20 Stunning and Inspiring Bald Eagle Pictures

Updated: Feb. 09, 2023

The bald eagle is America's national bird and seeing one is an awe-inspiring sight. Enjoy gorgeous bald eagle pictures captured by readers.

250513238 1 Kurt Keller Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Kurt Keller

Bald Eagle Soaring Above

“I took these bald eagle pictures in Monticello, Indiana, along the banks of Lake Freeman. The eagle had been out fishing for her young and was returning to the nest, evidently without success. I had hopes of capturing her with her prize, but she returned right over me. Just seeing this bald eagle directly above was spine tingling in itself, but to have her land some 60 feet away and watch me was thrilling. These creatures never cease to amaze!” says Birds & Blooms reader Kurt Keller. Discover 7 interesting bald eagle facts.

Bnbbyc16 Deborah Lucia 001
Courtesy Deborah Lucia

Bald Eagle Closeup Picture

“This is a closeup of a bald eagle. I love eagles and have been photographing them for a few years around the state of Missouri,” says Deborah Lucia. Bald eagles vs golden eagles: Meet the types of eagles in North America.

275936685 1 Ann Friddle Boone Bnb Bypc 2021 1
Courtesy Ann Friddle Boone

Double Eagle

“I was visiting Florida in the summer and saw these two bald eagles on a branch. They were very interested in something to my right and ignored me. I am just beginning to use a real camera and was surprised with this picture,” says Ann Friddle Boone. Learn the story behind the rescue of a special bald eagle.

275896410 1 Kathy Port Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Kathy Port

Low Flying Eagle

“While visiting a birding sanctuary in Klamath Falls, Oregon, I was took photos of this bald eagle from my car. He was there for over an hour as I sat and waited, hoping he would fly toward us instead to the lake behind him. These are the best shots I have taken of a bald eagle,” says Kathy Port. ID challenge: Cooper’s hawk vs sharp shinned hawk.

275697261 1 Richard Dowling Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Richard Dowling

Bald Eagles in Alaska

“This was the third time I visited Haines, Alaska. Haines had a company that would take people from the city and out to where the eagles were. Many of the eagles were full time residents of that area and were not very timid of us getting close to get photos. I tried focusing on a small group of eagles on the ground that had part of a salmon, with the hopes of getting other eagles to land in that group. It paid off in this photo,” says Richard Dowling. Discover 8 must-visit hawk migration hotspots.

Bald Eagle In Our Yard Getting Ready To Take Off. It Was In The Springtime.
Courtesy Roberta Moller

Ready to Launch

Roberta Moller shared this photo of a bald eagle in her yard getting ready to take off in the springtime. Don’t miss 15 outstanding pictures of owls.

275174199 1 Travis A Wallace Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Travis A Wallace

Juvenile Bald Eagle

“After a morning rain in Dayton, Ohio, a baby bald eagle landed on a baseball backstop right in front of me. I was able to capture multiple pictures of the young eagles as they just recently left their nest two weeks prior,” says Travis A Wallace. Check out 22 pictures of super cute baby birds.

253984348 1 Edie Cox Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Edie Cox

Perfect Pose

“In April I heard that a bald eagle had become a frequent visitor near the dam at McCalls Dam State Park in Pennsylvania. We decided to go to the dam and wait for his arrival. We sat for hours waiting for the eagle and we were just getting ready to leave when he made his appearance. This was the closest I have ever been to an eagle. While taking his pics, he looked down at me as if it say, ‘Have I made your day?’ Oh yes, he made my day!” says Edie Cox. Do eagles reuse their nests?

253935055 1 Craig Crotts Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Craig Crotts

On Eagle’s Wings

“This is a juvenile bald eagle that I was watching during lunch last fall. I go to a man-made lake near the Salisbury, Maryland, city landfill to watch the multitude of species that pass through seasonally, There are several eagle families as well as osprey, herons, great egrets, and a zoo of other animals to watch,” says Craig Crotts. Learn more about raptors, amazing birds of prey.

