15 Outstanding Pictures of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks

Updated: Nov. 30, 2022

These beautiful pictures of grosbeaks will show you why this striking black and red species is one of our favorite colorful backyard birds.

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pictures of grosbeaks
Courtesy Jeff Finn

Pretty Picture of a Grosbeak

“I took this photo during spring migration with my Canon PowerShot SX530 HS. It is a male rose-breasted grosbeak in the cypress tree in my yard. This was the first year I got great close-up pictures of blue grosbeaks, Baltimore orioles and summer tanagers,” says Jeff Finn.

rose breasted grosbeak
Courtesy Helen Fojtik

Majestic Migration Picture

I live in Wharton county on the Texas Gulf coast. We are fortunate to have a variety of birds to come through on their way to or from their winter habitats. I’ve seen a few rose-breasted grosbeaks over the years but have not been able to capture one with my camera. I was trying to photograph a male Northern cardinal feeding a female when this bird appeared in my viewfinder. I love the way he cocked his head and posed for me,” says Helen Fojtik.

rose breasted grosbeak
Courtesy Davette Saeler

Beautiful Backyard Bird

I’m lucky that the striking grosbeaks use my backyard in West Virginia as a migration stopover. This past spring, five males and two females were darting back and forth between my viburnums and feeders. Such beautiful birds!” says Davette Saeler. Check out the 5 grosbeaks backyard birders should know.

picture of grosbeaks
Courtesy Darren Fisher Taylor

Window to Wildlife

“I just started wildlife/bird photography three years ago. I am disabled, so I do all my shooting from the house. This is the first year I had these guys show up; it started with one and they just kept coming. I love this image for the lighting and how the two males seemed to line up,” says Darren Fisher Taylor. Go west to see black-headed grosbeaks.

rose breasted grosbeak
Courtesy Alan Tucker

Lovely Grosbeak Image

A rose-breasted grosbeak perched in a dogwood tree in my front yard in May. I don’t see many of these birds, so to capture it in nice light was special. I used my Canon EOS 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600 lens. The bird only stayed for a couple of days before it disappeared,” says Alan Tucker.

Rose Breasted Grossbeak Who Visits My Feeder Every Day :)
Courtesy Keith Dirago

Favorite Feeder Visitor

“This rose-breasted grosbeak visits my feeder every day,” says Keith Dirago. Discover why evening grosbeaks are special winter visitors.

grosbeak orioles and cardinals
Courtesy Eric Storie

Feathered Friends

“As an amateur photographer, this is one the best photographs I have taken of wildlife. I’m very happy to have been at the right place at the right time to capture two orioles, two cardinals and a rose-breasted grosbeak,” says Eric Storie. Check out the 8 types of orioles to look for in North America.

rose breasted grosbeak
Courtesy Frank Benedetto

Black and Red Grosbeak

“We have only seen this type of grosbeak come to out feeders twice in many years. Always a thrill to see such a beautiful bird,” says Frank Benedetto. Head up north to see pine grosbeaks.

rose breasted grosbeak
Courtesy Michael Nanton

Grosbeak in a Pine Tree

“While outside with my camera to photograph a deer, I saw this rose-breasted grosbeak land on the tree right in front of me. Lucky for me I had the right lens on the camera and I was able to get a couple of shots before it flew away,” says Michael Nanton. Check out the 51 best spring bird pictures ever.

rose breasted grosbeaks
Courtesy Natalie Cavalieri

Baby Grosbeak and Dad

“Visiting my grandparents in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I watched a male rose-breasted grosbeak foraging for a while. Then I was rewarded with one of his fledglings appearing for breakfast,” says Natalie Cavalieri. Psst—we found super cute photos of baby birds you need to see.

rose breasted grosbeak Jean Owens Bnb Bypc 2020
Courtesy Jean Owens

Sitting in Spring Flowers

“The rose-breasted grosbeak is one of my favorite migrating birds in the spring and fall. I was pleased to have a large number of the male and females this spring. My doublefile viburnum was a large attraction for them, making for a great photo op with my Nikon D90 and 18-300mm lens,” says Jean Owens. Check out 7 backyard birds that eat berries.

rose-breasted grosbeak at suet feeder
Courtesy Deanna Williams

Snacking on a Suet Feeder

Deanna Williams shared this picture of a grosbeak eating suet. Follow these ideas for attracting and feeding birds in spring.

rose-breasted grosbeaks at a feeder
Courtesy Kirk Hatzmann

Male and Female Pair

Kirk Hatzmann shared this picture of grosbeaks visiting a feeder for sunflower and safflower seed. Check out the 3 types of seeds and feeders birds love best.

rose breasted grosbeaks
Courtesy Anna Mattis

Birdbath Buddies

“It was mid-summer, and there before my very eyes sat a rose-breasted grosbeak feeding this youngster. I quickly grabbed my camera and shot through my kitchen window,” says Anna Mattis. Learn what to do if you find a nest or a baby bird.

Rose Breasted Grosebeak Shot In My Back Yard With A Nikon D7000 Vincent Carr
Courtesy Vincent Carr

Tray Feeder Time

This black and red grosbeak visited a tray feeder in my backyard,” says Vincent Carr. Check out the 10 types of bird feeders you need in your backyard.