Backyard Garden Decor: Adding Color – Part 1

Flowering plants aren't the only way to add color to the garden. Check out these colorful ideas that can give your garden decor a needed color boost.

Is your garden looking a bit lackluster?  Do you have lots of shades of green but little else?

Most of us head to the nearest nursery to pick up colorful, flowering plants to help inject some needed color to our backyard garden.  But, did you know that there are other ways to add color to the garden that won’t fade when the flowers do?

I am always looking for garden elements that I can add that will provide color all year long and have compiled a list of some of my favorites, hoping that you will be able to add some to your own garden.

colorful garden wall

Desert marigold (Baileya multiradiata) flowering in front of a purple wall in Tucson, Arizona.

1. Paint a garden wall with a bright color – golden yellow, orange/red or purple work well.  Add a flowering plant of a contrasting color, which will make a bold color statement in your garden.  When the flowers fade in winter, the wall will continue to brighten up your garden.

colorful backyard garden decor

Bright-orange patio chair contrast beautifully with the lime-green foliage of asparagus fern.

2. Patio furniture is an easy way to add color to your garden.  While mutes shades of brown and green patio furniture can be attractive – they can fade into the background.  Patio furniture is a great way to add bright color to the garden.  How about painting a favorite metal chair a bright orange or blue?  Or, add colorful cushions to your existing patio furniture?

colorful tomato cages

3. Look for regular garden items in different colors.  Bird houses, wind chime, watering can or trellis can be found in bright colors.  I found these brightly-colored tomato cages at a local nursery.  What a fun way to add an unexpected touch of color to the garden where people don’t expect it!

backyard gardening ideas for a colorful garden

4. Paint your garden gate an unusual color.  Imagine a lime-green garden gate or how about a bright red one?  Go even further and paint your wooden garden fence a fun color.

colorful orange plant containers

5. Use colorful containers for your favorite plants.  This is the easiest way to add color to your garden.  You can increase the colorful impact by planting flowers with contrasting colors such as blue-flowering plants in orange containers – beautiful!  Even when the pots are empty, they still add a colorful element to your backyard garden.

What ways do you add color to your garden?

*I invite you to come back on Monday for “Part 2” where I will share with you some additional ideas to add color to your backyard garden.




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