16 Super Sweet Baby Swallow Pictures

Updated: Jun. 17, 2022

There's nothing cuter than a baby swallow — except multiple baby swallows! Check out our collection of too-cute photos of these birds.

276620260 1 Tara Nelsen Yeackel Bnb Bypc 2021, baby swallow
Courtesy Tara Nelsen

Adorable Baby Swallow

“My husband and I take a camera on our afternoon walks in case we see anything interesting to photograph. We were walking in our local cemetery in early July when a baby barn swallow happened to land on a rusty pedestrian bridge for a few moments. I almost didn’t take the shot because it was backlit and I feared it would be nothing but a silhouette. I was thrilled to see that the backlighting only framed the bird in a nice glow. The out-of-place feathers on the bird’s head gave the shot character and made me smile,” Tara Nelsen Yeackel says. Discover 8 types of swallow birds you should know.

Bnbbyc16 Doreen Chambers 001
Courtesy Doreen Chambers

Lunchtime for Baby Swallows

“This picture shows two baby tree swallows peeking from the hole of their nest. The mother brought them a large dragonfly for lunch, but they did not know what to do with it,” Doreen Chambers says. Learn all about swallow nests and nesting habits.

Bnbbyc17 Margaret Cisney 1, baby swallow
Courtesy Margaret Cisney

Grumpy Tree Swallow Babies

“I absolutely love the look of these baby tree swallows. They certainly look like angry baby birds!” Margaret Cisney says. Here’s how to identify and attract tree swallows.

09 Danmiller Bbxjuly19, baby swallow
Courtesy Dan Miller

Baby Swallows on a Log

“I saw a family of barn swallows perched high in a tree near water. I thought wistfully, ‘it would be great if they were perched right there on that log.’ When I returned the next day, that’s where they were!” Dan Miller says. Check out 9 fascinating facts about barn swallows.

250317023 1 Jeffrey Jones Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Jeffrey Jones

Hungry Baby Swallows

“I captured this image of a mother tree swallow feeding its two chicks at a wetlands refuge near my home in Portland, Oregon. The bush was full of hungry chicks awaiting a meal, and they would flap their wings and open their beaks whenever an adult would get close,” Jeffrey Jones says.

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baby swallow
Courtesy Leslie Van Fleet

Baby Swallow in a Birdhouse

“Every year a pair of tree swallows raises a family in this birdhouse hanging from my deck. This year there were four little birds all struggling to be the one to stick their head out and be fed first. So much fun watching the comings and goings of the parents, and the little heads with open mouths,” Leslie Van Fleet says.

Here’s how to tell the difference between a barn swallow and a cliff swallow.

baby swallows
Courtesy Kimberly Jovanelly

Fluffy Baby Swallows

“I took this photo this year while kayaking on Lake Anna, Virginia. It was early in the morning and little chilly for August. I noticed a lump on a boat line so I paddled over to take a look. There were two baby swallows huddled together to keep warm. I have never seen baby swallows. It was very exciting and made my day,” says Kimberly Jovanelly.

baby swallow
Courtesy Marian Brickner

Juvenile Swallow Taking a Rest

“I took this photo in Forest Park, St. Louis, one Saturday morning. A juvenile barn swallow was resting between flights for catching lunch. I LOVE to see some movement, and she is in the middle of cleaning herself up,” Marian Brickner says. Think there’s nothing cuter than a baby swallow? What about baby bluebirds?

baby swallows
Courtesy Claudia Clarke Friend

Baby Barn Swallows in the Nest

“I took this shot after noticing clusters of bird poop on the flooring of the boathouse in Hog Island, Rhode Island. When I looked up at the roofing, I saw several barn swallow nests in the eaves. The nest featured in this shot had the oldest, most curious group of baby swallow birds!” Claudia Clarke Friend says. Smile at these heartwarming photos of bird mothers with their babies.

Bnbbyc19 Rick Collins
Courtesy Rick Collins

Peek-a-Boo Baby Bird

“We typically either have bluebirds or tree swallows nest in this house each year. I enjoy seeing the adult birds feed their young. The adults spend a lot of time flying around catching insects for their young. Quite fascinating to watch!” says Rick Collins.

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252701098 1 Mark Fuller Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Mark Fuller

Swallow Step-Parent

“I was out with a group of birders when we spotted these tree swallow fledglings being fed by a rough-winged swallow adult. This cross-species feeding is unusual but sometimes occurs between similar species,” Mark Fuller says. Discover why tree swallows nest in bluebird boxes.

254084550 1 Tim Smith Bypc2020, baby swallow
Courtesy Tim Smith

Baby Purple Martins

“I went to Venice Rookery, an Audubon location, hoping for an opportunity to get some great photos of nesting wading birds. There didn’t prove to be a great opportunity on that day. Then, I noticed the purple martins nesting in several dozen birdhouses which are maintained by Audubon. They were flying all over the place catching food for the babies. These birds are extremely fast, so much so that I had to notice when the babies reach out in anticipation just as the adult is coming with food. Before the adult was seen, I would take photos in a burst. Otherwise, the photo would be missed, with the exchange of food made in a split second,” Tim Smith says.

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252946717 1 Daniel Devries Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Daniel Devries

Feeding Time for Fledglings

“I was walking along a nearby trail when I saw two young barn swallows perched on a dead branch. Over the next 15 minutes, I was able to watch a parent feed them many times. These feedings happened very quickly, so I was thrilled to have some nice images of the moment,” Daniel Devries says. Check out our collection of adorable baby cardinal photos.

Bnbbyc18 Suzanne Olson
Courtesy Suzanne Olson

What’s for Dinner?

Suzanne Olson shared this adorable photo of a sweet swallow family at mealtime. Psst—baby chickadees are SO small and cute.

baby swallow birds
Courtesy Brenda Dinnison

Many Mouths to Feed

“This is the most baby birds yelling for supper we’ve ever seen together,” says Brenda Dinnison. Don’t miss 8 adorable baby wren photos.

275218172 1 Cheryl Shull Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Cheryl Shull

Busy Purple Martin Mom

“This is a photo of an overworked purple martin momma trying to supply enough bugs for her large brood. Photo taken in my backyard. I love being able to watch the baby swallows come out on the porch area, waiting for food. They were watching for their momma, and when she would come in close, they would line up, flap their wings and open their little mouths,” Cheryl Shull says. Here’s how to be a good bird landlord with a purple martin house.