251300192 1 Elisa Shaw Bnb Bypc 2020
Courtesy Elisa Shaw

Bald Eagle Pictures in Winter

“I am fortunate to live in a town next to the Hudson River in New York, where bald eagles have made a great comeback. In the winter, eagles from northern regions come here because river barge traffic keeps an open channel all season. I went to a riverside boat launch and found this beautiful adult bald eagle sitting about 20 feet up a tree. She was very patient as I photographed her. The bonus was that she was banded in central New York as a chick and her patience with me allowed me to get her band information,” says Elisa Shaw.

Another great place to see eagles? The National Eagle Center in Minnesota.

277699499 1 Roger Kerekes Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Roger Kerekes

Fall Foliage

“In early October, I made a boating trip with some friends to Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania, to view the autumn leaves. I decided to take my Nikon lens and camera in hopes of capturing some images of a bald eagle. As we came around one of the coves, this eagle took flight and I was able to get only four frames before it disappeared through the trees,” says Roger Kerekes. Why do crows chase hawks?

249707021 1 Phil Taylor Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Phil Taylor

Treetop Perch

“While big fellow flew over and perched in a tree close to where I was shooting photos of a great blue heron. This photo was taken in New Castle, Indiana,” says Phil Taylor.

277881526 1 Cindy Kluchar Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Cindy Kluchar

Kingbird Takes on an Eagle

“My spouse and I were sitting on the shoreline of the New River in Virginia watching a juvenile bald eagle moving around on an island in the river. He seemed to be antsy, probably waiting on his parents to bring him fish. We noticed that a small bird continuously dive-bombed the eagle. Because of our distance away, we didn’t know what type of bird it was. Eventually, the eagle had had enough of the dive-bombing and took flight. Fortunately for us, the eagle flew directly toward us before he made a banked turn to fly upstream away. When we got home to process our photos, we discovered that the little bird attacking the eagle was an eastern kingbird,” says Cindy Kluchar. Beauty and the beak: An inspiring bald eagle rescue story.

250432411 1 Bobbie Moller Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Bobbie Moller

Eagle at the Lake

“This fella just stopped by in our tree during the winter. We live western Kentucky. Bald eagles come to the lakes area here every winter. It is so special to see them!” says Bobbie Moller. Don’t miss the 51 best winter bird photos.

bald eagle pictures
Courtesy Emma Beltz

Amazing Bald Eagle Pictures

Birds & Blooms reader Emma Beltz captured bald eagle pictures as the bird was flying across a lake hunting for food. Check out 5 essential hawk identification tips for birders.

bald eagle pictures
Courtesy Sheryl Fleming

Backyard Bald Eagle Pictures

“I was so thrilled when my neighbor called to tell me a bald eagle was in her backyard! I immediately grabbed my camera and headed over there. This beautiful bald eagle sat in a dead tree as long as I wanted to take its photo. We live in a small town named Morehouse, New York, in the Adirondacks,” says Sheryl Fleming. Learn how to attract owls to nest in your backyard.

bald eagle pictures
Courtesy Annie Castiglioni

Hopeful Symbol

“This photo was taken in May 2020 at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennylvania, at the height of Covid-19. At the time I was living in the house next door to my grandparents, to help them if needed. My grandfather is 90 years old and my grandmother is 88 years old. Although both are well, they are considered high risk for the virus. It was a very windy day and I was outside on the deck facing the lake when I spotted first one then another adult bald eagle land on a high branch and perch side by side. The sight was breathtaking! I reflected on how the eagles reminded me of my grandparents with their white heads sitting together as a pair,” says Annie Castiglioni.

bald eagle pictures
Courtesy Andrew Lockwood

Fishing Near the Nest

“I snapped these bald eagle pictures just after take off along the Cumberland Lakeshore in Kentucky. This once severely threatened animal has made a miraculous recovery and can now be seen in its once native habitat year round. This particular eagle was busy fishing for its newborns and has a nest in the area,
says Andrew Lockwood. Enjoy 20 amazing wildlife photos in Yellowstone National Park.

bald eagle pictures
Courtesy Anthony Morano

Fantastic Feathers

“I took this photo of two eagles in a tree on Lake Bussbee in Conway, South Carolina. It is so special when you get two almost side by side—very hard to find!” says Anthony Morano.