Backyard Projects

From whimsical to budget friendly, transform your home and garden with these backyard projects and DIY ideas that are simple to fun to make!

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Flower Pot Necklace Craft

Longing for spring? Whip up this easy DIY flower pot necklace craft and take pretty blooms with you wherever you...

Vintage Seed Catalogs for Crafting and More

Find images of vintage seed catalogs online to use in crafts and home decor, or just enjoy the nostalgia!

Easy-to-Make Ice Ornaments

Add extra sparkle to an outdoor tree with this kid-friendly craft.

Easy DIY Fall Leaf Jewelry

Bring the seasonal colors with you wherever you go by making this simple fall leaf jewelry.

Easy DIY Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Use just a few supplies from the craft store to create this fun and seasonal pumpkin bird feeder.

DIY Candle Holder Dragonfly Craft

Diffused light sets off the simple silhouettes of this DIY candle holder dragonfly craft.

DIY Bug Box Plastic Canvas Craft

Create a DIY bug box for collecting caterpillars or lady bugs with this plastic canvas craft project.

Watering Can Planter Project

Showcase a small plant inside or out with this DIY watering can planter project.

Clothespin Flowers Craft

This inexpensive craft requires only a few supplies, so you can make plenty of clothespin flowers for you and your...

DIY Lantern Moth Jars

These easy DIY lantern moth jars will light up your garden during long summer evenings.

Easy DIY Garden Kneeling Pad

This DIY garden kneeling pad is larger and easier on the knees than many sold in stores.

Easy Audubon DIY Bird Ornament

Use free images from Audubon's Birds of America to create this inexpensive and simple DIY bird ornament.

Top Hat DIY Plant Gift

Wrap a plant for a festive holiday present with this DIY plant gift that looks like a snowman's hat!

DIY Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder

Repurpose tin cans to make this cute yet functional bird feeder

Make a DIY Bird Feeder with Recycled Paper

This bird feeder is inexpensive, simple to create and great projects for kids on snowy days. Grab a few supplies...

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Use dried beans and grains to create this easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece in a flash!

Fall Leaves DIY Home Decor

Use slate coasters and stencils to bring the warmth of colored leaves into your home this fall with this easy...

DIY Garden Wagon Seat

Transform the classic little red wagon into a charming seat. Whether you’re doing fall yard cleanup or spring planting, this...

Easy DIY Flower Pens Craft

Make these DIY flower pens as a teacher gift to celebrate the start of the school year, or to dress...

Easy Tabletop DIY Fire Pit

No room for a backyard fire pit? Make an easy tabletop DIY fire pit instead - the s'mores taste just...

DIY Miniature Pond

Create a calming oasis on your patio with an easy, mini pond. You don’t even need fancy pumps—just water.

Aquarium Mini Garden

If a traditional mini garden isn't exactly your style, go under the sea and create one in an aquarium instead!

DIY Bead Flowers Pot Stakes

Dress up your potted plants with DIY bead flowers on stakes. Choose beads and embellishments to match your style!

DIY Sugar Scrub Gift for Gardeners

Need a Mother's Day gift for gardeners? Try this easy DIY sugar scrub for their hard-working hands!

DIY Seed Packet Letters

Reuse those empty seed packets to create this easy garden decoration.

Backyard Project: Add Color to the Outdoors With Milk Paint

Painting raised beds, borders and even compost bins with eco-friendly milk paint is a fun and easy backyard project that...

Chandelier Birdhouse and Planter

With just a few tweaks to a rummage sale find, you can create this elegant planter that also doubles as...