So Fluffy! 15 Adorable Baby Owl Pictures

Updated: Oct. 12, 2021

There's nothing cuter than a fluffy baby owl. Enjoy a collection of baby owl pictures, including baby barred owls and baby screech owls.

baby barred owl
Courtesy Laura Pettigrew

Baby Barred Owl

“Capturing a baby barred owl was the highlight of my birding season. The local family had three little ones this year,” says Laura Pettigrew. Don’t miss more outstanding pictures of owls.

screech owl
Courtesy Debbie Griffith

Baby Screech Owls

“One of my neighbors had a family of screech owls nesting in a tree in their front yard. This picture was taken at night in early June. I took five or six baby owl pictures and this is my favorite,” says Debbie Griffith. Learn how to identify eastern and western screech owls.

baby barn owl
Courtesy Kate Bruce

Baby Barn Owl

“My husband and I were hiking in the woods behind our house when we heard a rustling in the leaves. We are always hiking with our cameras and searching for opportunities to capture natures wonders on film. We camped in a secluded area, surrounded by trees. I focused my camera and captured this juvenile owl. What a joyous experience. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Kate Bruce. Discover the amazing types of owls in North America.

northern hawk owl, types of owls
Courtesy Allen Marquette

Young Hawk Owls

“These two immature northern hawk owls were perched in a tree by the side of the road about 35 miles from Cordova, Alaska. I believe these young birds were just learning how to fly and this is why they were so low to the ground,” says Allen Marquette. Learn how to spot the owl in your backyard trees.

baby screech owl
Courtesy Gail Hall

The Three Owls

Gail Hall shared this amusing photo of three baby screech owls in a nest box. Find out how to attract owls to nest in your backyard.

baby owls
Courtesy Brent Barnes

Four of a Kind

“We are fortunate to have a pair of great horned owls that stay in our suburban neighborhood on a lake. They have nested in the same tree near our backyard for three straight years. Last year they fully raised three young owlets. This year they successfully raised four! I shot this photo early in the morning while the young owlets were still awake and active as the sun had just started to rise,” says Brent Barnes. Learn more about the great horned owl: the greatest nocturnal hunter.

baby owl
Courtesy Kathleen Booth

Fluffy Owlet

“This majestic baby owl lives right in my backyard. My husband and I realized we had a whole family back there in the trees this past spring and I feel blessed I was able to capture this photo,” says Kathleen Booth. Learn fascinating snowy owl facts (and where to find them!)

baby owl
Courtesy Bridgett Blake

Owl in the Open

“I was driving through the middle of town when I caught a glimpse of something and I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way that’s a real owl!’ So I turned around and sure I’ve never seen another owl since. This was taken in the spring in Malvern, Arkansas,” says Bridgett Blake. Check out unique owl gifts we can’t resist.

Bnbbyc17 Warren Spreng
Courtesy Warren Spreng

Baby Burrowing Owl

“I loved the look this burrowing owlet had on his face when a helicopter flew over the area in Cape Coral, Florida. I thought it whimsical and beautiful at the same time,” says Warren Spreng. Learn about northern saw whet owls.

baby owl
Courtesy Kathy Aspy

Baby Owl at Sunset

“Getting a photo of an owl in the daylight has long been on my bucket list. I love hearing owls, but it’s hard to see them. This baby barred owl had fledged this day according to our boat guide. We were in the Okeefenokee swamp in south Georgia and the sun was getting low, casting a golden orange glow, when we spotted the fledgling and his brother hanging out. We thought it couldn’t get better; then Mom flew in and fed them. Awesome!” says Kathy Aspy. Welcome fall with a whimsical owl wreath.

Couypc20 Nancy Jahnel 005
Courtesy Nancy Jahnel / Country magazine

Barred Owlet Triplets

Fort Snelling State Park is a busy park within the city limits of St Paul, Minnesota, where the Mississippi River meets up with the Minnesota River. The barred owl nesting site is well known to area photographers, and the owls are very used to people in this busy park. This year there were triplets! It was so fun to watch their inquisitive looks. Mom and Dad were always close by. A couple hoots from Dad brought all three baby owls out of the nest for a look around,” says Nancy Jahnel. Learn about 8 different kinds of bird nests and how to spot them.

burrowing owls
Courtesy William Lax / Country magazine

Mom and Baby Owls

“The baby burrowing owls were growing fast with both mom and dad feeding. They couldn’t yet fly but they were practicing their hover technique. Today the babies were particularly active, really enjoying using the wood as a perch and being a little higher off the ground. I placed a camera with a wide angle on a mini tripod, pointed it in the general direction and sat away with a remote triggering device. Mom came over to make sure there was no threat and I released the shutter. I got lucky,” says William Lax. Discover fun facts about owls in pop culture.

baby owl
Courtesy Blair Celano

Baby Owl in a Tree

“This baby screech owl poked its head in an opening for only a short time and I was able to get off some shots. It was a great experience to see the family,” says Blair Celano. Don’t miss these super cute pictures of baby birds.

owl fledgling
Courtesy Mary Alice Tartler

Barred Owl Fledgling

“This little barred owl fledgling was still under the watchful eye of his mother, who was sitting nearby. The baby owl did not seem to mind me getting a few shots as he posed nicely for quite some time. He still has a lot of baby fuzz around his head. Any day you see an owl is a wonderful day,” says Mary Alice Tartler. Check out 10 owl shirts every bird fan should own.

baby owls
Courtesy Lee Larson

Tiny Baby Owls

“We were home base for many owl enthusiasts last spring as we had this family of barred owls nesting so close we could almost reach out and touch them! It was a wow experience!” says Lee Larson. Next, learn how to make a super cute, no-carve owl pumpkin.