20 Inspiring Pictures of Indigo Buntings

Updated: Feb. 27, 2024

Bird lovers share their best pictures of indigo buntings. Sightings of these beautiful bright blue birds thrill and delight bird-watchers.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Kevin Brenner

Indigo Bunting After a Bath

“This indigo bunting finished drying off after a cool bath in West Chester, Ohio. I love taken pictures of indigo buntings because you seem to get a different shade of blue every time you capture them,” says Kevin Brenner.

251903842 1 Paul Vriend Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Paul Vriend

Stretching His Wings

“This is an indigo bunting that frequents our neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.  I love this photo because of the wing and tail spread of the bunting, the way the bird grasps the reed, and how close I got to a bird that usually spends time in the treetops,” says Paul Vriend. Attract indigo buntings with their favorite foods.

indigo bunting
Courtesy John Edmondson

Bunting Eating Berries

“I took a picture of this indigo bunting as it was enjoying berries on a warm summer morning at The Middlefork Forest Preserve in Lake Forest, Illinois,” says John Edmondson. Check out more breathtaking photos of blue colored birds.

indigo bunting on spring branch
Courtesy Shannon Therrien

Blossoms and Buntings

“This indigo bunting enjoyed a flower snack with pink rhododendrons in the background. This bird is stunning and a favorite to see each spring,” says Shannon Therrien. Learn to identify lazuli buntings: vibrant jewels of the west.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Paul Griffin

Indigo Bunting in the Sun

“The sun hit this indigo bunting just right making the bird appear much brighter and more turquoise than its typical dark blue. I took this photo while walking the La Chua Trail in Gainesville, Florida,” says Paul Griffin. Check out beautiful pictures of bluebirds.

Bnbbyc19 Cheryl Fleishman 1
Courtesy Cheryl Fleishman

Pretty Picture of a Indigo Bunting

“This beautiful indigo bunting was at our local wildlife refuge in Pine Island, New York, in early summer. It was such a cooperative subject, which allowed me to spend about a full minute with him as he foraged on fresh bugs,” says Cheryl Fleishman. Learn how to identify snow buntings.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Phyllis Hacon

Most-Wanted Bird

“Ever since I started bird-watching, this is one bird that I have always wanted to see. The indigo bunting is not a common visitor to my little part of Ontario, but his beauty was worth the wait,” says Phyllis Hacon. Get to know gorgeous blue grosbeaks.

Male indigo bunting
Courtesy Liz Tabb

Sweet Summer Song

Male indigo buntings belt out their cheerful songs for hours at a time during breeding season Liz Tabb captured this image of an indigo bunting perched in the sunshine. Learn all about rainbow colored painted buntings.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Debra Hopkins

Backyard Blue Bunting

“The indigo bunting is one of my favorite summer migrating birds! He flew down in the yard looking for the other male who was on a nearby branch, singing away. The most incredible blue I have ever seen—nature at its finest!” says Debra Hopkins. Learn how to make a DIY bluebird house.

Indigo Bunting Hanging Out On The Grape Arbor In The Back Yard.
Courtesy Lisa Young

Brilliant Blue Feathers

“I took this picture of an indigo bunting hanging out on the grape arbor in the backyard,” says Lisa Young. Check out 15 outstanding pictures of rose-breasted grosbeaks.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Pam Loss

Strike a Pose

“While hiking in early June at Lake Redman in Pennsylvania, I came across this gorgeous indigo bunting! I didn’t have much time to walk that day and was hoping to find something special. Imagine my delight when I saw this bird! He sat and posed for me to take several pictures. This one is my absolute favorite!” says Pam Loss. Don’t miss 20 super pretty pictures of finches.

Bnbbyc17 Joan Edblom (1)
Courtesy Joan Edblom

Migration Marvel

“Every spring I wait to see an indigo bunting visit our northern Minnesota backyard for a few days. They are stunning birds to observe, so catching that first glimpse of blue is always exciting. This male landed perfectly in our snowdrift crabapple tree and made my day! They nest not far from our residential neighborhood and sing beautifully as they perch on bare branches at the top of tall evergreens,” says Joan Edblom. Try digiscoping to take better bird photos.

Bnbbyc18 Donna Bourdon
Courtesy Donna Bourdon

Searching for Sunflower Seeds

Donna Bourdon shared this picture of an indigo bunting perched on a sunflower. Learn how to grow a pollinator garden.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Sarah Geiger

Singing Indigo Bunting

“I spotted an indigo bunting singing a little tune in the middle tall prairie grass at a local wildlife refuge,” says Sarah Geiger. Psst—we found the 51 best spring bird pictures ever.

indigo bunting and cardinal
Courtesy Bill Tarnick

Indigo Bunting and Cardinal

“Red and blue at our backyard feeder—a cardinal and indigo bunting sharing the suet. These two decided they would dine together for a while,” says Bill Tarnick. Check out more simply stunning photos of northern cardinals.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Stephanie Pogachar

Protective Bird Dad

“I love indigo buntings and their vibrant blue color. I was at a local wildflower field in northeast Ohio and out he popped! He was trying to steer my attention away from his lady and fledglings,” says Stephanie Pogachar. Plant a meadow full of wildflowers for butterflies.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Jack Ditzler

Bright Blue Bird

“I took a picture of this all blue indigo bunting near Charlotte, Tennessee. My wife and I were visiting our niece and I was hoping to see a new bird to photograph,” says Jack Ditzler.

indigo bunting
Courtesy Charlotte Lockhart

Indigo Bunting in the Garden

“This is a picture of an indigo bunting that was sitting in my flower garden. We have them off and on in the spring and summer. I think they are the most beautiful bird,” says Charlotte Lockhart. Discover the 15 common backyard birds you should know.