Backyard Garden: Adding Color – Part 2

Look beyond flowers for ways to add color to your backyard garden that will last all year long.

Do you wish your backyard garden more interesting?  One of the easiest ways to create interest to the garden is by adding bright colors.  Of course, you could head out and purchase some colorful flowering plants – but what happens when the flowers fade?

How about adding color to your garden that won’t fade?  There are many ways to create a colorful garden that will provide beautiful color throughout the entire year.

Last week, we discussed five ways to add color to the garden by painting garden walls, adding brightly-colored patio furniture, painting a garden gate and selecting regular garden items in unexpected colors.

Today, let’s talk about some the remaining  five ways to brighten up your garden with color, starting with #6.

recycled colorful glass bottles in garden

6. Create a colorful border using glass bottles.  Some of you may be familiar with blue bottle trees that are prevalent throughout the southern United States.  In this garden, the homeowner used a variety of colorful bottles to create a border for her raised bed.  Alternatively, you can create a garden border using terra-cotta pots painted in different colors.

painted plant mural

7. Paint a garden mural.  As you can see, this area along a busy sidewalk has no soil or space for a potted plant.  A painted potted plant works just great in this area.  *You can also note that ’tiles’ were painted onto the door step, which is a nice, unexpected touch.

colorful metal garden art

8. Incorporate colorful art throughout the garden.  Step into almost any nursery and you can see garden art for sale.  Select pieces that have bright colors, which will help them to stand out in the garden.

colorful southwestern painted home

9. Choose unexpected paint colors.  This purple porch and reddish/brown home adds the perfect splash of color in this southwestern neighborhood.  Pair plants whose flowers will contrast next to painted backgrounds like this orange jubilee (Tecoma x ‘Orange Jubilee’) shrub agains the purple porch.

colorful tiles patio steps

10. Find additional areas to add colorful art to the garden.  These garden steps add interest to the garden with their decorative tiles.  Alternatively, you can add tiles to the top of a low wall in your garden or create your own colorful, DIY stepping stones.

blue containers yellow snapdragons

I mentioned this colorful idea in my last post, but it is my favorite way to introduce color to the garden: Use colorful pots in the garden, which will continue to add interest when their flowers fade.

I hope that you are inspired by a few of these ways to add interest and color to your garden.  Do you have any favorite ways of introducing color in your garden?  Please share them with us!

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