15 Creative Painted Birdhouse Ideas

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Nesting season is almost here! Get inspired to welcome new bird families with these colorful and whimsical painted birdhouse ideas.

Painted birdhouses are whimsical and cheerful. They make popular gifts for bird lovers, or you can get creative and make your own! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. But before hanging your new nest box outside, make sure that it has the right guidelines for your feathered friends. Many decorative houses have an entrance hole that is too large. Some birdhouses are flashy and complicated, so birds don’t feel comfortable using them. Also make sure the nest box isn’t painted on the inside, because the fumes may affect the birds. If you do want to display a purely decorative birdhouse, plug the entrance hole or place it indoors. Here’s some of our favorite painted birdhouse ideas shared by readers.

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Painted Bluebird House

This eastern bluebird looks even prettier perched on a painted birdhouse that looks just like a bluebird. Learn how to make a DIY bluebird house.

Heidi Hess

Bird-Shaped House

If small songbirds are your favorite feathered friends, invite them to stay awhile with this super cute painted birdhouse design. Learn how to make your own bird-shaped birdhouse.

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Winter Cottage for the Birds

We can’t speak for the birds, but we would love to cuddle up in this cozy house during the holidays. Learn how to choose the perfect chickadee nest box.

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Amazing Flying Machine

Birds won’t be the only thing taking flight in the backyard with this adorable airplane-shaped painted birdhouse. Welcome nesting wrens to a wren birdhouse.

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Gorgeous Gourd Birdhouse

It’s pretty easy to make your own gourd birdhouse, but this reader took it to the next level by painting a pair of lovely wrens on the front.

Here’s how to choose the best birdhouses to attract more birds.

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Stars and Stripes

Show your patriotic spirit with a birdhouse painted to look like the American flag. We love the charming star shaped entrance hole. Will hummingbirds use a birdhouse?

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Watermelon Picnic

Vegetable gardeners and summer lovers will smile with delight at this whimsical watermelon-shaped painted birdhouse idea. The ants perched on top are too cute! Psst—here’s how to get rid of wasp nests in birdhouses without pesticides.

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Topsy-Turvy Painted Birdhouse

This bright and colorful birdhouse would look adorable as a decoration in a child’s bedroom or a playroom. We found 7 unique birdhouses your birds will actually use.

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Retro Filling Station

After the birds fill up at your feeders, maybe they’ll stop by to check out the neighborhood gas station. Learn how to keep house sparrow nests out of bluebird boxes.

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Lamp Light

This clever birdhouse almost fooled us—it looks just like a real outdoor lamp! Want to attract nesting cardinals? Get all of your cardinal birdhouse questions answered.

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Backyard Horse Barn

If you long for life in the country, you’ll love this rustic barn shaped birdhouse as much as the tiny horses. Find out when you should clean out birdhouses.

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Rabbit in a Hat

Abracadabra! Add a touch of magic to your décor with this fun magician themed painted birdhouse. We found even more bird home decor items to feather your nest.

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Cute Camper

If you love to hit the road and travel in your camper, a camper-shaped birdhouse makes the perfect ride-along companion. Will a robin use a birdhouse?

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Turkey Time

Gobble gobble! This painted gourd birdhouse is cute enough to display year-round, not just at Thanksgiving.

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Tank Engine

This birdhouse idea is perfect for the ultimate train lover in your life. We love how the engine, train car and caboose feature fantastic details. Next, learn how to be a good bird landlord with a purple martin house.