived here,” Leslie Abram said.

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Bnbbyc17 Kim Casdorph, baby bluebirds in nest
Courtesy Kim Casdorph

Mama Protecting Her Baby Bluebirds

“I have many wonderful bluebird pictures, but this one remains my all-time favorite. I’d often photographed the mama in the nest warming her eggs, but this rare photo on Day 6 of the babies’ lives shows her love and protection for them as a storm was approaching. It also shows how comfortable she was with me approaching her nesting box and photographing her brood. In my many years of photographing bluebirds in various phases of their life cycle I felt privileged to witness this tender moment,” Kim Casdorph says.

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Bnbbyc17 Deb Forster, baby bluebird
Courtesy Deb Forster

Baby Bluebird Siblings

“One summer we had our first mated pair of bluebirds move into one of our houses and have a brood of babies. Another year, a mated pair moved in and produced two broods! What a joy to have been able to watch these two beautiful birds build their nests and care for their young. The last brood numbered four babies and I was able to watch the last fledgling as it left the nest. Three of the four eventually returned to our backyard to feed from our feeders and drink from the bird bath. I just happened to be outside when all three came to the bird bath at the same time and was able to capture this photo of the siblings,” Deb Forster says.

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Bnbbyc16 Ann Conway 001, baby bluebird
Courtesy Ann Conway

Time to Leave the Nest

“Having recently become a Tennessee resident, my new husband wanted me to experience the fun of bluebirds. He put up a house, and we soon had residents. This picture is of the first fledgling just before joining the world,” Ann Conway says.

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253989327 1 Gigi Whiteside Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Gigi Whiteside

Baby Bluebird as a Symbol of Hope

“The bluebird pair that nested in our yard had two broods, but only one was successful. It broke our hearts when we lost the first one, and we kept our fingers crossed for these nestlings. When we saw these eastern bluebird fledglings appear on our deck with their parents close by, we were thrilled! They represent the hope that exists in spite of loss,” Gigi Whiteside says.

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254019468 1 Joanne Eisenstadt Bnb Bypc2020, baby bluebird
Courtesy Joanne Eisenstadt

Helping a Baby Bluebird

“We have a bluebird house posted on a pole on our deck. This baby bluebird is standing on our deck, after having attempted his very first flight out of the birdhouse. Unfortunately, he crashed into our house, and I heard the noise and went to see what it was. He was stunned but OK. His dad showed up with a caterpillar to feed him. They flew off together, and we were happy to see him fly away safely,” Joanne Eisenstadt says.

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253912045 1 Becky Kempf Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Becky Kempf

Spring’s First Baby Bluebird

“I have feeders, houses and a bird bath in my backyard just for bluebirds. After I put mealworms in the feeders, I hide under my daughter’s trampoline with my camera and wait for them to appear. On the spring day this photo was taken, I was so excited to watch the birds feed their young that I almost forgot to start photographing!” Becky Kempf says. Learn all about western bluebirds.

253632745 1 Hope Grasser Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Hope Grasser

Snack Time for a Juvenile Bluebird

“My backyard becomes a bird nursery in the spring and summer, and this past spring I had several eastern bluebird babies and their parents. I was sitting on my back deck when I watched the male bluebird feed one of his young babies. It was so much fun to watch and to photograph,” Hope Grasser says.

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252626746 1 Karla Mayberry Bnb Backyard Photo Contest V2, baby bluebirds
Courtesy Karla Mayberry

Bluebird Fledglings

“We have been fortunate enough to have a pair of eastern bluebirds choose our yard to raise their family. This was early spring, and the picture shows mama with the first set of fledglings this year. It was about two days after they had fledged, and it was time for chow. Mama had them all lined up, and each one wanted to be fed first. It was amazing to be able to watch the family start from the building of the nest, to the eggs, to their birth and then flying out and starting their own lives,” Karla Mayberry says.

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250439985 1 Judith Meyer Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Judith Meyer

Baby Bluebird Eating Mealworms

“One year, our bluebird couple successfully produced three families of babies, with a total of 11 fledged. That’s the first time we’ve been bluebird hosts. The next year, when this photo was taken, they were on their third brood. They are such fantastic parents! We usually put out dried mealworms in the winter, but we serve live ones after the babies have hatched. We first noticed bluebirds in our yard in mid-winter, approximately a dozen of them came to our heated bird bath,” Judith Meyer says.

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249878483 1 Sandy Darrigo Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Sandy Darrigo

Baby Bluebird Getting Ready to Fly

“An eastern bluebird fledgling getting ready to take a leap of faith into the outside world!” Sandy Darrigo says. Learn how to identify bird eggs by color and size.

09 Brendacrouse Bbas19
Courtesy Brenda Crouse

A Brood in the Bird Bath

“Seeing six juvenile eastern bluebirds in our bird bath was a dream come true! We first spotted bluebirds in our yard in 2015. My husband built a birdhouse for them at urgent request, and they nested here in 2016. Ever since, bluebirds regularly visit the bath, but we have never seen so many at once!” Brenda Crouse says. Check out these hilarious bird photos that will make you squawk with laughter.

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