9 Pictures That Will Change the Way You Look at Black Birds

Updated: Aug. 04, 2022

From grackles and crows to ravens, these black bird pictures will make you appreciate the beauty and variety of black colored birds found in North America.

red winged blackbird
Courtesy Angela Myers

Red-Winged Blackbird

“I spotted this bird while kayaking on Lake Arrowhead in Vermont the beginning of June. This red-winged blackbird picture reminds me when you are willing to open yourself up beautiful things will happen,” says Angela Myers. Discover interesting facts about red-winged blackbirds.

juvenile red-winged blackbird
Courtesy Jennifer Hardison

Juvenile Red-Winged Blackbird

Jennifer Hardison spotted this juvenile red-winged blackbird high in a tree in Athens, Tennessee. You need to see these super cute photos of baby birds.

european starling
Courtesy Angela Tarvin

European Starling

“I snapped this magnificently-colored bird during a visit to Central Park in New York City. He is a handsome-looking fellow,” says Angela Tarvin. Learn about 10 white birds that birders should know.

Bnbbyc19 Geralyn Bartolazzi
Courtesy Geralyn Bartolazzi

Great-Tailed Grackle

“The great-tailed grackle is a pond dweller. It’s distinctive calls and screeches set them apart from other birds. In the sunlight, the bird appears to have a blue/purplish color tone. It has bold yellow eyes that stand out against the black silky-looking feathers. I took this photo during the summer in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma,” says Geralyn Bartolazzi. Check out 15 common backyard birds you should know.

Bnbbyc17 Albert Myran 1
Courtesy Albert Myran

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

“I captured this yellow-headed blackbird picture in the reeds along the shore of Patterson Lake near Dickinson, North Dakota. I love to hear them sing and see how the yellow head really shows up well when looking for them. It’s one of my favorite birds to photograph around the water,” says Albert Myran. Learn about prairie birds: the stunning species of the grasslands.

brewer's blackbirds
Courtesy Nidia Y Palomo

Brewer’s Blackbird

Nidia Palomo of Orlando, Florida, shared this picture of inquisitive brewer’s blackbirds. Check out breathtaking photos of blue colored birds.

Courtesy Valeri Maisch

Common Raven

Valeri Maisch photographed this raven at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Don’t miss 20 amazing wildlife photos in Yellowstone national park.

Couclc19 Sonja Mauk 4

Common Grackle

“I chose this picture due to the bird’s vibrant colors and bright yellow eye. His head is cocked and it looks like he is giving a stern look to something,” says Sonja Mauk. Learn how to get rid of grackles and blackbirds at bird feeders.

Courtesy Bill Caldwell

American Crow

“When most people think of the desert, they think of a desolate place. But this photo captures its beautiful colors and the wildlife that calls this amazing place home. The crow was sitting atop a stop sign, the gatekeeper of Valley of Fire state park in Nevada,” says Bill Caldwell. Do you know which species are America’s smartest birds?