Backyard Projects

From whimsical to budget friendly, transform your home and garden with these backyard projects and DIY ideas that are simple to fun to make!

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8 Ways to Use Dryer Lint in Your Backyard and Garden

Dryer lint should be collected after each load of laundry to prevent a fire hazard. Here are some good uses for that debris in your garden and yard!

10 Household Items You Should Repurpose in the Garden

Clean out your closets and repurpose your old or extra household items as helpful, thrifty materials in your flower and...

How to Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Teach your kids and grandkids about nature by making this easy homemade bird feeder. Woodpeckers and nutchatches will love it!

How to Make a Butterfly Garden

For a fun twist, plant flowers that attract butterflies in a butterfly-shaped garden bed! We’ve got two butterfly garden designs...

Build a DIY Hummingbird Swing for Tiny Fliers to Perch On

Hummingbirds need perches along with feeders and nectar plants. Make a whimsical swing to attract more hummingbirds to visit your...

This DIY Birdseed Wreath Will Attract More Birds to Your Yard

Hungry songbirds will flock to your backyard to snack on this tasty DIY birdseed wreath. Follow these easy steps to...

How to Make a DIY Birdfeeder and Bird House with Vintage China

Offer this season’s avian arrivals 
a warm welcome to your yard with a teacup birdfeeder and a teapot bird house.

Decorate a DIY Birdhouse with a Wood-Burning Pen

Build your own birdhouse from scratch and use a wood burning pen to add a personal touch with a unique...

Turn a Birdbath Into a Planter for a Mini Fairy Garden

Transform an old birdbath into a tiny landscape using miniature plants and fairy garden decorations.

Make a DIY Potting Station from a Dresser

Perk up an old desk or dresser and turn it into a convenient backyard workspace.

Make a DIY Hanging Tire Planter

Put a fresh and colorful spin on a classic repurposed planter.

DIY Shadow Box Bank for Seed Money

Whether you're feeding birds or tending a garden, you can always use more seed money! Make this DIY shadow box...

How to Make a Tomato Cage Christmas Tree for Birds

Surprise your feathered friends with a holiday treat just for them! Make a tomato cage Christmas tree and decorate it...

Strawberry Walnut Ornament Craft

A little bit of nail polish is the secret to creating this easy strawberry walnut ornament craft. Turn ordinary walnuts...

Easy Halloween Craft: Bats and Bugs

Use a little spray paint to upgrade dollar store plastic bugs and bats into elegant Halloween crafts you can use...

How to Make a Halloween Haystack

Scare up some Halloween fun on your porch with these silly and spooky straw-bale monsters. Make one or all three!

Create a No-Carve Patterned Pumpkin for Halloween

Glam up a pumpkin with some tape and a can of spray paint.

How to Create a DIY Fall Leaf Wreath

Use woodsy finds to make a wall accent with an autumn flourish.

How to Make a Super Cute, No-Carve Owl Pumpkin

With big eyes and mournful cries, owls make the perfect spooky pumpkin motif.

Carve an Owl Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween

This friendly-faced pumpkin glows with character.

Adirondack Chair Planter Craft

Give a small plant a comfy resting place with this easy planter craft that starts with an Adirondack chair photo...

Upcycled Hummingbird Garden Sculpture

Use your imagination to create a bird sculpture out of an old light fixture.

Upcycled Tiki Torch Craft

Revamp an old lampshade and set your garden aglow with a curvy torch.

Share a May Basket in a Mason Jar

Arrange beautiful May flowers in a mason jar for a rustic, feminine effect.

Make a Bean Dip Veggie Garden

Fill a pot to the brim with bean dip and plant a bunch of veggies in it for your next...

Decorate Easter Eggs with Colorful Washi Paper

Skip the messy dyes and decorate eggs with cheerful washi paper to create a cheerful Easter centerpiece.

How to Host a Seed-Starting Party

Sow good times with friends by hosting an annual seed soiree.